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Academic year: 2023

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The article deals with the evaluation of the level of achievement of students in optional subjects of education. It describes the forms of educational test results, the characteristics of the quality of education and the level of student achievement. It is shown that with increasing values ​​of descent and the number of nodes in the grid, the numerical solution of the wave equation converges to an exact solution with fewer iterations.

Нахождение индексов дефекта оператора L min

Описание самосопряженных расширений минимального оператора

For evolution equations, the decisions on the tasks of modeling and identification of the heat processes in the soil and in soil introduced in from by the problem Koshi. There are also descriptions of the leading divisor of the elementary Abelian fields for 3r. The discriminant of the elementary Abelian fields in degree 3 with the given leading divisor has been calculated.

On this basis, the elementary Abelian fields up to 3rd degree were calculated with the given discriminant. This work examines the problem of the development of professional skills of future mathematics teachers in modern schools taking into account the implementation of historical elements in the mathematics lessons. The use of historical data in the mathematics lessons develops an intellect of the students and brings mathematics closer to nature.

The use of historical data in mathematics lessons is based on new information technologies and the following methodological concepts: formation of mathematical understanding, mathematical literacy, attention to psycho-pedagogical aspects and increasing interest in mathematics among students who do not like mathematics, etc. And the article talks about the need to raise the level of logical thinking of the talented children by using elements of mathematics and development of their personality.


Следовательно, для любого натурального числа n ≥ 1 выполняется неравенство zⁿ < xⁿ + yⁿ. Следовательно, для любого натурального числа n ≥ 1 выполняется неравенство zⁿ < xⁿ + yⁿ. Применение теоремы косинусов позволило определить сценарии сложения натуральных чисел x, y при n = 1, n = 2, в том числе сложения xⁿ, yⁿ таких, что y ≥ z. В данной статье мы рассматриваем проблему устойчивости по Ляпунову стационарных решений в случае резонанса частот 3-го порядка для ньютоновской задачи 10 тел со связями.

Численные методы используются для исследования поведения траектории тела с бесконечно малой массой в окрестности точки неустойчивого равновесия. Для интервала времени 0 < t ≤ 5000 решение системы (1) с такими возмущенными начальными условиями и его отклонение от точки N1 представлены графически на следующих рисунках. Пусть на границе x=0 полупространства R+ = {z∈ R, z > 0} задано тепловое воздействие и тем самым температура на границе повышается от начальной температуры Т0 до T1.

The physical sense of a direct problem of thermoedacity consists in the definition of convective heat exchange u(z,t), which occurs in the environment under initial and boundary conditions. To define ρ ( )z - density of the environment from (1) - (3) with the additional information regarding the decision of an immediate problem.

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Исследования нелинейной электрической цепи с сосредоточенными параметрами

Исследование частотной характеристики передаточной функции комплексного сопротивления задаваемый формулой передаточной функции,

The working process of the electric motor consists of three modes: the spread, settled and braking. The importance of research skills in the process of teaching and research activities was evaluated. Based on previously provided characteristics of research skills, as a result of formation of readiness of schoolboys for educational and research activities, variants of the presentation of creative tasks are defined, taking into account the level of motivation for educational and research activities.

The results of the pilot study thermographic and thermodynamic properties during physico-chemical transformations in monotermitovs model samples. Compare these curves, obtained for a sample of the raw and the standard established thermal effects characteristic monothermite. The thermodynamic properties (the thermal diffusivity and specific heat) monotermitovs samples (raw and standard) in the heating process.

The mathematical model of the process adopted an explicit difference scheme for heat differential equation with an effective thermal conductivity coefficient, which takes into account the thermodynamics of physical and chemical transformations occurring in the samples. By numerical experiments obtained temperature fields of the sample of raw and reference of different sizes at different heating rates. Based on these results, we can estimate the dynamics of unsteady heat during the firing of the samples.

This article is considered controversial for the introduction of virtual presentations in electronic information and communication technologies in the educational environment of the secondary school. It is also considered as a pedagogical innovation in high school that supports the competitiveness of the ICT field. Thus, public and private universities should be a virtual representation of the ICT department.

Рассматривается творческий путь одного из гениев философии, математики и физики во второй половине XVII, начале XVIII века. Он - изобретатель дифференциального и интегрального исчисления, теории кинематики и динамики в физике. Символ интеграла в его современном виде впервые встречается в его работе «О скрытой геометрии» и указывает на то, что эта операция является обратной дифференцированию.

Эти результаты он впервые опубликовал в 1684 г. в работе «Новый метод максимумов и минимумов», где впервые назвал свой алгоритм дифференциальным исчислением. На установке определялся порог обнаружения счетчиков нейтронов и изучались изменения временных распределений сигналов счетчиков нейтронов.

Спектры кратностей нейтронов М

In this study, we examine how problem statement instruction affects math word problem solving on academic success in mathematics achievement. Problem posing is central to the discipline of mathematics and the nature of mathematical thinking (Silver 1994). As an intellectual discipline, mathematics can be argued that the self-directed problem it poses to be solved is an important characteristic (Polya, 1954).

Another important mathematician can be prominent leaders in mathematics and mathematics education (Freudental, 1973: Polya, 1954) has stated that problem solving is an important part of a student's mathematical experience. The statements indicate that problem solving in mathematics teaching and learning is considered an important factor in classroom activities. In their book The Art of Problem Posing (Brown and Walter, 1993) say that problem posing is deeply embedded in the activity of problem solving in two different ways.

Brown and Walter (1993) proposed a new approach to problem-solving and problem-solving in mathematics instruction using the What If Not (WIN) strategy. Stoyanova (2000) identified three categories of problem-setting experiences that can increase students' awareness of different situations for generating and solving mathematical problems: 1. free situations, 2. semi-structured situations, and 3. situations with structured problem-setting. Problem posing is also described by Dunker (1945) as the creation of a new problem or the formulation of a given problem. In the same vein, Silver (1993) described and added framing that occurs before, after, and during problem solving.

Overall, Engels asserted that problem-setting improves students' problem-solving skills, attitudes, and confidence in mathematics and mathematical problem-solving, and contributes to a broader understanding of mathematical concepts. If the practical area is large for students to apply what they learn in class, it is also good for problem setting. So motivation is another important factor why we choose word problems for problem setting activities.

1. To visualize the effect of problem posing instruction on 8th grade students' academic success in word problem solving. 2. To direct students to use methods of problem presentation when solving problems with mathematical words. Study Problem: What is the effect of problem statement instruction on 8th graders' math word problem solving.

With an experimental group we solve the questions and ask the questions based on the previously discussed properties of problem formulation methods. The problem statement instruction in word assignments has a significant impact on the problem statement and problem solving ability of the future math teachers.

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Төлеуханова3 1п.ғ.д., Қазақ мемлекеттік қыздар педагогикалық университетінің профессоры, Алматы қ., Қазақстан 2п.ғ.к., Қазақ мемлекеттік қыздар педагогикалық университетінің