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Просмотр «Том 2 № 56 (2016): серия " Филологические науки”» | Вестник Серия «Филологические науки»


Academic year: 2023

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Language - is the result of centuries of work, the heritage of the people, a national treasure. This article is devoted to the study of the relationship between social and cognitive aspects of business discourse. For the successful implementation of business communication, it is necessary to acquire not only the mastery of the language system, but also a.

The trends of teaching Kazakh language will be determined by the analysis of the best domestic traditions and world experience. KazNPU Abay acting associate professor of the department of the Kazakh language and literature, candidate of philological sciences. Phraseological units of the Kazakh language are the category equivalent to phraseological units of system of world languages.

Idiom of the Kazakh language of the language and the linguistic nature of the content is much researched topic. The article discusses the status of the Russian language on the territory of modern Kazakhstan. Of course, cultural and historical processes primarily influence the lexical structure of the Russian language in Kazakhstan.

The article reflects the main purpose of the speech – communication as an important part of professional educational activity.


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Отличительные жанровые особенности

Folkloric elements give the story an artistic perspective, deepen the philosophical content of the prose and contain moral and ethical questions. Every direction in the art of passing time is subject to qualitative changes, changes as a result of development, fiction is together with the development and quality of ideas in the process of developing form. Kazakh prose in the genre of stories and tales after independence showed that it has literary products of the thematic-ideological aspect in its depth and aesthetics.

The article deals with the part of the story and the story that drew attention, because they told about the transitional period when the society went through difficult times, when changes and innovations were attacked from all sides. A study of the concept of human nature, existing in literature, contributes to understanding the causes of a lack of morality and spirituality become relevant today. This function makes adjustments to the further development and deployment of the internal laws of the artistic image.

Keywords: author's conception of the nature of a historical figure, artistic image, image principle. Ancient Turkish culture is one of the most important stimulating events in the development of many civilizations. In this article, the philosophical thinking of Abay Kunanbayev's "Words of Teaching" is studied in a comparative aspect with the Turkish verse collection "Yrk-bitig - The Book of Divination of the Future", with the priestly work "Avesta".

The poem "Gaisha bibi" originates from the history of the Turks and its comprehensive life of the people has its own weight. At the beginning of the poem "Snake Song", the poet blogged about the family of snake life that exists in the life of the Talas area. Key words: dialogue, character, monologue, the end of the story, the story, of the villains, folklore custom.

National cognition in the novels and short stories by Dulat Isabekov is projected from the peculiarities of national mentality, national consciousness, sense of nation and the language of the Kazakh nation. In his works, Dulat Isabekov singles out the transformations and violation of national consciousness that Kazakh society has undergone, highlighting them as current problems. Dulat Isabekov skilfully describes the internal psychological world of the characters through the presentation of their emotions, such as laughter and lamentation.

Мир установлен на рогах быка

Бык является первым предком, культурным героем, космогоническим началом

При поломке первого рога быка происходит космическая катастрофа

Поломкой второго рога настанет конец существованию космоса, наступит конец света

Жизнь быка связана с Аллахом

С завершением срока, установленного Аллахом, космос сменится хаосом

Бык представляет собой первичный космогонический элемент

Бык является самим первичным началом

Бык - творческое начало

Удерживание быком мира на своих рогах представляет собой космогоническую периодичность

The characteristic of irony in the form of laughter, in the form of natural images and knowledge related to the nature of the subject. The irony of the phenomenon reflects the discrepancy between subjective and objective understanding of the situation. Ironically subject, which is based on any of the objects and phenomena usually the goal.

The history of our people in literary reflection is an important aspect of research so far. This article discusses the work of one of the great poets of Zhetysu - Koidym Darubaykyzy. The debates (aites) between the poet, skilled orator Tanzharyk and Koidym are considered one of the best.

Archetype of the wolf and the dog in the novel "Kazakh erotic novel" by B.M. Blue Wolf» and so the author relies on the myth of the origin of the Kazakhs. The article is written about the history of the writing of Askar Suleymenov, who entered the literature in the second half of the twentieth century.

In his philosophical prose is supported and the beauty of the sincerity of opeal of our people on the opening. The literary point of view and critical look of author's appearance, depth and accuracy of thoughts of the work. Based on that, in the research, using poetic lines of the poems that appear in games, we called this type of poems as game poetry.

World famous for its antiquity found in literature of the type known as Cyclops and Chaos representing invincible enemy. The epic story of ancient ethnic history in the form of the information it carries, the very idea is located in ancient times. Tales including 'Cyclops', 'Kellegoz', 'The King's Son' and others have motifs with the image of the Cyclops.

2nd course master of the 6M021400 chair of Kazakh language and literature, of the philological institute aklima.saparova@mail.ru. PGD ​​​​of pedagogical sciences, head teacher the chairman of Kazakh language and literature, of the philological institute of KazakhNPU named after Abay, alpisbai@mail.ru.


2. The artistic point of view, the content of the metaphor to discuss the use of the method of the poet's skill. At the same time, in literary examples of metaphors taken from thoughts of scientists such as by Kazhym Zhumaliev and Zeinolla Kabdollov, the conclusions of the scientists were also analyzed.

The epic of the soul of the general metaphor of the hero's character and shows examples of use to open relationships with others will be analyzed. Kazakh State Women's Pedagogical University, undergraduate of 2nd year Conceptualization of metaphors in the Kazakh language. This article describes some of the problems involved in considering literary works from the perspective of pragmatics and lingo-poetics.

Background knowledge of the reader plays a very important role in the perception of a literary text. The artwork creates several associations in the reader's mind, which are defined as the text itself and the reading experience. The article analyzes the scientific and methodological works that A.Konyratbayeva considered research on the development of training programs.

However, the basic principles of the study of poetry in high school organize the teaching materials for the curriculum proposed by the scholar and the instructor. Thus, it should be emphasized that teaching methodology has a special place as the basis for building a traditional system in the teaching of literature. The development of creative abilities of younger students as an important condition for the implementation of a competent approach in the educational process of elementary school.

The article analyzes the system of tasks used in Kazakh language lessons, it is essential to maximize the development of creative and communicative potential of younger students. The use of students' competence and activity in Kazakh language lessons is aimed at forming the active position of uchaschihsya. Effektivnaya organization of creative activity in Kazakh language lessons contributes to the comprehensive development of the youngest school student. . Of particular importance in the formation and development of creative abilities of the person who takes Kazakh language lessons in primary school, which ryh students are given the opportunity to create their own products, to independently solve the problem.

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