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In document Science & Health Care (бет 137-140)

Medical and social characteristic of families with disabled children (literature review) 7


A.M. Utegenova, B.A. Zhetpisbaev, O.Z. Ilderbayev

Features of immune response in rats at different ages of gamma-irradiation with 6 gy 10 A.M. Kirpina, B.A. Zhetpisbaev, O.Z. Ilderbayev

Features of the activity energy metabolism and of lipid peroxidation in rats of different age with sublethal gamma-radiation


KH.T. Zhigitaev, S.A. Shmurugina, Е.Е. Sergeeva

Organization of plasma quarantine process on the experience base of East Kazakhstan regional blood center


KH.T. Zhigitaev, S.A. Shmurugina, Е.Е. Sergeeva, O.V. Muhina

Analysis of using erythrocytic containing blood components in medical enterprises of East Kazakhstan region


R.E. Kulubekov, N.E. Aukenov, K.S. Amrenova, N.A. Djorgataeva, A.O. Izgutenova

The microoranisms, more often causing the acute pneumonia by children 18 K.S. Amrenova, R.E. Kulubekov, N.E. Aukenov, N.A. Djorgataeva, A.O. Izgutenova

The sensitive of microorganisms, more often causing the unhospital pneumonia by children in Almaty and Semey


G.T. Keekbayeva

Role of antithrombotic therapy in treatment of patients with IHD 22 U.R. Argandykova, G.T. Keekbayeva, F.T. Apbasova, A.K. Zhilkaidarova, A.O. Shalgumbayeva

Modern approaches to treatment of atrial fibrillation 23

G.T. Keekbayeva

Some aspects of treatment of patients with coronary heart disease 25 G.T. Keekbayeva, G.К. Omarova, G.Ch. Sheryazdanova, A.K. Zhilkaidarova, A.O. Shalgumbayeva

Diagnosis and modern aspects of copd treatment 27

K.S. Igembaeva, R.S. Igembaeva, N.K. Selihanova, E.A. Ibraev, I.M. Bailidinova,I.E. Solovev, I. Myrzagalieva

Drug resistence tuberculosis


М.М. Gladinets, Z.S. Sapkin, Sh.Sh. Nurashev

The value of ambulatory surgery in modern conditions of the surgeon 30 T.B. Tuleutaev, E. Omirkhanov, M.K. Jakianov, D.S. Tоkenov

Way of the prevention of tussis after extubation 32

M. Sanbayev

Treatment of early adhesive intestinal obstruction after appendectomy at children 33 M.S. Sanbayev

Treatment of paraproctitis at children 35

S.V. Avtushko, G.Z. Kusheneva, A.K. Ahmetbaeva

Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain cerebral vessels in acute and chronic cerebral circulatory disorders


N.K. Sultanov, B.S. Kilybaeva, N.K Shaymardanov

Clinical manifestations and treatment of surface thrush 40

Zh.N. Nurmukhambetov, E.V.Zonova, M. O. Kurbanov, A.Zh. Nurmukhambetova, A.M. Uzakova, E.T. Gabitova

Clinical efficiency of alpha-adrenoceptor agonists in external application


N.K. Sultanov,B.S. Kilybaeva, N.K. Shaymardanov

Clinical characteristics of paraneoplastic dermatoses 43

Y.V. Zonova, Z.N. Nurmukhambetov, M.Z. Nurmukhambetova, M.O. Kurbanov, B.B. Zhumabekova

Urinogenital mycoplasmal infection in women 45

E.V. Zonova

Expedience and efficiency of centralisation of laboratory studies in diagnostics of infections sexually transmitted


K.S. Mausunbaev

The drug "Epigenes-intim" spray in the treatment of genital human papillomavirus infection 50

G.V. Baisekenova, S.B. Sarsembayeva, L.K. Kalikova, S.V. Golovanev, E.S. Shilkina The relevance epigen and viusid revealed of studying genital herpetic infections of women at reproductive age


E.V. Zonova, Zh.N. Nurmukhambetov, R.M. Zhamanbalinova, A.Z. Nurmukhambetova, M.O. Kurbanov, N.T. Nahatova

Polymerase chain reaction in diagnostics of viral urinogenital infections


K.S. Mausunbaev

Application roncoleukin treatment of genital herpes 55

N.E. Aukenov

Laboratory diagnostics chlamydia infections 57

G.V. Baisekenova, S.B. Sarsembayeva, L.K. Kalikova, S.V. Golovanev, E.S. Shilkina

Clinical manifestations of chlamydia infections in women 58

G.V. Baisekenova, S.B. Sarsembayeva, L.K. Kalikova,S.V. Golovanev, E.S. Shilkina

Way of treatment a papilloma of a virus infection 61

N.K. Shaimardanov

Efficiency of application imunofan in treatment of an urogenital chlamidiosis 63 O.D. Isabayev

Urogenital chlamidiosis at pregnant women in Semey region 64

N.K. Shaimardanov

Immunity active effect imunofan at urogenital chlamidiosis 66

Zh.B. Babasheva, L.A. Turebayeva, G.A. Khamitova

Syndrome intrauterine growth retardation 67

S.M. Garbuzenko

NON-invasive detoxification treatment in the prevention of mild gestosis 69 N.N. Sahnova

The review of an epidemiological situation with a HIV-infection in Semey city of the East Kazakhstan area for the period from 2001 for 2011 in comparison with an epidemiological situation in Republic Kazakhstan


Zh.A. Tyutenova, B.S. Demisenova, M.H. Khamzin

Psycho-social support to HIV-positive. Experience "Kostanai Regional Centre for Disease Prevention and Control of AIDS"


