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Academic year: 2023

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Pedagogical), professor of the Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics at Abai KazNPU, Almaty, Kazakhstan. Here, the main components are the correlation of special mathematical and methodological disciplines and the professional pedagogical orientation of the lessons, as well as quality educational and methodological support for the educational process (curricula, programs, exercises and textbooks), forms and methods of its organization at the pedagogical college. In our opinion, the content of mathematics education at pedagogical higher education institutions should initially focus on the implementation of the principle of continuity and professional orientation of the study of mathematics, i.e.

A linear multipoint boundary value problem for the system of loaded differential equations is investigated on the basis of the parameterization method. The solution of the Cauchy problem for the system of ordinary differential equations with parameters is constructed using the fundamental matrix of the differential equation.

Берілген теорияның сигнатура моделі (әрі қарай структурасы) ядролық деп аталады, егер берілген теорияның әрбір моделіне жалғыз ішкі структурасы изоморфты болса

Mathematical model of natural oscillations of the grid We assume the following assumptions are fulfilled

In (4) a differentiation is related to the natural parameter; here an orientation of the edge does not play any role, because the second derivative is independent of the orientation. In fact, it can be easily found that the total mass of the string lattice is approximately equal to 1 for small enough h (see our assumption (1)), and the mass of the membrane, described by (8), (9), is also equal to 1. It can also be seen that assumption (2) regarding the string tensions makes the network similar to the membrane in terms of the similarity between the elasticities of these two mechanical systems.

In fact, the area "covered" by a grid can be divided into squares of side lengths h, centered on the vertices of the graph. Similar arguments show that the last mechanical assumption (3) about the elastic resistance of the springs, applied to the lattice at its vertices, is equivalent to the external elastic resistance applied to the membrane (the term - u in the equation (8) ).

Sketch of the proof of Theorem 1

Now, based on the conditions (5) and (7), we can obtain a system for finding the values ​​ui,j and the corresponding values ​​of the parameter  (eigenvalue), which relates to c and s. We are interested in the behavior of the solutions of the previous equation (with respect to the parameter ) for h small enough. 1 4t2 . ht and tan th) that the first non-zero critical point t1 of the function f satisfies the inequality.

The same statements hold for all zeros of the function f(t) to the right of t1. So we can conclude, based on the equality (14), that hi converges to i, which had to be proven.

Figure 2. Notation of edges
Figure 2. Notation of edges


The case is considered when the thickness of the plate is large enough compared to the length of the plate. The Gaussian cloud model formulation for a continuous point source is given by:. The air quality portals that provide information on the current air quality in Almaty do not give a complete view of the city.

For example, Geographical air quality monitoring portal of Kazhydromet: http://www.atmosphere.kz/ shows only measurements of 9 sensors. All the results of the predicted values ​​were visualized on the surfer and shown on the map of the city.

Figure 1. Statistical data of the Department of Statistics of the city of Almaty 2015
Figure 1. Statistical data of the Department of Statistics of the city of Almaty 2015


Қазақстан Республикасының барлық азаматтарының денсаулығын, білімін және әл-ауқатын қамтамасыз ету үшін El Bacy Н.А. Экологиялық тәрбие дегеніміз – адам қоғамы, қоғам, табиғат және бүкіл әлем арасында үйлесімділік тудырудың ең тиімді жолын түсіну [2]. Қызығушылықтың ұстанымы – оқу барысында еліміздің қайталанбас әсемдігіне қызығушылықты ояту, туған өлкеге, оның табиғи байлығына баулу, оны аялай білуге ​​тәрбиелеу.

Физика сабағында да табиғатты қорғау тақырыбымен көп жұмыс істеуге мүмкіндік мол. Осының өзі физикалық заңдар мен құбылыстардың мәнін ашып, кітапта қызықты үзіндіге айналдырды. Қатты, қатты металл және электр кабельдері өкпе ісігін тудырмайды [5].

Автомобильдің атмосфераға зиянды заттарды шығаруда да үлкен артықшылығы бар. Қазақстанның ірі қалаларында зиянды заттардың шығарылуындағы автокөліктердің үлесі 60-80%, ал Алматы қаласында 90% құрайды. Жоғары сыныптағы физика сабағында «Жылдам және эпикалық қарқын» тақырыбын экологиялық оқытумен ұштастыруға болады.

Ал ішкі жану кезінде су, тамақ және ауа адам ағзасына радиоактивті элементтерсіз түседі. Біз ойын ойнаймыз, фильм көреміз, кітап оқимыз, дабыл қоямыз және сүйікті музыкамызды тыңдаймыз. Заманауи әлемде ұялы телефонды пайдалану шектеуі байланыс шектеуінен асып түсті.

3 3 cos


Дифференциальные уравнения движения задачи 1 Уравнения движения в абсолютной системе координат

  • Уравнения движения в относительной системе координат
  • Выделение возмущающих функции. Обозначим


Phys.-Math), Associate Professor, Kh. Dosmukhamedov Atyrau State University, Atyrau, Kazakhstan NUMERICAL STUDY OF LENGTH DEPENDENCES OF SHAFT CHANGES. By applying a mathematical model using the shape function of the quadratic finite element, the laws of temperature distribution and the coefficient of thermal expansion of the rod material along its length are determined. The rod is made of АНВ-300 alloy; the thermal expansion coefficient of this alloy strongly depends on the temperature distribution field along the length of the considered rod.

