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Transformative processes of blogosphere and Internet journalism

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Abstract. This investigation considers the main features and directions of citizen internet journalism development, professionalization of blog platforms, which have become an instrument for communication between people, and regulation of blog platforms, where they can share their opinions, news, analyses, and emotions about different themes. The information transmitting processes over the last 5 years in Kazakhstan, with the growing influence of bloggers on society, changes in the traditional journalism content and journalistic articles on websites. Rapid progress in the field of computer technology, the emergence and development of the Internet are making significant changes to the modern information and communication environment.

The Internet has become a powerful information space, covering in varying degrees all aspects of public life in Kazakhstan. In the new environment, the Internet media sector is actively developing and playing a significant role. The advent of the Internet forces us to rethink previously established concepts and categories in discussions about the media, to take a different look at traditional communications and information transmission processes.

Against the backdrop of the crisis of classical media, new public models of informing the public and commenting on the news appear, which are less limited by various kinds of control, as well as economically less expensive, due to the reduction of their production and distribution costs.

Network circumstances, which have become an important transforming factor for journalism as a profession (and as an educational and career path), began to have a significant impact on the entire media communications industry from about the beginning of the 2000s. These factors and their impact were a direct result of the rapid spread of the Internet as a communication platform.

Changes’ analysis in the phenomena of the blogging sphere is useful, as well as their influence on professional media.

Keywords: internet journalism, blogosphere, online media, modern technologies, blogging.

DOI: https://doi org/10.32523/2616-7174-2022-140-3-44-54


In order to build an understandable and instrumental perspective, it is also necessary to consider such important elements as changing the

structure and behavior of mass media audiences, and the structure and counter-structures of society, which determine the change in social demand for media communication. There is a multidimensional convergence of professional

media and the emergence of new practices, collectively called “citizen online journalism”. It plays a vital role in the analysis, collection, and dissemination of a ton of information, such as news articles. This foundation requires creators of reports and analytical materials with special competencies. Then a modern kind appears as personal media by private citizens, and journalists become not only the text’s authors but also editors and organizers in the promotion and sharing of content to the mass audience. A specific form of citizen online journalism is blogs, websites containing individual or collective entries connected by a single platform, as well as the ability to comment and disseminate both by community members and non-community readers.

According to the aforementioned points, it can be concluded that all these factors determine the study’s relevance, then citizen journalism development on the Internet could be studied.

All of the results allow us to improve the public regulation of educational programs in the media and increase the protection of journalists’ rights.

Finally, the study concluded that bloggers and journalists do not compete to inform the public, however, they collaborate.

Today, the importance and potential of blogging-related Internet services are obvious.

The blogging development led to the emergence of online journalism. Usually, it can be called citizen journalism. Bloggers transmit the information to the mass audience, in contrast to journalism, bloggers’ opinion is subjective and not provided by the experts.

The Internet for the purpose of mass correspondence has various explicit elements that make it a novel apparatus for getting and spreading data. This is [1]:

- Proficiency. Any data can be acquired right away, quicker than through different channels.

- Worldwide, as it is an overall interchanges organization.

- Intuitiveness. The Internet is frequently used to give criticism, which recognizes it from other electronic media.

- Selectivity. Individuals themselves pick which sources to utilize and what data to get,

which adds to the development of a specific data culture.

The degree and interest in resident newscasting are genuinely new, despite the fact that types of this have existed for the majority of current history.

A considerable lot of the papers that arose in the nineteenth century were made by laypeople who saw the requirement for nearby networks and started to distribute different news, commercials, and tattle. Papers were professionalized in the nineteenth 100 years, prompting the making of a generally autonomous corps of writers zeroed in on authentic, objective inclusion. However, professionalization additionally downgraded essential honest proclamations that prompted a diminishing in autonomous judgment and backing for the status quo [2].

Since the 90s, public or resident news coverage has turned into the fundamental response to this situation. The development depended on the rule that, while news associations can and ought to stay autonomous in considering explicit debates and finding substantial answers for issues, they shouldn’t stay unbiased regarding a vote-based system and common life itself.

By the mid-1990s, the organization started to offer another other option. Contributing to a blog offered new composing networks as well as reactions to conventional media. Some thought of it as reporting and others considered it an article or platform. However, what was clear was that the new article could feature its own space of consideration on the organization (in spite of the fact that it stayed reliant upon messages from the established press).

