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Academic year: 2023

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THE APPLICATION OF THE FOURIER METHOD IN SOLVING THE BOUNDARY PROBLEMS FOR THE NONMOGENE EQUATION OF HEAT. The goal of innovation is a qualitative change in the person of the student compared to the traditional system.

2-ші ретті дифференциалдық оператор қарастырамыз

1Student master program in mathematics from the Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics at Abai KazNPU, Almaty, Kazakhstan. The main purpose of the article is to use the definition of functional analysis theorems to prove the property of the adjoint operator in a Hilbert space.

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Свойство 1. Если для характеристического многочлена (3) дифференциального уравнения (1) имеет место разложение

Если в разложение (10) входит множитель вида k2  pjkqjlj, то характеристический многочлен PLn k можно записать в виде

2 ,sin

374.02 ГРНТИ 27.01.45 : 14.27.09

  • Ақпаратты кері кодтау қалай аталады?
  • Ең алғаш программа жасаған әйел ғалым кім?
  • Бірмезгілде қатар басылған осы екі перне терезені жабады Жауабы:ALT+F4
  • Бұрышты теңдей үш бөлікке бөлуге бола ма?
  • Statement of the problem
  • Finite difference scheme for solving to the problem
  • Numerical experiment
    • Piecewise constant function s(x), noise parameter

Pedagogical), associate professor at the Department of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics at Abai KazNPU, Almaty, Kazakhstan. Sci.(Pedagogical), Associate Professor at the Department of Mathematics Kazakh State Women's Pedagogical University, Almaty, Kazakhstan. Sci.(Pedagogical), Associate Professor at the Department of Mathematics Kazakh State Women's Pedagogical University, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The article deals with functional skills that are formed in school conditions. 2 Student of the Computer Science Master's Program of the Kazakhstan State Educational Center for Women, Almaty, Kazakhstan. According to the boundary element, a broken line called boundary elements can approximate the (BEM) method of the boundary of the body.

SOME OF THE MOST IMPORTANT METHODS OF SOLUTION SOME RATIONAL FRACTIONAL EQUATIONS DEPENDING ON ONE PARAMETER. 2Student of the Master's Program in Mathematics of the Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics at AbaiKazNPU, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Figure 1. Return problem           Figure 2. Direct problem
Figure 1. Return problem Figure 2. Direct problem

9 Т теориясын позитивті модельді толық дейміз, егер ол модельді толық және Т позитивті экзистенциалды формуласындағы әрбір экзистенциалды формула L тіліне эквивалентті

Егер L тілінің әрбір (x1,...,xn) формуласы үшін (x1,..,xn) кванторлары жоқ формула бар болса, T теориясы L тіліндегі кванторларды жоюға мүмкіндік береді дейміз, мұндағы .. 1 ) теорияның моделі T  серік болуы, мұндағы Т әмбебап теория.

4] Айталық Т – йонсондық теория болсын. Онда келесі шарттар эквивалентті

Т-йонсондық теория болсын. Онда келесідей шарттар эквивалентті

Т-йосондық теория болсын. Онда келесі шарттар эквивалентті

Т-экзистенциалды жай йонсондық теория болсын. Онда келесідей шарттар эквивалентті

  • Introduction
  • Statement of the problem
  • Determination of the auxiliary approach
    • Optimization problem
    • Properties of auxiliary objective functions

Sci. (Phys-Math), Acting Associate Professor at Al-Farabi Kazakhstan National University, Almaty, Kazakhstan. The peculiarity of the considered problem is that its constraints contain only linear equations. Unfortunately, the practical application of the method can lead to significant computational problems that narrow the scope of its application [3].

In addition, the method of Lagrange multipliers reduces the solution of the original problem to the search for a saddle point of the Lagrange function. The numerical realization of the method of modified Lagrange functions involves the calculation of second derivatives which are not defined everywhere for many known modified Lagrange functions [4]. The search for a minimum point by the methods of penalty and barrier functions becomes more complicated when the extremum is reached at the boundary of the domain.

A modification of the method of logarithmic barrier functions was proposed, based on the idea of ​​a parametric shift of the constraints of the original problem. As follows from lemma 1, in order to construct admissible solutions of problem (4), it is necessary to solve problem (7), (8) for different values ​​of k and determine such values ​​u,k in which.


  • Solution of optimization problem
  • Convergence of the sequence

Then, by convexity criterion for smooth functions on a convex set, function F(u) is convex on U0. It follows from (17), that numerical sequence F un  is strictly decreasing and it converges due to the fact that the function F u 0,u,uU0 is bounded below, i.e. If the function F  u C1M u0  is convex on the convex set M u0 , then the following inequality holds necessarily and sufficiently.