In turn, the third and fourth harmonics of this magnetic flux float the armature resistance of the wind turbine motor, i.e. thereby not only increases the efficiency of the wind turbine, but the padding inductive current is developed. It is offered the method of synchronizing the inductive current and the current received from the wind generator using the diode bridge.

This effect to the specific level reduces the armature resistance which facilitates the operation of the wind generator. Phys.-Math), Senior Lecturer of the Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics at Abai KazNPU, Almaty, Kazakhstan. At the moment, studies of the current-voltage characteristics and the properties of semiconductors for use in electronic engineering are also relevant.

3Student of Master's Program in Computer and Software, Al-Farabi KazNU, Almaty, Kazakhstan ANALYSIS OF THE KINETIC MECHANISM OF BONDING PROCESS. The analysis of the kinetic mechanism of the process of burning was carried out in the program Process Informatics Model complex (PrIMe). The mechanism selected from the basis of the PrIMe program consists of the 309th reaction and 53 reagents.

Программный комплекс PrIMe

Для прямой кинетической задачи выбран механизм DLR в базе данных программы, а для анализа кинетического механизма – кинетическая обратная задача, механизм GRI 3.0 в программе PrIMe, описывающий горение метана, природного газ и другие углеводороды (ацетилен, пропан). Кинетический механизм GRI 3.0 описывает реакции, протекающие на молекулярном уровне, которые касаются порядка разрыва или образования связей. В ходе исследования повторный анализ механизма, то есть задачи кинетического возврата, механизмов GRI 3.0 показывает, что после исключения некоторых реакций сужается интервал неопределенности и улучшается состоятельность механизма. В данной статье рассматривается анализ непротиворечивости и неопределенности данных механизма GRI 3.0, а также рассматривается решение прямой и обратной кинетической задачи теста.

Для применения методов модуля Data Collaboration с моделью кинетического механизма реакций, в которой данные были отобраны для проверки механизма, она должна быть представлена ​​в определенном формате PrIMe.

Решение тестовой прямой кинетической задачи

Решение тестовой обратной кинетических задач

Повторный анализ механизма, т.е. обратная задача механизма GRI 3.0, показывает, что после исключения некоторых реакций сужается интервал неопределенности и улучшается состоятельность механизма (рис. 13) [6]. В рамках решения задачи для исследования был выбран механизм GRI 3.0 и проведен контроль соответствия этого механизма другим механизмам в базе данных PrIMe. физ.-мат.), профессор Института математики, физики и информатики КазНПУ им. Абая, Алматы, Казахстан.

2,3 Student of the master's program in physics, Abai KazNPU, Almaty, Kazakhstan DEVELOPMENT OF CREATIVE SKILLS OF STUDENTS IN THE APPLIED COURSE SUBJECT "NUCLEAR ENERGY". For example, nuclear energy, which is the basis of alternative energy, is widely used in the developed world. Therefore, the study of the additional subject of physics at school, alternative energy sources, is now necessary.

It outlines core processes that occur in the fission of uranium isotopes based on the physics curriculum. The focus is on the development of skills, as well as applying the knowledge gained in the practice of students. Guidelines that address these issues can improve performance, generate a direct interest in the subject being studied, enabling students to develop creative skills.





  • DNS Round Robin
  • DirectRouting
  • Редирект
    • Machine Learning Algorithms
    • Data collections
  • Highly correlated features B.Low correlated features

Суть ее заключается в создании нескольких DNS-записей типа А для записи домена на DNS-сервере Модель планировщика для многопроцессорной/многоядерной системы управления На рисунке 4 показана модель Simulink с использованием инфраструктуры SimEvents, которая содержит блок архитектурных компонентов и функциональный компонент. блокировать. Модель реализованного алгоритма была построена с использованием инструмента Mathworks Simulink Model-Based Design и его фреймворка Mathworks Computer Vision System Toolbox [7].

The purpose of the research is to demonstrate the effect of feature correlation on a classification model with more than seven different performance metrics. In this field, which is highly complex and uncertain, clinical decision support systems use various state-of-the-art intelligent systems such as fuzzy logic, artificial neural network and genetic algorithm [1]. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), heart disease has emerged as the number one killer in both urban and rural areas of most states.

As of 2010, it is the leading cause of death in the United States, England, and Canada, accounting for 25.4% of all deaths in the United States. Due to the many and uncertain risk factors, the diagnosis of heart disease often becomes a difficult task for professionals. It is clear that automation of the disease analysis and recognition process is obvious, opening the door to effective decision support systems that can help manage large amounts of information.

In their study, Zhang et al. rated the art's position for the application of a fuzzy neural network in diagnosis, recognition, image processing, and intelligent robot control of medicine with an overall accuracy of 70%. K Nearest Neighbors (KNN) algorithm is one of the first simple supervised machine learning algorithms. Due to its non-linear nature, this algorithm shows one of the best results in getting the classification model for the data, for details see results and discussion section.

Table 1 shows details of attributes with correlation coefficients. The target attribute provides 4 categories where  first three are related to heart diseases and last one to healthy state
Table 1 shows details of attributes with correlation coefficients. The target attribute provides 4 categories where first three are related to heart diseases and last one to healthy state


Figure 1. A grid of strings
Figure 2. Notation of edges
Figure 1. Statistical data of the Department of Statistics of the city of Almaty 2015
Figure 2. Simple Gaussian distribution for point source

Ақпарат көздері


В статье раскрыты и обоснованы пути и методы подготовки педагогов для дошкольных организаций на основе использования сказочной терапии как важной части воспитания, образования и