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Academic year: 2023

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The methods of decision making of problem questions are shown by means of expansion of large numbers of determination and value examined for the function. It is proposed to write down the functions of distribution of continuous random variable, function of Laplace and others known to the function on the extended large number of real numbers. The methods of analysis of materials are introduced when determining tangent to the curve and Equivalence is a mathematical statement.

The article is devoted to the investigation of the solution of the boundary value problem for a linear differential equation of the third order with constant coefficients with a small parameter for the maximum derivative. For a given singular perturbed differential equation, we obtain a fundamental system of solutions, construct and evaluate the Cauchy function, special functions of boundary value problems, and Green's function. With the help of these functions, we obtain the exact formula for the solution of the singularly perturbed boundary value problem and explain that this solution has the phenomenon of an initial jump of the first order at the point t0.

A smooth Cauchy problem corresponding to a given singularly perturbed boundary value problem is constructed. It is shown that the solution of the singularly perturbed boundary value problem will tend to the solution of the unperturbed problem.

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ГРНТИ 27.01.45

According to the results of the study, four components of mathematical literacy were identified. Signs of the first component - the possession of software special and general educational knowledge, skills and methods of learning activities, methods of teaching. The second component is determined by the ability to quickly and widely generalize mathematical objects, relationships, actions, free reorganization of the thinking process, switching from direct to reverse thinking, consistent, correct, dissociated logical reasoning, formalized perception of mathematical material, and the structure of the problem.

Signs of the third component - the ability to formulate and write problems in the language of mathematics, the results of the decision and others. The fourth component is expressed in the implementation of the previous components in life situations. Pedagogical), Associate Professor of the Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics at Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The most important form of educational activity, in the process of mastering the system of mathematical knowledge, abilities and skills, is a task decision. Solution of the initially loaded first-order differential operator is printed, and the so-called Green's function is constructed on inner intervals of the interval [0,1].

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  • Сандық шешімін зерттеу

Discontinuous Inverse Eigenvalue Problems // Communications of Pure Applied Mathematics, Vol. USING INTERACTIVE METHODS IN THE TEACHING OF MATHEMATICS Kadyrbayeva B.A.1, Valyev А.Т. Pedagogical), senior lecturer of the Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics at Abai KazNPU, Almaty, Kazakhstan. The relevance of the study in normative documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan is analyzed. SOLVING THE EQUATION OF THE STABILITY PLATE BY VARIATION METHOD Koksalov K.K.1, Kuttykhozhayeva Zh.K.2. Phys.-Math), Professor at the Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics at Abai KazNPU, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

It received a system of two equations related to the horizontal and vertical displacement of the plate. Researched the sixth order equation in the partial derivatives for the deflection functions. The equations of the sixth order solved by the Fourier method of separation of variables.

Theorems on the constructibility of the derivations and the correctness of the derived programs are given. In conclusion, directions for the development of logical-mathematical methods in the field of deductive synthesis of programs and intellectual planning are formulated.

Формула F языка L называется канонической, если

Phys-Math), associate professor of the Almaty branch of the Saint Petersburg University of Humanities and Social Sciences, Almaty, Kazakhstan. The rules of the inference system allow modeling of direct and reverse reasoning and are generalizations of the rules of the traditional system of natural inference. A fragment of the first-order language is defined to formalize the domain from which iterative programs are then extracted to solve the problems of processing integer arrays.

Keywords: iteration calculus, program synthesis, logical deduction systems, group station, constructive deduction, fully exact program.

Нам будет достаточно приведенных формулировок правил вывода. В действительности правила вывода определяются для произвольных кванторных приставок и расширяются на случай

Пусть дана формула

The aim of the given work is to obtain amplitude parameters for reflection and refraction of waves with layered anisotropic rock terrain. Engineering), Associate Professor of the Almaty branch of the Saint-Petersburg University of Humanities and Social Sciences electorate, Almaty, Kazakhstan. Phys.-Math.), Associate Professor of the Almaty Branch of the Saint-Petersburg University of Humanities and Social Sciences Elector, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The aim of this paper is the study of the Riemann's problems for the generalized analytic functions with coefficients with zeros (logarithmic type) in the finite number of points of the contour. METHODS OF ORGANIZING SEARCH AND RESEARCH ACTIVITY OF FUTURE TEACHERS OF MATHEMATICS RECEIPT OF THE ORGANESEARCH ACTIVITY OF. Pedagogical), associate professor of the Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics at Abai KazNPU, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The classification of the methods of this activity based on the stages of search and research activities has been compiled. Among the above methods, the leading methods of search and research activity of students are distinguished: the reception of the statement of the problem, and the acceptance of hypotheses and the receipt of the proof of the hypothesis. Key words: search and research, educational activities, receiving activities, acceptance of the problem, acceptance of hypotheses, acceptance of the hypothesis.