Resident reporting as a free development showed up in the mid-2000s. Writers, for example, Dan Gilmore passed on San Jose Mercury News to send off the biosphere’s free reporting blog.

Simultaneously, the number of political sites developed quickly, and they impacted both the left and right sides of the political range. New resident news-casting rehearses cover a wide scope of chances: from new types of crowd interest in conventional media to the statement of residents in the blogosphere. As far as happiness, they substitute with authentic announcing by nearby entertainers with regards to worldwide

Transformative processes of blogosphere and Internet journalism

organization and self-articulation. conclusions.

In this manner, resident news coverage characterizes not explicit substance, a particular plan of action, or announcing structure, but instead an organization account structure in view of these establishments:

a) a ton of free data;

b) chances to make an even correspondence, instead of vertical progressions of data;

c) to obscure the limits among the creation and utilization of content;

d) diffuse liability in view of notoriety and worth, and not on the primary pecking orders of the system [3].

Justification of the choice of articles and goals and objectives of the study - to recognize the elements of the connection between resident news-casting and expert news-casting and propose a task to directly contribute to a blog. Object - current resident news-casting of Kazakhstan. The subject is the particulars of the connection of expert news-casting with common.

The motivation behind the review is to feature the principal distinctions and underlying attributes of the exercises of resident internet- based columnists as an exceptional expert gathering in current media, to distinguish the primary indications of professionalization of a gathering of contributing to blog writers.

The execution of this objective requires addressing various inquiries:

- follow the historical backdrop of the issue;

- give a translation of the expression

«resident news coverage»;

- to read up on the exercises for the advancement of public drives in resident our country;

- news-casting and blogosphere in Kazakhstan;

- investigate the phases of the hypothetical comprehension of resident news-casting in

- make a relative examination of web reporting, the blogosphere and common news coverage;

- depict the professionalization patterns of online news-casting;

- to portray the patterns of

professionalization and advancement of the

blogosphere as a different gathering of current media;

- to consider the elements of the official guideline of the exercises of customary media, Internet writers, and bloggers [4];

Scientific research methodology involves the empirical method of investigation, comparison, and analysis of media development trends are the theoretical and methodological basis of the study, analysis of materials from regional news agencies, and interviews with bloggers.

The methodological and theoretical base was compiled on the basis of monographs, collections, and articles of Kazakhstani, Russian and Western researchers in the field of media, online journalism, and blogging. Their works contain extensive, accurate, and statistical facts.

Research method

Empirical method:

- analysis of information obtained after a focus group survey;

- monitoring the reaction and behavior of users of social networks, visitors to blog platforms, and readers of traditional media;

- content analysis is one in of the main methods of quantitative research on subject-specific and communicative-strategic characteristics of the domestic journalistic blogosphere;

- interviews with representatives of traditional online journalism, micro-influencers, and bloggers.

Results and discussion

In principle, resident news-casting offers numerous open doors for customary residents and society, as well as expert writers. Society can profit from the accessibility of computerized administrations. Including residents in the news, interaction can make it more appealing to them.

This cooperation, thusly, can assist proficient columnists with filling in the “news holes” or seeing what the public considers significant.

Notwithstanding, by and by, resident news coverage is frequently seen as a contest with the

calling of columnists, even as an unlawful rivalry since resident writers are not expected to follow moral revealing standards.

Resident reporting is an exceptional type of news-casting with content from common individuals or the general population. In Kazakhstan, the term used to portray resident news coverage implies reporting including the general population. Specialist Agung Kurnavan characterizes resident news-casting as follows: “The exercises of residents assuming a functioning part in the assortment, detailing, investigation and scattering of information and data.” In such news-casting, a resident or local area assumes a functioning part in sharing and spreading news and data.

This sort of news coverage intends to guarantee that individuals have autonomous, dependable, precise, and forward-thinking data. As a rule, the advancement of news-casting in view of resident investment has empowered the formation of more extensive vote-based conditions as they create with the momentary period of data requested by the general population.

The advancement of data innovation is developing quickly, giving open doors to the developing utilization of resident news-casting in the public arena. The utilization of PC hardware on the web, intuitively and “portability” has made the public ready to look, select and scatter data that is viewed as pertinent and fascinating to general society.