N.N. Sahnova, L.J. Ajmurzina, S.R.Kalieva

The analysis of results of patrol epidemiological supervision of a HIV-infection, among patients with symptoms of the infections transferred by a sexual way, in Semey city of the East Kazakhstan area for 2011 in comparison with 2009-2006


K.Sh. Zhylkybaeva

Questions of the aetiology and патогенеза the cirrhosis 77

M.Zh. Ayaganova, N.O. Baltabaeva, K.Sh. Zhylkybaeva, R.O. Kokanova, E.Sh. Nurashev, D.M. Sanbaev

Main principles of diagnostics of the cirrhosis 79

K.Sh. Zhylkybaeva, N.O. Baltabaeva, R.O. Kokanova, E.Sh. Nurashev, M.Zh. Ayaganova, D.M. Sanbaev

Main principles of treatment of the cirrhosis 80

E.Sh. Nurashev, K.SH. Zhylkybaeva, D.M. Sanbaev, N.O. Baltabaeva, M.Zh. Ayaganova

Nonsteroidal antiinflammatory agents and the gastrointestinal tract 83 K.Sh. Zhylkybaeva, M.Zh. Ayaganova, E.Sh. Nurashev, A.M. Berekenova, N.O. Baltabaeva, D.M. Sanbaev

Treatment NPVP - gastropatii 84

K.Zh. Zhylkybaeva

Application tamipul in gastroenterological practice 86

D.M. Sanbayev, N.O. Baltabaeva, E.Sh. Nurashev, K.Sh. Zhylkybaeva, M.Zh. Ayaganova

Features GERD at patients of the bronchial asthma 87

A.S. Kerimkulova, A.M. Markabayeva, R.R. Seitkanova, B.K. Kurmangazhina

Diabetes mellitus - the problem of the century 89

Zh.O. Zhakiyanova, B.K. Ersakhanova, L.O. Abdikarimova, B.M. Askarov, M.T. Sytdykova, I.A.

Gnoevyh, D.M. Kusainova

Value of the allergic factor in aetiopathogeny of adenoiditis and chronics adenoiditis at children


G.K. Burakhanova

Effectiveness of the method “psychological treatment costs of family education” in children with neurotic 93 A.A. Almagambetova

Features of psychological rehabilitation of patients with acute myocardial infarction 95 D. Kenesary, M. Amrin, A. Erzhanova, A. Dosmukhametov

Medical-organizational aspects of population morbidity are in the region of Karachaganak field 99

A.M. Orazymbetova

Drinking water as a risk factor for public health in the region nuclear site "Azgyr" 100 T.K. Yerubayev, S.T. Bazarkhanova, G.O. Agazhayeva, H.Zh. Ilyubayev, Sh.T. Kashkimbayeva,

K.A. Mukametzhanova, A.K. Uskakbayeva

Hygienic estimation of safety of water of sources of economic-drinking water supply and in a distributive network


U. Kenesaryiev, А. Dosmukhametov, M. Amrin, A. Erzhanova

Risk assessment methodology application to the ground of sufficientness of sanitary hygienic zone size (an example of region KOGCF)


G.O. Agazhayeva

The role of training exercises in preparation of service in case of identifying the patient with suspected quarantine and extremely dangerous infection in East Kazakhstan region


U. Kenesaryiev, A. Erzhanova, M. Amrin, A. Dosmukhametov, D. Kenesary

Level and structure of population morbidity in the region of Karachaganak oil and gas condensate field 107 U. Kenesaryiev, D. Kenesary, A. Erzhanova, M. Amrin, A. Dosmukhametov

Estimation of demographic situation is in the Karachaganak oil and gas condensate field 108 U. Kenesaryiev, M. Amrin, A. Dosmukhametov, A. Erzhanova, A. Baimukhamedov

Risk assessment of human health from chemical contamination of water in nuclear test base area “Azgyr” 110 U. Kenesaryiev, M. Amrin, A. Dosmukhametov, A. Erzhanova, A.F. Imanalin, Zh.Zh. Bekenova

Quality of environmental basic objects of karachaganak oil and gas condensate field 111 U. Kenesaryiev, A. Dosmukhametov, M. Amrin, A. Erzhanova, A. Baimukhamedov

Air pool’s contamination levels of cities republic of kazakhstan by shallow dispersion fractions of dustburne particles (РМ


and РМ




T.K. Yerubayev, H.Zh. Ilyubayev, G.O. Agazhayeva, K.A. Mukametzhanova, A.U. Abdrazakova, B.S. Mukiyeva, A.K. Uskakbayeva, Sh.T. Kashkimbayeva

Activity of sanitary-epidemiological service of the east kazakhstan region in the conditions of customs union


R.K. Pshembayeva

Odontoscopic methods of studying of the anterior and posterior teeth of the Semipalatinsk region’s residents


S.K. Kabdykanov

Experience with the soft lining Bisico Softbase Primer for the relining of removable dentures 119

Case histories

S.Y. Slyamgazina, A.K. Mukhamedzhanova, N.B. Nogaybayev, A.N. Zhumay

Cases of anthrax have been registered in Urzhar region of East Kazakhstan in 2011: patterns of development


M.N. Ospanova

The case of severe bilateral pneumonia total 124

O.N. Garbuzenko

Treatment of dyslipidemia by method of extracorporeal haemocorrection (clinical case) 126 S.K. Nurlanov

Osteosynthesis socket on the thermo-mechanical shape memory and transosseous osteosynthesis in case of fractures of proximal and distal segment of the humerus in children of school age


Государственный медицинский университет г.Семей

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