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Academic year: 2023

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Second, the present authors investigated translation features of personal and animal names in the Japanese and Russian translation versions of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. If the meaning of the referent in the ST and TT is unclear, one cannot apply to these three procedures. This study showed the RT's words in the Cyrillic characters and the Japanese characters in the JT in capital Latin characters.

According to the translation procedures suggested by Davies (2003), this paper has categorized personal and animal names in the work. Current searchers did not find Save (copy) and Create in translation procedures. Paws and Tufty again.” In example (11), the given name Oliver was deleted in JT.

However, the name in the RT showed the Russian basic sequence "first name + last name" and was not interrupted. Regarding example (21), what was the surname or first name in the name Arsenius Jigger. In the JT part, the percentages of the translation procedures other than Conservation were relatively low.

Second, the present researchers compared the translation procedures of personal and animal names in JT and RT of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

Table 1 – Book titles and the authors in the ET and RT
Table 1 – Book titles and the authors in the ET and RT

Deverbal Suffixes

Suffix Yakut, Altay, Ga-gauz fi Turkish Turkish irraa kan hafe loqoda Turkii hunda keessatti jechuun ni danda’ama (Serebrennikov-Gadjiev to 2011: 98). Fufichi {-ĠAn}:, fufiin kun kan xumura maqaa gocha ta’e, maqaa dhaabbataa gocha tokko tokko irraa argate. Akar akkas jechuun ibsa, "Oghuz Turkish keessatti, duubni hojii maqaa gocha akka -An jalqaba xumuraa irratti / g / dhabamsiisuudhaan fudhata, jechoota tokko tokkoon (kan akka "hojjetaa cimaa", yeroo tokko tokko "cimaa", dövüşken." "lola" ..) fufiin gara bifa -Gan karaa semi-stereotype " (Akar.

Suffix {-ĜUçI}: Suffix kun, kan Turkii durii irraa eegalee bal’inaan itti fayyadamaa ture, maqaawwan ogummaa fi hojii agarsiisan argamsiisa. ĘU} kan deriva-.

Regarding the stereotyping of the suffix, Korkmaz said that this suffix, like the suffixes of -mak / -mek and -ma / -me which essentially derive movement and occupational names from verbs, lost its main feature by using ste-. It is remarkable that in the text we examined, the suffix {+mAn} indicating comparison as agglutinated with adjectives (aḳmen, ḳaraman), and the suffix {+sIzIn} deriving adverbs (iḳrārsızın) are completely absent. rarely used.




Many of them were published as periodicals, as well as in the book editions of the time. Materials for the history of the expeditions of the Academy of Sciences in XVIII-XIX centuries (1940) M.: L.: 1940. in Russian) Kazakhstan's past in sources and materials (1936) Sat. Thus, the leading question is "where are the inevitable contradictions and incompatibilities between the interests of China and other countries?", whereby the present analysis focuses on the possible and likely environmental implications and consequences of the BRI in the world.

Nevertheless, the authors of this paper argue that the project has important implications for the development of the policies of the countries involved in the BRI, as well as for international relations research. But where are the inevitable contradictions and incompatibility of the interests of China and other countries. It seemed like a brilliant idea to use some of the foreign stock exchanges to invest in infrastructure.

Chinese experts draw a direct link between achieving a dominant position over Eurasia and the reshaping of the world order. And the consideration of the CSTO is interesting insofar as it is a (hardly known in the West) Russia-led military alliance of seven former Soviet republics. Could China one day (too) wish to "export" not only goods but also its political system to other parts of the world via the BRI.

The continued volatile situation in many parts of the Middle East could also impact BRI's projects in the region. The emergence of the coronavirus has, at least according to the prevailing view in Western Europe, dealt a severe blow to the belief in the 'predictability' of the world, which ultimately gave rise to the BRI. However, attempts have of course been made to make serious estimates of the size of the loans granted.

During this period, the debt increased from 135 percent of GDP to at least 235 percent (some sources cite an even stronger increase and put the total debt at almost three times the annual economic output) [Heribert Dieter, 2019]. However, in the opinion of the authors of this paper, this could be done much earlier. Revised and approved at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China on October 24, 2017.





Artistic representation of the concept of 'Eternal Nation' in the novel 'Mangitas' by Tursunkhan Zakenuly // Bilig. Artistic representation of the concept of 'Eternal Nation' in the novel 'Mangitas' by Tursunkhan Zakenuly // Bilig. Military linguistic and cultural components in the national clothes of the Kazakh and Turkic peoples.

Historiographical overview of the intellectual life of Iran at the end of the ix-first half of the xx century. The first Enlightenment ideas contributed to the process of 'mastering' the European achievements of the intelligentsia. In this work we clearly see Iran's role in the political arena of that time.

Many scholars have also studied the influence of the Russian Empire in the region concerned. The process of forming nationalist ideas in Iran began in the nineteenth century. The study of the period in this form indicates a new direction of research in the field of Kazakh Iranian studies.

The work offers an analysis of the events of that period in the form of a research work in a new era. In this article, the author examines the process of the constitutional movement in the country. Spiritual criticism in ancient China had its origins in the pre-Qin era and the period of the Two Han Dynasties.

Berdyaev N.A. (1946) The Russian Idea: The Main Problems of Russian Thought in the 19th Century and the Beginning of the 20th Century, St. She is a successful and exemplary individual of the Kyrgyz woman type in the Soviet environment. Düyşen is an idealist and a socialist teacher who is the representative of the Soviet regime in the novel.

Another educational problem in the novel is the negative attitude of the Kyrgyz people towards education. In the novel My first teacher, the inadequacy of the physical conditions is clearly expressed.




The international campuses' role in higher education in the UAE. tion may teach at the partner's institution as part of their workload. This was the first time that all residents of the UAE had access to free public higher education (Gaad, 2001). Five federal public higher education institutions in the UAE are recorded in Table 1. Consultants from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and France played. a significant role in the reform of higher education in the UAE.

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR) was established in 1992 with the specific mandate to make higher education policy (Sheila, 2009). In the mid-1990s, the UAE Ministry of Higher Education introduced a Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA), which licenses and accredits foreign educational institutions. Private higher education institutions in the UAE are required to be licensed by the CAA and then have each of its programs individually accredited, as previously mentioned.

In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, there was a high demand in the Middle East for American-style higher education (rather than on US campuses) and. Expatriate academic staff in the United Arab Emirates: The nature of their work experiences in higher education institutions. Hawawini, Gabriel, The Internationalization of Higher Education Institutions: A Critical Review and a Radical Proposal (4 November 2011).

A study of the Higher Education Sector of the United Arab Emirates in the light of the Dubai Strategic Objectives”, Journal of Economic and Administrative Sciences, Vol. Quality in cross-border higher education and challenges for the internationalization of national quality assurance agencies in the Asia-Pacific region: the Taiwanese experience', Studies in Higher Education, Vol. Higher education in the United Arab Emirates The University of the United Arab Emirates and its development.

Maytha Al-Ali, The Development of the UAE Federal Higher Education System Key Characteristics and Impacts. Internationalization of the Higher Education System: An Interpretive Analysis." International Journal of Educational Management (2018). Sheila M., Burden-Leahy "Globalization and Education in the Postcolonial World: The Conundrum of the Higher Education System in the United Arab Emirates." Comparative Education 45, no.

Table 1 – Federal universities of the UAE
Table 1 – Federal universities of the UAE


Table 1 – Book titles and the authors in the ET and RT
Figure 1 – Percentages of the translation procedures in the JT and RT
Table 1 – Federal universities of the UAE
Table 2 – non-nationals of the UAEU’s academic staff.

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