News and media associations accumulate, inspect, and sanction swarm data across three practical objectives:

Further, grow by and large peruser responsibility;

Increase direct-paying relationships with perusers;

Drive pay from sponsors [5].

The rise and improvement of resident reporting depend on the interest of news coverage in the public arena, roused by the local area’s disappointment with the data sent by the media that was made. Individuals propose that the ongoing media couldn’t grasp the public interest in news revelations. These variables added to the development of resident news-casting, which includes public support in the “news market”.

The rise of the peculiarity of resident news coverage is likewise propelled by the craving to make news-casting never again part of a circle that is controlled solely by writers. A more just local area accepted that reporting today was utilized by different gatherings and government officials for carrying on with work and in any event, for political purposes. News casting has generally informed people in general about government choices, including whether authorities satisfy their commitments to society.

Association in open reporting as a crowd of people, requiring the client a capacity to make the data given dependable and precise.

Open doors for resident news-casting in the public eye:

1) making your own substance;

2) open talk;

3) support in open conversation gatherings;

4) composing, examination and conversation;

5) the distribution of different feelings;

6) the production of genuine outcomes, and in addition to a trade of thoughts;

7) the reliable quest for objectives to be achieved[6].

The developing impact of reporting with public interest has furnished residents with the valuable chance to get elective perspectives on occasions from a wide assortment of sources.

Also - resident reporting offers the public the chance to offer viewpoints and relations on major problems emerging in the public eye.

Correspondence between different public circles on policy-centered issues and in view of the social component of participatory majority rule government, as well as the opportunity of articulation and balance of chance, are significant circumstances for the working of public space in the public eye.

Then again, these advancements can’t be isolated from data innovations, which are quickly created in the web-based world. Existing data innovation has given incredible open doors to people, in general, to get to an assortment of data from sites or accessible assets. Additionally, general society is likewise offered the chance to associate with data accessible on an assortment of media. This open door makes a significant commitment to the advancement of society.

Transformative processes of blogosphere and Internet journalism

Production of characters. Character is “an unmistakable component, a particular quality, moral strength, an example of conduct found in an individual or gathering”. “Character”

can be characterized as interior characteristics that influence all considerations and conduct of an individual, character. The person is related to moral strength, and the shade is “positive”, not unbiased. In this way, the “character” of an individual has (restricted) moral characteristics.

In this way, training fabricates character, certainly inferring the development of attributes or ways of behaving in light of or connected with the ethical aspect, which is positive or great, and not negative or awful.

Character is “a characteristic inclination, and general manners advanced steadily, which decides the person in the general working of the mental way of behaving, which makes the perspective and acting regular. Two significant angles can be noted inside the individual, in particular solidarity (the proper behavior in the show) and stable (constant solidarity in the period), along these lines, there is a course of mental organizing inside the person that normally answers the climate.

A few standards, for example, soundness of ways of behaving; congruity in time; the cognizance of perspectives in real life draws in genuine consideration of instructors and academic reasoning in the structure of the course of character schooling. Subsequently, character instruction is a persistent unique improvement in an individual of the capacity to keep up with the digestion of values, which prompts the area of a functioning, stable individual.

Character advancement basically includes the improvement of a substance, cycle, and climate or climate that motivates, supports, and assists an individual with growing positive routines in daily existence. These propensities emerge and create based on mindfulness, certainty, awareness, and disposition of the individual concerned. Subsequently, the person is turned back to front, as in conduct forms into a positive routine, this was because of consolation from within, and not due to any compulsion from an external perspective.

Resident news-casting gives a chance to work together to make a little commitment to what is basically a continuous discussion between many individuals, the majority of whom don’t have the foggiest idea about one another, besides through a typical task. Besides, the purported “intelligence of the group” says that many individuals realize more than some, that even specialists have restricted information, and that a massive space with numerous members will give valuable and dependable information.

Thirdly, the possibility of “individuals previously known as observers” is firmly connected with this. A functioning gathering will constantly answer news, going from straightforward dynamic perusing, connecting, and emailing stories to companions and records, and remarking on stories, to giving authentic information that can refine or address the story, to compose like resident columnists. At this multitude of levels of action, residents become more engaged with their networks.

