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Academic year: 2023

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Singular boundary integral equations of the BVP of elastodynamics in the case of subsonic running loads //Differential equations. The article deals with one of the important problems in the theory and practice of teacher education - teaching and research activities of students. The introduction of e-learning in the educational process at schools and universities is one of the priority goals of the State Program for Education Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020.

Interaction of concepts such as ―distance education‖, ―distance learning‖ and ―e-learning‖ were also considered. So, from the point of view of state interests, e-learning is the possibility of equal educational level delivery to people living in different regions of the country, i.e. automatic workplace of the teacher (e-journals, diary, planning, teachers' common e) -room, SMS notifications from parents);.

Today, e-education is recognized as one of the progressive forms of education, which is dynamically integrated into the educational systems of many countries of the world. Other advantages of e-education are the availability of educational materials, the transparency of the educational process, as well as the quick availability of statistics for analysis and the possibility of viewing an unlimited number of video lectures. The education system project is one of the most important directions of the state education development program, and its realization will be an important step for the further modernization of the education system of Kazakhstan.

The article deals with the content and significance of the methodological complex "Computer Science" for the humanities.

Постановка прямой и обратной задачи

Решение уравнение Риккати

Алгоритм решение прямой задачи

Вычисление градиента функционала невязки

Метод минимизации функционала невязки - метод сопряженных градиентов

At the end of the article there are the considered special cases of inequalities in self-reaction, some growth intervals, killing or extreme functions. We examine the basic educational environment student and teacher in high school, on the basis of the approach established competence effective ways to form it. In working with specific examples, the effect of ultrasonic cavitation is directly dependent on its frequency and intensity, ambient temperature and pressure, the nature and concentration of the solution and the extent of the dissolved gas in the liquid.

In addition, we showed how to use biochemical changes in the blood structure under the influence of ultrasound to assess pathological processes in the body. Опублика Абай изменения КазХПУ-ный ректорынын грантынын пулышимимен вы профессор К.М. TO THE THERMODYNAMIC THEORY OF COMPLEX HEAT TRANSFER PROCESSES IN MULTIPHASE SYSTEMS. In some cases, transfer processes become complex physico-chemical transformations of various nature and thermal effects of an endothermic or exothermic character.

In the second case, when roasting created sample, for example from natural raw materials (clay) in characteristic temperature intervals, there are physical and chemical transformations of various kinds, which are accompanied by thermal effects and a mass exchange (it can be, for example, dehydration, dissociation, combustion, etc.). During heat treatment of polyphase capillary porous materials in typical temperature ranges, there are complex physical and chemical transformations of various kinds. In the heat transfer in the materials, complicated by such phenomena, takes place under very difficult conditions.

In other research samples, when heated in characteristic temperature ranges, there are physical and chemical transformations of various kinds, which are accompanied by thermal effects and a mass exchange (for example, it can be dehydration, dissociation, combustion, etc.). Here it is possible to consider three versions: the thermodynamic effect of the imposed phenomena can be considered through effective value of kinetic coefficient (Lef. As it has known for a stationary case the equation (1) written in the form of Fourier's law.

The equation of non-stationary thermal conductivity, complicated by physical and chemical transformations (thermal effects) and mass exchange, generally looks like this [4-6]. After some transformations taking into account as written (third version) and heavy dependencies. 24) For model samples of classical form (unbounded plate, unbounded cylinder and sphere) represents a simplified type of the known differential heat conduction equation with effective parameters in the following form. We use a simplified type of analytical solution of equation (25), which was obtained for the quasi-stationary mode [1, 5, 6].

It has been shown that the formation of methodological knowledge in molecular physics, together with the selection of content, the arrangement of study sections and that requires the use of the most important cognitive processes. This article deals with the selection of the elective subject in Computer Science for secondary schools with 12-year education.

Nurlybayev, S. Abdykarimova

It fully confirms the prophetic words of John James Sylvester, the father of the invariant theory: "That part, in a certain sense, more whole: the general proposition is more easily proved than any partial case of it". By multiplying R n by the coefficient 3, we get that the total number of terms in the right part is equal to. Resuming the above, we can state that the formula for the sum of n cubes and its consequences significantly strengthens and completes the apparatus of binomial algebra, studied at school, which brings many so-called complicated problems to the category of ordinary (not complicated) problems.

The article considers the properties of the progressions, which are combinations of arithmetic and geometric progressions. It is shown that the sequence of figure (pyramidal) numbers forms a second (third) order progression, and the sequence of the m-th orders of natural numbers forms the m-th order progression. The first term of the series is denoted by a, ( ), common difference by d, the last term by , the number of terms by n, sum of its nterms by , and its term by.

Every three numbers in AP are taken asad,a,ad; every four numbers in AP are taken as (It is a partial case of (1) when the same quantity is 2) and so on for every same quantity kd (kϵN). the sum of equal terms from the beginning and the end is constant and equal to the sum of the first and last terms. except the first) is equal to half the sum of the terms that are equidistant from it. Many students think that studying probability theory and statistics is difficult in school. This article therefore provides a historical overview of the introduction of elements of probability theory and statistics into the content of school mathematics.

The purpose of the work is to determine the basis for teaching probability calculus and the elements of mathematical statistics in profile classes for physical and mathematical directions and scientific-methodological use of the system MathCad. For example, in 1846 the first book "the basis of probability for calculation in mathematics" on probability calculation appeared in St. Petersburg. In the 60s of the twentieth century during the reorganizations, the works of some scientist-methodologists were devoted to the elements of calculus probability in school courses in mathematics, and they aimed to form its teaching method to distinguish this theme.

In the 1970s, however, the schools did not have comfortable conditions for teaching the elements of probability and the committee that makes school programs for mathematics was anxious to remove all information about the elements of probability. Mainly probability theory and statistics are introduced to the students of the 5th grade. The content of the course consists of 9 parts for each class and these parts are divided into several specific themes.

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Төлеуханова3 1п.ғ.д., Қазақ мемлекеттік қыздар педагогикалық университетінің профессоры, Алматы қ., Қазақстан 2п.ғ.к., Қазақ мемлекеттік қыздар педагогикалық университетінің