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Wei Peng

University Narxoz, Almaty, Kazakhstan e-mail: weipeng@mail.ru

Abstract.Today is very important to support domestic producers. The President of RK N.

Nazarbayev in his address to 2017 focuses on the third modernization of the economy. In addition, in 2017, released a new article of President of Kazakhstan «Look into the future: the modernization of public consciousness». It is necessary to bring new markets for the products of domestic companies and to provide them with comprehensive support.

The article considers the problems and ways of their decisions the domestic manufacturers on the basis of a new national brand. For the analysis applied a regression approach, a mathematical model is constructed. On the basis of the study developed ways of solving the existing problems of the enterprise.

Key words. Social politics, social modernization, enterprise, strategy, factor analysis, marketing, marketing research, marketing environment.

Introduction. In his Message of 2017, «The Third Modernization of Kazakhstan: Global Competitiveness», President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nation's Leader N.A. Nazarbayev said: «In parallel with the creation of new industries, we should give impetus to the development of traditional basic industries ... It is necessary to continue industrialization with an emphasis on the development of competitive export industries in priority industries» [1].

Methodology. In the process of research, system analysis, expert assessments, general scientific methods were used: analysis, synthesis, comparison. The solution of the tasks set was carried out with the use of process, system and situational approaches in marketing.

Results and discussion. The company «TsinKaz» is an enterprise operating in the field of light industry. «TsinKaz» is one of the most actively developing enterprises in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. One of the best aspects of the company is the availability of highly professional staff and its own base for upgrading the skills of production workers.

The company follows the latest trends at the largest international industry exhibitions, establishes contact with the world's best producers of equipment and materials, chooses a strategy for further development.

Analysis of the marketing environment is focused on increasing the market share of the enterprise, which is part of the total sales of any product attributable to the enterprise [2].

To study the marketing environment of the brand «TsinKaz», the following studies were carried out: questioning consumers. Questioning is one of the survey methods. It is carried out with the help of a questionnaire. The analysis of the results of the survey will allow you to orient yourself in the wishes and preferences of consumers in the choice of goods and help shape the pricing policy;

- explanation of the frequency of visiting the shopping mall, where the boutiques «TsinKaz»

are located. This kind of research will help to conclude the effectiveness of the location of outlets in this or that mall;

- investigation for the further compilation of a polygon of competitiveness.

The object of marketing is the market.

By applying the correlation analysis, the factors that have the most significant effect on the result of the enterprise's activity will be selected.

Regression analysis is part of the theory of correlation. In the process of regression analysis, the problems of selecting independent variables that significantly affect the dependent quantity, determine the shape of the regression equation, and evaluate the parameters are solved [3].

The analytical advantages of regression models are that:

-the exact factor is determined according to which the reserves of increasing the effectiveness of the economic activity of an enterprise

- indicators with a higher level of efficiency are revealed

- there is an opportunity to quantify the economic effect of the introduction of best practices, organizational and technical measures.

With the help of regression analysis, a correlation was found between the income from sales of products and consumers, the income from the profitability of sales and the price per unit of output.

During the identification of the relationship between the indicators, the seasonality index was calculated, which was subsequently used to predict the next period.

We conducted a correlation-regression analysis of the enterprise «TsinKaz» based on the indicators: the number of consumers, income, average price, labor intensity, average number of workers and temperature. Statistical monthly data of indicators for 2014 -2016. We present in Figures 1-3. To illustrate the relationship between the economic indicators studied, the graphic method [4] is applied.

Considering the graphs (figure 1) of the indicators of income and the number of consumers, you can identify a very high correlation between them, if more consumers, then the income also increases. From this follows the conclusion "an increase in the number of consumers leads to an increase in income»

Figure 1 - Schedule of income and quantity of consumers Note - source - organization data [4]

According to the graph, both indicators have a pronounced seasonal character, and therefore seasonal dynamic models can be used for research. You can determine the periods in which the number of consumers more closely coincide with income. A more accurate coincidence of these indicators is in 2016.

Figure 3 shows the correspondence between the growth rates of prices and the number of buyers, this is all determined by the quality of the products. It was noted that the price increase is due to the increase in the quality of raw materials and materials. Thus, it was revealed that the rise in the price of goods does not lead to a decrease in the number of consumers, since consumers are interested in quality products and the price so far meets demand. Proceeding from this, it can be concluded that indeed «the price is acceptable».

Figure 2 - Charts the number of consumers and the average price Note - source - organization data [4]

0 100 200 300 400

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 0 1 1 1 2

income consumption

In addition, we examined the graphs of such indicators as the number of consumers and the average monthly temperature by quarters. The figure shows that the colder the more buyers. The above considered indicators refer to the seasonal process.