FORMATION THE PROFESSIONAL READINESS OF THE FUTURE TEACHER OF MATHEMATICS FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF LOGICAL THINKING OF PRIMARY SCHOOL STUDENTS. The tasks of the logical preparation of future mathematics teachers of the general education school were formed on the basis of the analysis of the requirements of the state standard and the details of the activity of mathematics teachers, and the structure of the concept of "readiness". ON THE CAUCHY PROBLEM FOR A SYSTEM OF HYPERBOLIC TYPE OF THE FIRST ORDER Tokibetov Zh.A.1, Zhanay A.Zh.2.

2Student of the Master's Program in Mathematics of Al-Farabi National University of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Kazakhstan. An explicit solution of the Cauchy-Dirichlet problem for the wave equation in the three-dimensional case has been found. The aim of the paper is to solve the Cauchy problem for a hyperbolic system of the first order.

ҒТАМР 11.25.41

Andi y y gt dt. dz 2 cos eksavgadın özın lakını kıyıt lö eksazgage kelemız. Mathematical models of actual applied problems in areas such as the oil and gas production industry, geology, oceanology, nature conservation, fluid transport, chemical industry, especially considering the electromagnetic field, are among the most interesting problems in mathematical physics. Here it should be noted that these models represent a system of nonlinear partial differential equations that are solved in regions of complex geometry.

Therefore, one of the universal methods for solving such problems is numerical methods, which, in turn, require the study of the correctness of the explanation of these models. We note that the systems of equations of an inhomogeneous fluid are not a Cauchy-Kovalevskaya type system, therefore direct application of the splitting method is difficult and, consequently, the approximation of equations of the Navier-Stokes type (inhomogeneous, conductive) by evolution equations, from the point of view of creating economic difference methods. An overview of the research on the correctness of limit value problems for an inhomogeneous viscous liquid is given in the monograph by S.N.

Next, we consider a system of equations with a small parameter, approximating the equations with initial-boundary conditions. In Theorem 1 we prove the estimate for the solution problem and there exists a generalized solution. And in Theorem 2, the theorem on the speed of convergence of the generalized solution for the viscoelastic fluid problem was proved and some a priori estimates were obtained.

Для решения задачи (3), (4) имеет место оценка

Лемма 2. Для решения задачи (3), (4) имеют место равенства


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  • Екі компонентті комплексті модификацияланған Кортевег – де Фриз теңдеулерінің бір солитонды шешімі
  • Екі компонентті комплексті модификацияланған Кортевег – де Фриз теңдеулерінің екі солитонды шешімі
  • Екі компонентті комплексті модификацияланған Кортевег – де Фриз теңдеулерінің үш солитонды шешімі

Specific processes for receiving, processing and storing information that occur in the brain of the human form had different levels of knowledge. For the numerical solution of the direct problem, a discrete formulation of direct problems is considered. Numerical calculations are given direct problems and results of numerical analysis of the incorrectness of the original task.

Phys.- Mathematics) Professor, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of RK, Kazak Abai National Pedagogical University, Almaty, Kazakhstan. The study of physical properties of various materials is of great scientific and practical importance in engineering, technology and education. According to the new experimental method, the authors received the patent of the Republic of Kazakhstan No.

An advantageous performance of the new experimental method is the ability to determine the volume coefficient of water absorption ( ) in a direct way, excluding multiples. One of the generalizations of the mKdV equation is the complex mKdV (cmKdV) equation, which is one of the well-known and completely integrable equations in soliton theory. DT has been proven to be very successful in driving various kinds of solutions to many of the integrable equations from a trivial seed.

9 Yesmakhanova K, Bekova G, Shaikhova G, Myrzakulov R, Soliton solutions of the (2+1)-dimensional complex modified Korteweg-de Vries and Maxwell-Bloch equations, Journal of Physics: Conference Series. Therefore, the formation of professional skills and professional competence of future teachers is one of the issues of the day. In general, the formation of the competence of future teachers has a number of complex processes that must carry out a variety of works.

The increase of didactic possibilities of teaching physics of wave processes plays a decisive role in mastering the essence of the material presented. In each case, the mechanism of origin of the effect of Doppler is proved analytically. Therefore, the development of effective methods of raising didactic principles of any new material is the main condition of its conscious perception and the contribution to the creation and mastery of new high technology.


Figure 1. Moseley`s plots

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Жолдасбеков атындағы механика және машинатану институты, Алматы қ., Казахстан 2 Абай атындағы Қазақ ұлттық педагогикалық университеті, Алматы қ., Казахстан *e- mail: kuat_06@mail.ru