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Просмотр «Том 68 № 2 (2019): серия " Филологические науки”» | Вестник Серия «Филологические науки»


Academic year: 2023

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The article deals with the translation of the Kazakh alphabet into Latin, which is one of the key issues of the Kazakh language. Research results: expressions in the Kazakh word based on national peculiarities of spelling and efficiency. The article deals with new paraphrases of the Kazakh language as a reflection of the transformation of public consciousness.

GENESIS OF THE SACRED NUMBERS AND ETHNIC CULTURE (as an example of Kazakh and Chinese languages). In the article, we will consider the specificity of the oral form of the popular science genre. In our study, we adhered to the pragmatic concept of the speech genre [2]: the task was to identify the mandatory and varied features of the oral popular science genre, the main features of oral scientific speech were considered in order to use the results in preparing students for non-philologists for scientific events [3].

During the experiment, another distinctive feature of oral folk science was observed - the question-answer form of text construction. The article proposes preliminary results of experimental studies of common phenomena in the language and speech of Kazakh bilinguals. The article analyzes the language of Kazakh poetry of the 15th-18th centuries in terms of humanistic anthropocentrism.

This proves that it is adhered to the conclusions of the famous philosopher Immanuel Kant.

Дебитивная модальность или модальность долженствования выражает обусловленность ситуации

The concept of discourse is a term that entered the scientific use of domestic philologists in the second half of the last century. The article also proposes approaches to the implementation of discourse analysis in the field of the Japanese language. The article deals with the complex problems of the Kazakh script based on Latin graphics.

The image of a dragon occupies one of the central places in Chinese mythology and is widely used in culture. The blizzard that engulfed the earth came from the three layers of heaven. Xinjiang professor AmantayAseyinula points it out in the scientific article "Roots of the Kazakh National Instruments".

Moreover, their centuries-old interaction also influenced the languages ​​of the nearby people. Another fact that gives the chance to define traces of Turkish civilization in Chinese culture are myths. It is a well-known fact that the influence of Turkish civilization on the ancient culture of China was unusual.

Speaking of the traces of Turkish civilization in traditional Chinese culture, they are noticeable in language changes. In the history of the Kazakh people, there has always been a belief in the magical power of the word. This article is a descriptive study that aims to determine the linguistic-cultural characteristics of the concept of 'love'.

These metaphorical characteristics testify to the emotional attitude of the English people towards love and affection. In the textbooks and the alphabet of the Kazakh language, the sound content of the symbols, which is a vowel sound, is determined. Due to the scope of the study, only micro level of discourse was implied in this study.

The characteristics of the university whose graduates are highly sought after are described in the 4th paragraph. In the sculpture of stylistic balance, phraseological units are considered as one component.



Each writer and poet unfolds in his own way themes, concepts, tendencies, common ideas in the national literatures of the world. This article analyzes how the Kazakh story, which originated from ancient myths, legends, fairy tales, oral stories, in short, folk prose, gradually turned into one of the main genres of national written prose. In addition, this work tells that the Kazakh story, like other genres of prose, is able to create an impeccable plot, composition of a work of art, to cross the boundaries of character phrases, such as monologue, dialogue, polylogue, to .

First of all, it has been proven that an example of the same folk prose is taught to tell the ability of interesting, colorful events. The article identifies the relevance and significance of the study of the term artistic concept in literary criticism. The distinction between the artistic concept and other concepts is explained and the relevance of its consideration in the works of Kazakh literature is demonstrated.

On the basis of the formulations expressed about the artistic concept by researchers such as P.Abelyar, S.A., the author tried to consider the artistic function of the author's creation of original thought forms, artistic images, original forms, ethno-folklore motifs. and amazing images in modern Kazakh stories. Key words: folkloric motive, Kazakh stories, the author, the image of a wolf, the cult of the tree.

The name of Zeynoll Snick, a prominent representative of the Kazakh literature of the diaspora in East Turkestan, is the subject of a series of stories. The article is devoted to literary and historical research of the outstanding representative of the diaspora of Kazakh literature in East Turkestan, the writer Zeynoll Sannik. The article analyzes UzakbayDospanbetov's novel The Condition of the Old Kobyz, which made a great contribution to Kazakh prose through many works of art.

One of the Kazakh hierarchical genres of the prose genre - the modern history of Kazakhstan is of great importance with its qualitative features and thematic importance. The story tells the story of the rich and the poor of the Kazakh people, the battle between the rich, the inability to see, conflict and conflict. Life in the Kazakh steppes played an important role in the discovery of the concept of the Kazakh concept of time, as well as traditions and customs.

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