The next theorem answers the question about the convergence of the given sequence with the solution of the original problem (1), (2). Since the function J u C1,1 U0 is convex on the convex set U0, it is necessary and sufficient to have. Choose an arbitrary element uk of the set U; 4. Construct an auxiliary approach uk U with algorithm 1;.

Further, the linear programming problem is solved by adjusting the value of the objective function on the set of admissible solutions. A justification of the method, a description of the algorithm for solving the auxiliary problem and the basic problem are proposed.

ГРНТИ 27.01.45

3 sin 4

22 sin


Доказательство теоремы. В сферических координатах уравнение(1) имеет вид

ASYMPTOTICAL ESTIMATE FOR SOLUTIONS OF GENERAL SEPARATED LIMIT PROBLEMS FOR SINGULARLY DISTORTED THIRD-ORDER DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS. In this paper we consider a general distributed boundary value problem for linear third-order ordinary differential equations with a small parameter for the two highest derivatives. We study the considered boundary value problem in the case where the additional characteristic equation, together with the zero roots, has roots with negative and positive real parts.

Using introduced initial and boundary functions, an analytical representation of the solution of the perturbed problem was found. The questions about the limiting transition of the solution of the perturbed problem to the solution of the unperturbed problem when the small parameter tends to zero are proved. Keywords: small parameter, asymptotic behavior, singular perturbed problem, unperturbed problem, boundary value problem, phenomenon jump, passage to the limit.

Построение начальных функций. Рассмотрим функцию Коши [1]

Построение граничных функций. Введем в рассмотрение граничные функции

Построение решения краевой задачи. Справедлива следующая теорема

In this article we discuss the construction of plane sections of a polyhedron with planes. Constructing the intersection of a polyhedron with a plane is a way of constructing lines that are traces of the intersection of the faces of the polyhedron with a given plane. The cutting plane is defined as follows: by three points that do not lie on the same line;.

Parallelism, perpendicularity of dihedral angles are used, triangles of any parallelogram serve as an image of these triangles and a parallelogram. The image of a tetrahedron is an arbitrary convex or non-convex square with diagonals carried within it. Keywords: image of spatial figures, trace, cut, correspondence, trace of a cut, belong, association, crossing of figures.

AB є(ABE), PQєα, (AB)(PQ)=M нүктесі α және (ABE() кесінділеріне жататындықтан. QR)(BC)=N нүктесін, одан кейін Nєα, Nє (BCE), содан кейін түзуді саламыз. MN α қимасы ABCD негізіне түсірілген. AB және HG түзулерінің F қиылысу нүктесін табамыз, бұл F нүктесі қима жазықтығына және SAB бүйір жазықтығына сәйкес келеді;.

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  • Екі солитонды шешімдер.Хирота әдісімен екі солитонды шешімін алу үшін

Based on the concept of a professional pedagogical orientation, based on the analysis of the philosophical, psycho-pedagogical literature, we have outlined the main indicators of the professional and pedagogical preparation of the future teacher of mathematics. NUMERICAL ALGORITHM OF THE CONTAINED SOLUTION FOR THE INVERSE PROBLEM RECOVERY OF THE BOUNDARIES OF INHOMOGENITY. 1Candidate of physical-mathematical sciences, professor Professor of the International Kazakh-Turkish University named after Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, Turkestan, Kazakhstan.

The paper deals with the construction of a numerical algorithm for the approximate solution of the inverse determination of the inhomogeneity limit. In deriving the equations, a transition from a Cartesian coordinate system to a spherical coordinate system is used. With the help of a special Maple program we built the graphical representation of multisoliton solutions, we can see that the collision of the soliton preserves the saving form.

A multisoliton solution of an integrable coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equation of Manakov type.arxiv:solv-int/9901010v2, 7 February 1999. Hendry, A soliton soliton of an integrable coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equation of Manakov type,etal.hep-th/9812215.


ГРНТИ 29.01.39

In teaching electronic theory, we were applied, the discoveries of great scientists of the 19th and 20th centuries. The application of electronic theory to explain the electric current in different environments: metals, semiconductors, liquids, gases and in vacuum given in the form of a table. The wave process caused by applying an external dynamic load to the points of the front boundary of a rectangular strip, which amounts to setting the mixing velocity vector at this boundary.

Formulated in terms of stresses and velocities, the mixed problem is modeled numerically using an explicit difference scheme for the count-through, based on the method of spatial characteristics. At special corner points of a rectangular hole, where the first and second derivatives of the unknown functions suffer from a discontinuity of the first kind, computed finite difference relations are obtained to find the required functions. The concentration of dynamic stresses near the corner points of a rectangular hole is studied.