Dynamic and intrigued residents can work on the quality and volume of data on a specific issue, opening it to all who take an interest in it. Resident news coverage empowers resident activity to be deliberative as opposed to progressive. By straightforwardly taking part in the creation and dispersion of news-casting, residents help, even in little numbers, decide the news plan.

Writes today go about as elective media to conventional media (press, radio, and TV). To begin with, let us go to explain the idea of the

“blogosphere” and the advancement patterns of the blogosphere.

Websites are a novel configuration that sets out equivalent open doors for self-articulation to any individual who has Internet access [7].

A blog is «a client’s very own website, available for public review and comprising of consistently refreshed posts, pictures and sight, and sound.

Accepts a public discussion between the peruser and the creator. Sites are portrayed by short sections, restricted to a brief timeframe, arranged backward sequential request» [8].

Frequently they compose that a blog is an internet-based journal. A blogger is an individual who sites. The blogosphere is the entirety of

all blogs [9]. The contrast between a blog and a customary web-based journal is because of its current circumstance: websites are normally open and propose some external perusers who might participate in a public conversation with the blog creator (in remarks on a post or individual sites).

Simultaneously, publishing content to a blog is accessible even to amateurs - Internet clients.

Blog Feature [10]:

1. These assets are very huge with regards to the quantity of clients (ie, as per formal pointers, they meet the models of broad communications).

2. Proprietors of these assets wish to enroll their distribution as media. In current procedures of media research, a totally judicious equation for deciding the media is taken on:

the class “Magazines” incorporates media assets that demonstrate the magazine as a type of circulation; the classification “Papers”

incorporates media assets that show the paper as a type of appropriation. Similar applies to the classifications “TV” (TV slot and TV programs as a type of circulation), “Radio” (radio channel and radio projects as a type of dispersion),

“News offices” (news organization as a type of appropriation) and, at last, “Web media”

(electronic periodicals and online distributions as types of distribution) [11].

As per the examination of why a blogger is the quickest developing calling, there is a rundown of the online journals’ highlights.

1. Bloggers are cutthroat. There are a huge number of sites on the web. Around 75 million are facilitated on WordPress.com. What’s more, there are additionally Blogger, Tumblr, and different stages. Regardless of whether a blogger has taken a quite certain specialty, he will in any case have competitors [12].

2. Bloggers are general. A creator’s blog is a scaled-down paper. Just her staff has just a single representative. He is a writer, editor, proofreader, and format planner. The peruser, seeing the article, doesn’t contemplate what stockpile of information a blogger needs to utilize with the goal that he simply loves. Language structure, stylistics, HTML, SEO, planning, and even brain research - a decent blogger ought to be somewhat master in every one of these areas.

3. Bloggers are PC educated. Spelling and accentuation. Education is significant, yet, what’s more, the blogger should be in fact wise.

In the event that we are discussing an individual blog, nobody will come and set up the blog its proprietor. You’ll need to comprehend the complexities of programming, and website architecture, crafted by web search tools and informal organizations yourself. Likewise, the blogger is compelled to safeguard his asset from spam and phishing.

4. Bloggers are the advertisers. They need to not just compose an article and afterward distribute it. The main interest group should understand it and give it a “viral” charge. To do this, bloggers should possess Internet showcasing procedures: website streamlining, advancement of informal organizations, and the utilization of context-oriented publicizing. When in doubt, this must be dominated freely.

5. Bloggers face incredible challenges. As it creates, the blog requires more consideration.

Bloggers can face challenges and, having stopped their primary work, commit themselves to publishing content to blog exercises that produce cash pay. From this second, the blogger turns into a business person. All monetary dangers fall on him, and it relies just upon his choices on whether he can bring in cash on his blog.

6. Bloggers are great financial specialists.

Looking for clients, deals, advancement of associate items, promoting - the base measure of business tasks that a blogger makes consistently.

Because of this, many websites from private pages develop into income-producing business projects [13].

7. Bloggers are great chiefs. They should appropriately deal with their time. Equipped arranging relies upon whether the blog will be routinely refreshed. Also, on account of an aggregate blog, its creator should deal with the group: search and employ creators and content directors, arrange remote work and control it. A blogger is an individual who pursues numerous significant administration choices consistently.

8. Bloggers are makers. It’s fascinating to compose on the Internet - adequately not.

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