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Бюллетени и Вестники - Библиотека аль-Фараби | Казахский национальный университет имени аль-Фараби


Academic year: 2023

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The unification of general relativity and quantum physics has become one of the most important questions of our time. The results of the analysis of cosmic ray flux variations are presented and their connection with the conditions in the interplanetary medium and the Earth's magnetosphere caused by processes on the Sun is described. According to [5,7], the dynamics of the solar wind affects the nature of the ionosphere and the current density in the global electric circuit.

Figures 1 and 2 show the results of a comparative analysis of temporal changes of the recorded modules 1 and 2 in the CARPET detector. The obtained results confirmed and showed that variations in CR intensity (Forbush decrease) are due to previous changes in the elements of the geomagnetic field caused by disturbances on the Sun. The analysis of the obtained experimental data from the installed and debugged CARPET detector of the scientific complex of L.N.

5 Vovk V.Ya., Egorova L.V., Moskvin I.V., Influence of the ground-level increase of cosmic rays on the parameters of the atmosphere in the Antarctic region //Geomagnetism and Aeronomy. Variations of cosmic rays in the period 2016-2019 according to observations of the ENU experimental complex //Bulletin of L.N. This paper analyzes the geometric properties of the equilibrium variety of black holes against the background of a higher-dimensional model.

It should be noted that the structure of the black hole phase transition may depend on the chosen ensemble model.

Figure 1 – Counting rate in TEL channels of two CARPET detector modules   (Forbush effect, July 2017)
Figure 1 – Counting rate in TEL channels of two CARPET detector modules (Forbush effect, July 2017)




The study of the magnetic field of plasma flow provides relative information about the above mutually close factors causing plasma flow instability. In this paper, a high-frequency magnetic miniature probe has been made for measurement and further investigation of the pulsed self-generated magnetic field of plasma flow, especially at the exit of the accelerator in an experimental setup of PPA (located in KazNU, IETP). The coil inductance is about 0.113 μH and the temporal resolution of the magnetic probe is 2.3 ns.

The plasma flow is then strongly compressed radially at the accelerator exit by its self-generated magnetic field. A uniform alternating magnetic field is created in the center of the solenoid, where the measurement is made. The voltage oscillograms across the sensor and the magnetic probe obtained experimentally are shown in Fig.

As a result, the measured value of the magnetic field in the center of the multilayer solenoid with a Hall sensor at I ~ 5A was about 0.1 T. 3, typical oscillograms of the PPA current waveform (solid curve ) obtained using the Rogowski coil, the curve of the self-generated magnetic field dB/dt (dashed line) or magnetic field magnitude curves (dotted curve), obtained using a magnetic probe with and without an integrator (integration time constant τ= 5.4μs). Using the oscillograms of the output signals of the magnetic probe, the values ​​of the self-generated magnetic field of the plasma current at the exit from the coaxial electrode system (at a distance of L = 6 cm) were measured.

Moreover, in this work the processes of plasma current breakdown into discrete discharges were observed. The current density depends nonlinearly on the gas pressure corresponding to Paschen's law as mentioned above; therefore the dependence of the plasma flow rate on the gas. Initially, depending on the gas pressures and charging voltages of storage capacitors, the values ​​of the self-generated magnetic field of the plasma flow were measured.

It was found that the values ​​of the self-generated magnetic field of the plasma flow gradually decrease with an increase in gas pressure and increase with an increase in the charging voltage of the capacitors. The influence of nitrogen mixing on the evolution of a deuterium peak column // Plasma Phys. The influence of the cathode group and pressure changes on the current dynamics of the sheath of a small plasma focus device in the presence of an axial magnetic probe // Plasma physics.

Experimental investigation of the properties of plasma-dust formations on pulsed plasma accelerator // IEEE Transaction on plasma sci. Thermal erosion of the graphite target under the influence of intensive pulse plasma flow // Latest contributions to physics.

Figure 1 – Principle scheme of an experimental setup of a pulsed plasma accelerator
Figure 1 – Principle scheme of an experimental setup of a pulsed plasma accelerator







The main direction in the field of the use of hydrocarbon resources is the creation of a metal hydride hydrogen battery. The subject of the study are titanium coatings formed on stainless steel samples 12X18H10T by the cathodic arc method. We evaluated the phase composition and structure of the titanium coating in the initial and immersed state.