Engineering), Professor of the Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics at the Abai KazNPU, Dzholdasbekov Institute of Mechanics and Engineering, Almaty, Kazakhstan. The dependence of the reaction force of the vibration fixed body on the disturbance force is constructed and it is shown that the dynamic coefficient is much less than unity, so the considered vibration protection system is also effective for periodic pulsed action.


Уравнение движения

Решение уравнения движения

Результат и анализ


1 technical candidate of science, lecturer of Kazakhstan State University of Women Teacher Training, Almaty, Kazakhstan. 2Student of Master's Program in Physics of Kazakhstan State University of Women Teacher Training, Almaty, Kazakhstan. The methods of determining the elastic properties of rocks are based on measuring the speed of elastic oscillation at variable sound frequencies, with the effects of mechanical, thermal and electric fields.

Describes electromagnetic and acoustic rock properties, equations and nomogram predictions of rock properties in specimens and groups under various conditions. Engineer), Professor of the Penza branch of Razumovsky Moscow State University of Technology and Management, Penza, Russia. It is proposed to get rid of the influence of the resonance peak with the help of an optimal control based on the analytical design procedure of the optimal regulator.

The automatic control technique of the active vibration protection system of the electrodynamic stand has been developed based on the proposed method. As a result of this method, the influence of resonance phenomena is eliminated and the working frequency range is expanded, thus the temporal characteristic of the object is also improved.

ГРНТИ 29.01.45

METHODOLOGICAL FEATURES OF TEACHING PHYSICS IN SCHOOL ON THE EXAMPLE OF THE MAIN PROVISIONS OF MOLECULAR-KINETIC THEORY IN GASES BASED ON IT. The content and structure of this article reflects the importance of the topic, using the interdisciplinary connections of chemistry. The paper presents the results of an investigation of the relaxation properties of electronic excitations in the KCl-Na crystal.

Для изучения влияния малых примесей гомологичных катионов на формирование радиационных дефектов в катионной подрешетке были изучены спектры рентгенолюминесценции (РЛ) высокочистых кристаллов KCl и кристаллов KCl-Na для получения характеристик околопримесных возбуждения и сведения о механизмах передачи энергии от матрицы к катионным примесям при рентгеновском облучении кристаллов при 80 К [2]. Скорость самоокружения экситона в KI и RbI при разных температурах // Журнал физики: Серия конференций. К ПРОБЛЕМЕ ВОЛНОВОГО КЛИМАТИЧЕСКОГО ИССЛЕДОВАНИЯ КАСПИЙСКОГО МОРЯ СПУТНИКОВЫМ ВЫСОКИМ ТРИ.

The article reviews existing studies of wave climate from coastal sites using satellite altimetry. The tasks of studying the wave climate of the Caspian Sea are formulated on the basis of the technology developed for the Baltic Sea, which is also an inland sea.


Figure 1. Return problem           Figure 2. Direct problem
Figure 3:  ~ g  g  0 . 003                    Figure 4:  ~ s  s  0 . 02
Figure 5:  g ~  g  0 . 01                              Figure 6:  ~ s  s  0 . 42

Ақпарат көздері


Зерттеудің өзектілігі төмендегі қайшылықтарға байланысты [6]: - ақпараттық қоғамның арнайы сипаттағы коммуникативтік біліктері дамыған мұғалімдерді даярлауға арналған әлеуметтік

Алматы, Республика Казахстан НЕПРЕРЫВНОЕ ПРОФЕССИОНАЛЬНОЕ РАЗВИТИЕ ПЕДАГОГОВ КАК ОСНОВА ПОВЫШЕНИЯ КАЧЕСТВА ОБРАЗОВАНИЯ Аннотация В настоящее время во всех странах проводится

Нами для этих целей использован Google Диск, куда предварительно размещены все необходимые учебно-методические материалы по «численным методам», в том числе и специально разработанное


В целом, самостоятельная работа студентов в период педагогической практики включает следующие виды деятельности: - участие в анализе содержания и методики проведения уроков учителей

In this study, we examine how problem posing instruction affects the solving math word problems on the academic success in mathematics achievement.. The students from 8th grades are

Информатикадан сыныптан тыс жұмыстарда оқушылардың шығармашылық қабілеттерінің қалыптасу моделі Əлеуметтік-мəдени қажеттіліктер – «информатика» оқу пəнімен байланысты шығармашылық

Фактически 100% учителей хотели бы видеть в школе социального педагога и одобряют его участие в воспитательной работе в школе, так как отмечают, что при большой учебной нагрузке