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(1) ИНОСТРАННЫЙ ЯЗЫК Методические указания по выполнению контрольных работ для студентов всех специальностей колледжа


Academic year: 2023

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Толық мәтін

To complete this task, first read the questions and possible answers, then listen carefully to the audio and mark the correct answer, fill in the blank or compare the sentences. This task aims to review new words related to the topic of the module. To complete the exercise, fill in the gap using the dictionary at the end of the training manual.

These variants govern the way we experience happiness and provide an explanation for why we do not all respond to it in the same way. In fact, researchers at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom have developed a test for Parkinson's disease before symptoms develop. When he opens the crate to spear the first piece, maybe 20 reef sharks appear in the water around us.

He still insists that every time he's done all the things for the camera, you don't have to wave his hands around in the water unprotected. Jane was upset because she had invested a lot of time and money in the failed project.

Rewrite the sentences as cleft sentences

  • What is NOT true about connectomes?
  • A new discovery was made by
  • The newly discovered brain region A. also appears in other primates
  • Scientists are exploring the brain of a chimpanzee because A. they are similar to human brains

Really feel the emotion behind your words and act like you want to on stage or in the boardroom when you give your speech. Telling a story uses both visualization and emotional memory - just think about how well you remember the adventures of your childhood. Place the information you need to remember at intervals along your route and link it to the buildings and landmarks you pass.

Making a mind map may remind you of your school day, but it's actually a great way to make connections between facts. Old-fashioned repetition sounds boring, but it's one of the main ways to remember facts. Use the words in bold to complete the sentences so that they have a similar meaning.

Practice past modals through sentence transformations. Use the words in bold to complete the sentences so they have a similar meaning to the

Complete: advocate, regulate, consolidate, encourage, absorb, include fire, encode, generate, regulate, consolidate, encourage, absorb, include fire, encode, generate, improve. In/regarding the article you published last week, I must say that I disagree with your methods.

Read the rubric. Use the prompts below to do the task

The Romans divided the day into two equal parts, with 12 day hours and 12 night hours. The first hour of the day began when the sun rose, the sixth hour was at noon, and the last hour ended at sunset. Therefore, the length of the hours varied with the season, so that a daytime hour in winter could last as little as 45 of our modern minutes, while in summer it could last as long as 90 minutes.

An hour was the smallest unit of measurement in ancient Rome - the concept of minutes and seconds did not exist. Timekeeping was the key to the success of the highly organized Roman army: soldiers followed a strict schedule for eating and sleeping. However, it is from the Roman era that we inherited some of the language we use to talk about time.

The Romans may not have developed a sophisticated system for measuring time, but they influenced the way we talk about it. Timekeeping devices have changed so much over time – who knows how they will _________ in the future. She showed us a short video at the beginning of her presentation to ________the audience's interest.

Rewrite the following sentences as cleft sentences

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct present /past perfect tense

Read the rubric and do the task

  • How did Katy learn about the position?
  • What was Katy’s main reason for choosing the job?
  • When asked about her role on the farm, Katy A. admits that she had a lot to learn
  • Regarding the effect of her experience, Katy says she A. Found it less important than her classes
  • Katy advises other students looking for work experience to A. Ensure that they have a good time

On her last dive, Jill and her partner were trapped by strong currents, only managing to pull themselves out using small grips on the ice wall. One of the reasons Jill is brave enough to take on such dangerous expeditions is her trust in technology. One day NASA hopes to send this to the underwater caves of Europa, one of Jupiter's moons, Jill says.

As astronauts blast off into space, Jill plunges into the depths of the ocean as one of the world's best cave divers. She spent 21 hours underwater to set the world record for the subterranean distance and became the first woman to cave dive in Antarctica. She was heading to B-15, the largest iceberg in the world (about half the size of Jamaica) to explore the caves within, although she didn't know if any were actually there.

It seems the girl who dreamed of the stars and ended up in the depths may have found the best of both worlds. Make connections in the industry C.. 3. When asked about her role on the farm, Katy A. admitted that she had to learn a lot. A. admitted that she had to learn a lot. So much equipment has been delivered to us in the last few days, including new benches and a NIR spectrometer connected to the tablet.

With the rise of communication technology and the Internet, it seems likely that face-to-face interviews will soon be a thing of the past. You disagree with the negative opinions expressed by the journalist and decide to write a letter to the editor. Explain your opinion on the points raised in the article and give reasons for your opinion.

I am writing to you in response to the article on face-to-face job interviews that you recently published on your news website.

Read the text and decide if sentences 1-5 are T (true), F(false) or DS (doesn’t say)

  • You overhear someone leaving a voicemail message. What is he doing?
  • You hear two friends talking about their science projects. What do they agree about?
  • You hear a person giving a speech. Why is she talking to them?
  • You hear an expert being interviewed. What does she say about energy targets?