Проведено газофазное гидрирование с последующей оценкой влияния водорода на структуру сплава. Напыление титана катодно-дуговым методом на образцы нержавеющей стали 12Х18Н10Т при различных параметрах позволяет формировать пористые и плотные покрытия толщиной 20 и 80 мкм. Инфракрасная спектроскопия молекулярных соединений представляет собой наиболее актуальный метод исследования низкотемпературных объектов в Солнечной системе и за ее пределами.

There is a useful symbiosis between the results obtained during the analysis of spacecraft and model experimental installations under their terrestrial conditions. This work presents the results of the investigation of optical properties and methods of cryomatric isolation of CCl4. Experimentally discovered and confirmed for cryocondensates CCl4 the existence of a stable structural state in the low temperature range.

Этот факт может быть использован в методе исследования стабилизации молекулярных соединений при конденсации на охлаждаемых поверхностях в высоком вакууме. В работе представлены результаты ИК-спектрометрических исследований тонких пленок криовакуумных конденсатов CCl4, сформированных на металлической подложке в интервале температур от 16 до 100 К и давлении газовой фазы P = 10-5 Торр. В систему подготовки проб газа экспериментальной установки поочередно вводили CCl4 и один из инертных газов в концентрации 50/50.

В интервале температур 85-90 К остаточный аргон покидает пленку криоконденсата в процессе структурных перестроек молекул CCl4. На рис. 4 представлены результаты ИК-спектрометрических исследований матричной смеси газов CCl4 и азота N2 в процентном соотношении 50/50. В интервале температур 78-80 К остаточный аргон покидает пленку криоконденсата в процессе структурных перестроек молекул CCl4.

Получены экспериментальные результаты по отражательным характеристикам тонких пленок криоконденсатов CCL4 в матрице азота и аргона в интервале температур Т=16-120К. Инфракрасный спектр льда; Температурная зависимость потенциальной функции водородной связи //Достижения молекулярной спектроскопии.




The technological advances of the past 15 years have made a major contribution to modern society and changed education and training. One of the newest and yet most exciting technological developments in education is the use of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to enhance learning opportunities. Moreover, the task at this level of education is not only to visually represent the process or phenomenon being studied, but also to present the material in an interesting, exciting way in order to captivate schoolchildren, who, unlike students, not always motivated due to their age and lack of understanding of the importance of learning.

Augmented reality is one of the newest and most promising technologies of the 21st century, which can also be used to develop virtual laboratories. Augmented reality allows you to insert virtual objects into the three-dimensional field of human perception in real time, while the augmented objects are perceived as elements of real life. Interactivity, accessibility, realism and innovation are some of the reasons for the increasing popularity and demand for augmented reality technology.

Cross-platform allows you to work on different platforms, which means a wider audience coverage and ease of use of the program. Practical tasks are carried out in the form of separate applications that provide access to three-dimensional visualization of the studied processes with the help of augmented and virtual reality technologies and problem solving. The second module is the module for the operation of the Leap Motion controller, which enables manual control of the virtual laboratory work and its elements within the virtual space.

It demonstrates the logic that ensures operation and interaction during application execution. Within each of these modules, several possible actions are available, which can also be seen in the diagram. As a result, the application provides the user with all the necessary information within the framework of the presented material, is completely safe and demonstrates complex physical phenomena and concepts.

This article gives an example of developing a software application for a virtual electronic laboratory with elements of augmented and virtual reality technologies, which includes a set of practical and theoretical tasks in physics in the form of laboratory works, as well as animations, and testing. All components of the virtual electronic laboratory are created in the form of separate modules with three-dimensional visualization of the processes and phenomena studied. The work was carried out with the financial support of the Committee of Science of the Min.

Figure 1 – Component Diagram
Figure 1 – Component Diagram


Figure 1 – Counting rate in TEL channels of two CARPET detector modules   (Forbush effect, July 2017)
Figure 2 – Counting rate in the TEL channels of two CARPET detector modules   (Forbush effect, September 2017)
Figure 4 – Fluxes of solar protons according to the measurements   of the GOES-13 satellite in the period from 14.07.2017 to 17.07.2017.
Figure 3 – Changes in the values of the interplanetary magnetic field for 01.07.2017 – 31.07.2017

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The joint construction of the “Belt and Road” in Central Asia is an important decision for China to maximize the common interests with the Central Asian region on the basis of a pro-

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