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Просмотр «Том 3 № 57 (2016): серия " Филологические науки”» | Вестник Серия «Филологические науки»


Academic year: 2023

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An Investigation of the Role of Consciousness in Foreign Language Behavior // Studies in Second Language Acquisition. The errors in the use of adjectives in anthroponyms, functioning in the field of virtual communication, are the subject of the research of the article. The graphical errors in the game type are: indentations, which use capital letters in the middle of the word or use the smile instead of words, so that the immediate meaning can rarely be clearly seen, or other non-letter symbols and other letters of the game alphabet, most often English and different prints are used.

Al-FarabiKazNU and the Institute of Linguistics named after A. Baitursynuly LINGUISTIC IDENTITY: IN THE FORMULATION OF THE QUESTION. In this article, the concept of "linguistic identity" is examined on the basis of the definition of identity: the term which first appeared in psychoanalysis, which is becoming more and more popular in various fields of activity. If the identification of the personality, more, can be considered as a process of an identification with certain signs, then the identity, more is the result.

So, the history of the formation of each of the languages ​​under study is of great importance in terms of clarifying objective factors (historical-ethnic, administrative-territorial, demographic, etc.) and specific ethno-linguistic and other situations. The article analyzes the concept of discourse, its specific character as part of the national language space focused on a wide readership, examines the ways to implement the assessment component in modern Kazakh journals.

郭沫若 : 甲骨文字研究 · 释五十 。

Numbers have many secrets and great importance, also adjectives are one of the most interesting aspects of the language. In the study, and the definition of the phenomena and objects of the environment, the external side and the internal side of the linguistic value were used in parallel. At the level of the individual, diglossia means the simultaneous knowledge of standard Chinese and a dialect (variant).

Key words: Russian language, rhetoric, linguistics, stylistics, speech forms of communication, verbal behavior of military personnel. In the near time on the words, written thousands of years, passing from the moment of signing the monuments to the stages of construction, modernization. The orthological basis was created by the "basic orthographic rules of the Kazakh language" of 1957, which were followed by the authors.

The formation of new grammatical categories of a verb and the inclusion of new category members in already existing categories represents one of the most significant events in English history. At the same time, the issue of classification of phraseology in language is one of the controversial issues today. Therefore, phonological phenomena, their functions in the word structure and other problems give a positive influence on the scientific research of the Kazakh phonetics.

One of the remarkable abilities that native English speakers have is to correctly guess the pronunciation of new words.


Оба образа олицетворяют высшую политическую власть: один – король, другой – хан ханов

But the definition of the hero functions is considered an important point in folklore. In the epics, according to the historical era, the image of the enemy Batyr is presented as mythical creatures and real characters. The article deals with the problems of the peoples, land issues in relation to the idea of ​​«Mangilik el».

1 Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai, Almaty, Kazakhstan HUMANISTIC IDEAS IN ABAI'S WORKS AND QUR'AN TEXTS. From the point of view of the philosophical scientific problem, alienation is seen only in one aspect. The problem of the appearance of alienation in artistic works is seen in the article as one of the tools of existentialism.

The child in the baby's link in the baby, at the end of his life falls into the cradle of the earth. The literary heritage of the poet amazed not only the East, but also the Western world. The European scholars began to study the creative activity of the poet since the 19th century.

The services of the Indian orientalist are great in the study of the creative activity of Khagani in the sources written in English. Although Khagani lived in the magnificent palace of the sovereign, his spirit was far from that terrible environment. He writes: "The genre of qasida reached its highest peak in the classical literature of the East in the creative activity of Anvari (әnvәri) from Khorasan and Khagani from the Caucasus" [5, 569].

In the poem, he describes the current poor condition of the mansion of Anushiravan (әnuşirәvan) and Khosrov Parviz (Xosrov Pәrviz). It is necessary to note especially the activity of Hadi Hassan, an Indian scholar, in the study of the creative activity of Khagani Shirvani in the sources written in English. He analyzed both the creative activity of Khagani and Falaki (Fәlәki), a contemporary of the latter.

He gives extensive information about the life and creative activity of Khagani and about Shirvan, the poet's hometown. In this regard, there are the episodes in the work, which are associated with the child's flattery against divine forces.

МРНТИ 17.07.41


1Institute of Folklore National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan ADOPTION LAW IN AZERBAIJAN EPOS "KOROGLU". The genetic roots of an image Eyvaz in the epic "Koroglu" are examined in the article. In the given article, the main attention is paid to the question of ceremonialism connected with the motif of adoption in the epic “Koroglu”, and also to the relation of an image Eyvaz to these ceremonies.

Epic felt the need to have some support for yourself as a person, and this fact is embodied in the form of sister, brother, son or a trusted friend. To expand the main idea of ​​the article, analyzes of Magauin's heroes «Tazyyn olìmy» are given. Altinbayev, where the problems of historical chronicles are raised, their etymology, names of historical-literary principles of toponyms, their etymological and cognitive aspects.

Much attention is paid to oral folk art, legends, epic poems and literary heritage in the works of K.

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басқа да осы тәрізді еңбектер сияқты алғашқы ислам тарихының дереккөзі ретінде де, оны жасаушы Мұхамед пайғамбардың дәуірі мен

Автор полностью обосновал и получил на основе критического анализа состояние и тенденции правовой культуры Казахстана. Показывая тенденции правовой

еліміздегі жоғары ұлтаралық қарым-қатынас мəдениетінің көрінісі болып табылады. Қазақстанда қазір 140 ұлттар мен ұлыстардың, ұлттық пен этникалық

Қазіргі кезде оның зерттеу нысандары айқындалып, тілдік жүйе мен тілдік ҽрекет барысындағы мҽтін құру заңдылықтары, мҽтіннің негізгі текстік бірліктері мен мҽтін категориялары

О баста-ақ тоқсан торапты, қырық шиырлы адам мінезі мен құлқы, оның пейілі мен пиғылы арқылы ҽлеуметтік ҿмірдің қатпар-қатпар астарларына үңіліп келе жатқан жазушы бұл фельетондарында

Хабарламалық жҽне ҽсер ету функциясының ҿзара ортақ қызмет бірлігінен сҿздің экспрессивтігі жҽне стандартты сҿз үлгілері публицистикалық стильдің негізгі стильдік базасын құрайды, оның

Kazakh National Pedagogical National University named after Abai BULLETIN «Bulletin KazNPU named after Abai» Series «Рhilological sciences» №268, 2019 Editor in chief

ISSN 1728-7804 Абай атындағы Қазақ ұлттық педагогикалық университеті Казахский национальный педагогический университет имени Абая Kazakh National Pedagogical University after Abai