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Бюллетени и Вестники - Библиотека аль-Фараби | Казахский национальный университет имени аль-Фараби


Academic year: 2023

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Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Institute of Diplomacy, Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan,. Thanks to the wise policy of Elbasy, our country managed to get out of the most difficult crisis by joint efforts to create an independent Kazakhstan, which increased people's welfare, living standards. The future was built in accordance with the adopted programs in various areas of the country's economy and social development.

Президента отличает дальновидность, способность предвидеть ошибки и находить своевременные решения в развитии страны. Казахстан был последней из всех союзных республик после распада Советского Союза, объявившей о своей независимости, это произошло 16 декабря 1991 года. 1-я Глобальная конференция ООН по странам, не имеющим выхода к морю; 63-я сессия Экономической и социальной комиссии ООН для Азии и Тихого океана; Конференция ВОЗ, посвященная 30-летию Алматинской декларации по первичной медико-санитарной помощи; 18-я сессия Генеральной Ассамблеи; Всемирная туристская организация; VI Министерская конференция по окружающей среде и развитию стран Азиатско-Тихоокеанского региона и др.

Объявление Генеральной Ассамблеей ООН 29 августа Международным днем ​​действий против ядерных испытаний стало признанием международным сообществом важности даты 29 августа пусть не только для Казахстана, но и для всего человечества, имеющей историческое значение. . Следующим шагом стал визит делегации Совета Безопасности ООН в Афганистан 12-15 января 2018 года по инициативе Казахстана, где члены Совета Безопасности ООН смогли получить информацию из первых рук о реальной ситуации в стране.





Different types of structures (configuration of the system) have an impact on the character of the system. This suggests the third level of analysis of international relations, the level of the individual. The purpose of the study in this article is to define the role of academic mobility as a soft power tool in the system of international relations based on a study of participants in academic mobility.

How do we create a soft power development program for the country at the institutional level. The authors try to identify trends and problems in the development of the concept of soft power in Kazakhstan through education, more precisely through international higher education - academic mobility. Among the respondents, the most popular types of academic mobility programs are workshops and internships, as evidenced by 31 percent of responses.

According to the academic exchange program, 27 percent of respondents left for a certain study period. The last questions in the first set of questions were aimed at determining the understanding of the purpose of academic mobility. The alternative traditional way of joining the academic mobility program in light of the pandemic was enabled by only 24 percent of respondents.

The final section is directly devoted to identifying the soft power of international higher education. The majority (57 percent) believe that one of the main goals is to attract specialists. An important part of the survey was to identify the perspectives for the development of academic mobility in the current context seen by the respondents.

Respondents noted the weak state involvement in supporting academic mobility programs. The Al-Farabi teachings in Kazakhstan may be a hallmark of the use of higher education as a soft power tool. Analytical report (2019) on the implementation of the principles of the Bologna Process in the Republic of Kazakhstan 40 с.

2016) Academic mobility in the field of higher education in the context of the theory of "soft power"]. Official Website of the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization// Retrieved from https://www.icesco.

Figure 1 – Spectrum of Research Types
Figure 1 – Spectrum of Research Types




The new cooperation strategy between the EU and CA is part of the general foreign policy of the European Union towards neighboring countries and regions. The EU's external strategy is global in nature, in which Asia as a whole has an important place. This is confirmed by regular meetings of government representatives of Europe and Asia (Asia-Europe Meetings).

However, Central Asia only gained a clearer role on Europe's foreign policy radar following the development of the EU Central Asia Strategy in 2007. Council conclusions on the implementation of the EU Central Asia Strategy ( 2015). In this context, we can consider a new strategy for cooperation within the European Union's Common Neighborhood Policy (ENP, official page).

The EU strategy towards Central Asia has been an important area of ​​interest in various academic and scientific circles since the beginning of the 21st century. Kazakhstan attaches great importance to the development of a constructive and trusting dialogue in the format of the European Union - Central Asia. Today, the European Union is our reliable partner, contributing to the prosperity and unity of the countries of Central Asia," said Kazakhstan's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr.

First, the European Union intends to establish a “partnership for sustainability” between the states in our region. The EU is very interested in developing existing trade corridors between Europe and Asia,” said the authors of the strategy paper (European Union, 2021). The new EU strategy for Central Asia is therefore not so much a new idea as a deeper and more detailed explanation of the EU's tasks and work in this region.

This article provides a comparative analysis of the influence of the European Union and China in Central Asia, including Kazakhstan. Iran's situation in the fight against the virus has objectively deepened as a result of the imposed sanction. Since the appearance of the plague was also associated with the Creator's displeasure.

However, they also noted the fact that it is not comparable to the feeling of the collective performance of certain rituals. Hussein Malek Makan Friday prayers are not held in Fars due to the spread of the corona https://www.mehrnews.com/news/.


Figure 1 – Spectrum of Research Types
Figure 1 – Soft power advantages: domestic and international brand

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As it is stated in the concept of social cultural development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the cultural heritage allows the people to remember traditions of the past, to derive