Their shape changes when exposed to very specific wavelengths of light and reverts when exposed to others. Although they couldn't store the heat themselves, Grossman found that by melting it together with the PCM, he could prevent the PCM from solidifying at low temperatures, effectively trapping the energy inside. Then, by simply shining a special type of light on the material, he was able to cause the photoswitches to shift their orientation, allowing the PCM to solidify, thereby releasing the thermal energy it had absorbed.

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct present or past tense

Basic knowledge of the STEM subject is desirable for this job, but candidates must have several years of work experience.


  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Smart cities
  • Augmented Reality
  • Internet of Things
  • Chatbots
    • What determines whether a person is part of Generation C?
    • What motivates Alice to follow another person on social media?
    • What are companies doing more often these days?
    • What is popular career for members of Generation C?

The Internet is a great source of information that will allow you to build on your knowledge base.

Turn the sentences into reported speech

Read the rubric and write your information leaflet

What is the purpose of the text?

That said, there are still mixed feelings about whether or not you should use it, with some arguing that the pros outweigh the cons. Polyester is a synthetic material, so of course it has many advantages over traditional textiles. It is wrinkle resistant and is usually pre-shrunk so it will retain its shape even after washing at home.

Although it is a hydrophobic textile, polyester actually absorbs oil, which means that a special finish can be applied to give it properties such as fire resistance. It is created by a chemical reaction that takes place between an acid and an industrial alcohol, and is obtained from both coal and petroleum, among others. The use of fossil fuels means that the production process creates a significant carbon footprint.

Moreover, it is a particularly water-intensive process, using as much as 71,000 m3 of water in the estimated time to make just one tonne of fibres. Depending on your point of view, polyester can be seen as a solution to a problem. It is extremely durable, durable and warm, and can be specially treated for a wide range of purposes.

While the usefulness of polyester is indisputable, it seems clear that further developments are the way to bring the fabric into the 21st century.

Match the phrases to form sentences

Read the rubric and write your report

Apposition is when we use two nouns or nouns in the same sentence to refer to the same person or thing. Dr. Jones, the new cardiologist, is very nice (the nouns “Dr. Jones” and “the new cardiologist” are the same person). We can use demonstrative pronouns, pronouns, possessive adjectives, phrases, etc. to avoid repetition and make the ideas in a written piece easier to follow.

We form the passive voice with the verb in the correct tense and the past participle of the main verb. When we want to avoid responsibility for an action or when we refer to an unpleasant event and we do not want to say who or what is to blame. SAY hello, good morning/afternoon etc., something, nothing, so, a prayer, a few words, no more, sure/sure, etc.

He started working as a secretary seventeen years ago and is still doing so); to talk about a past action which has a visible result in the present. Susan has bought a new suit for work. for actions that occurred at an unstated time in the past. Form: subject+ had+ infinitive Usage. for an action that was completed before another past action or before a certain time in the past. before a certain time in the past); for an action that ended in the past and whose result was visible at a later point in the past.

Time expressions used with the past perfect: before, after, already, for, since, until/until, by, never, etc. Don't need/Don't need/Don't have to: It is not necessary to do anything in the present/future. The expressions used with the past tense are simple: yesterday, yesterday morning/evening, etc., last night/week, etc., two weeks ago, in 2010, etc.

For future predictions based on what we believe or imagine will happen (usually with verbs: hope, think, believe, expect, imagine, etc.; with expressions: I'm sure, I'm afraid, etc., with adverbs. : maybe, maybe, etc.). For promises (usually with verbs: promise, swear, etc.) I promise that next year we will go on vacation; threats: if you're late for work again, I'll tell your manager;. For actions/events/situations that will definitely happen in the future and that we cannot control: It will be the twentieth of next month.

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ориентированное программирование», «Математическое и компьютерное моделирование». Поиск способов и методов решения вычислительных задач, требующих выполнения

Реестр или его отдельные части можно экспортировать в текстовые reg- файлы, редактировать в блокноте, а затем импортировать обратно. Некорректное изменение

«Политология» содержит перечень обязательных для выполнения тем, которые студент выбирает согласно приведенной ниже таблице (см. Работы, выполненные с

Для этого задания используется шум канала - аддитивный белый гауссовский шум (АБГШ или AWGN) со среднеквадратичным отклонением σ = 1/40,

людей заняты только систематизацией и поиском нужной информации. Поиск становится все более и более дорогим, долгим и ненадежным. Необходимую технологию

9) Diese Sätze kann man ohne Wörterbuch nicht übersetzen A) Diese Sätze konnte man ohne Wörterbuch nicht übersetzen. B) Diese Sätze sind ohne Wörterbuch nicht zu übersetzen

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1 Расчетно-графическая работа №1 1.1 Техническое задание Для схемы трехфазного мостового выпрямителя рисунок 1, работающего на активную нагрузку, произвести: 1 расчет и выбор