Figure 3 - Graphs the number of consumers and average temperature Note - source - organization data [4]

Thus, to determine their interdependence, we constructed a correlation table.

The relationship between such variables is correlative, reflecting the mutual dependence, the variability of one indicator is in accordance with the variability of the other.

The findings of the computer solution show that, (R = 0.96) confirms the close dependence of income on consumers. The value of the multiple coefficient of determination R 2 = 0.926 suggests that by 92.6% the variation in income levels is due to the factor of the number of consumers included in the model.

The resulting regression model is adequate (F = 126.7). Based on this, we can form a regression equation, where Y is the revenue, X1 is the number of consumers.

The regression equation:

Y = -353324,43 + 4223,61X1 (1), Where, Y is the income;

X1 is the number of consumers.

Regression parameters are statistically significant (t = 11.25). Thus, the obtained equation can be used for analysis and forecasting. If the number of consumers increases by 1 buyer, then the income increases by an average of 4223.6 tenge.The accuracy of the forecast is shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4 - Charts of input data (revenue) and forecast calculations (revenue-forecast) Note - source - organization data [4]

Carrying out the correlation-regression analysis, we can draw the following conclusions:

- correlation connection between the indicators is close, we can say that the economic development of the enterprise is seasonal tendentious;

- in the long term, the price does not influence the income, so the price should not be raised;

- income is more affected by the quality and quantity of products, rather than price.

It was revealed that the production of hats is seasonal, the number of consumers depends on the temperature of the fluctuations and consumers tend to increase in the winter and decline in the summer. Based on the data of the correlation and regression analysis, a forecast for 2017 was made, which promises to be lucrative and profitable, and a significant reduction in the company's costs and expenses is expected.

Findings. Based on the results of marketing research, the following conclusions can be drawn:

in the company you need to open a marketing department. The responsibility of the marketing department includes the development of a clear marketing plan and its implementation. A well thought- out marketing plan will help reduce costs, and redistribute resources in the right direction, thereby increasing revenue. In the department there should work one full-time marketer and several freelance assistants - a marketer. The staff member will be engaged in promotion and promotion of the brand

«TsinKaz» in the market of Kazakhstan and beyond. Also one of the main task will be the creation and implementation of an advertising company, event events. Freelancers will be engaged in field work:

conducting a questionnaire of consumers, a survey in the form of focus groups, monitor the development of competitors, monitor trends in the fashion world.

List of references:

1 Послание Президента РК «Третья модернизация Казахстана: глобальная конкурентоспособность» //«Казахстанская правда» от 31.01.2017 г.

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4 Отчет о прибыли и убытках ТОО «ЦинКаз» за 2010-2016 гг.


Вэй Пэн

Университет Нархоз, Алматы, Қазақстан e-mail: weipeng@mail.ru

Түйін. Қазіргі кезеңде отандық өндірушілерді қолдау өте маңызды. 2017 жылғы Жолдауында Қазақстан Республикасының Президенті Н.Назарбаев экономиканы үшінші жаңғыртуға баса назар аударады. Бұдан басқа, 2017 жылы ҚР Президентінің «Болашаққа қарау: қоғамдық сананы модернизациялау» жаңа мақаласы шығарылды (жарық көрді).

Отандық компаниялардың өнімдерін жаңа нарықты шығарып, оларға жан-жақты қолдау көрсету қажет.

Мақалада отандық өндірушілердің жаңа ұлттық брендінің негізінде проблемаларды шешу жолдары талқыланды. Талдау үшін регрессиялық әдіс қолданылды, математикалық модель құрылды. Зерттеу негізінде кәсіпорынның қолданыстағы мәселелерін шешу жолдары әзірленді.

Түйінді сөздер. Әлеуметтік саясат, әлеуметтік жаңғырту, кәсіпкерлік, стратегия, факторлық талдау, маркетинг, маркетингтік зерттеулер, маркетингтік орта.


Вэй Пэн

Университет Нархоз, Алматы, Казахстан e-mail: weipeng@mail.ru

Резюме. Сегодня очень важно поддерживать отечественных производителей.

Президент РК Н. Назарбаев в своем обращении к 2017 году фокусируется на третьей модернизации экономики. Кроме того, в 2017 году была выпущена новая статья Президента

Казахстана «Взгляд в будущее: модернизация общественного сознания». Необходимо вывести новые рынки для продукции отечественных компаний и оказать им всестороннюю поддержку.

В статье рассматриваются проблемы и пути их решения отечественными производителями на основе нового национального бренда. Для анализа применен регрессионный подход, построена математическая модель. На основе исследования разработаны пути решения существующих проблем предприятия.

Ключевые слова. Социальная политика, социальная модернизация, предпринимательство, стратегия, факторный анализ, маркетинг, маркетинговые исследования, маркетинговая среда.

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