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Academic year: 2023



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Абай атындағы Қазақ ұлттық педагогикалық университеті, 2022 жыл Қазақстан Республикасы Мәдениет және ақпарат министрлігінде 2009 жылғы мамырда Қазақстан Республикасындағы газеттердің экономикалық дискурсының қоғамдық пікірді қалыптастырудағы маңызының дәрежесі. Қазақстан Республикасында қолданбалы бакалаврға арналған білім беру бағдарламаларын құру туралы.

THE GRADE OF THE ECONOMIC CONFIDENCE OF THE NEWSPAPERS OF THE REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN IN THE FORMATION OF. The relevance of the research is determined by the need to improve the economic knowledge of the population and economic communication and, consequently, to study the specifics of discursive practices captured in the economic media text. In this way we can form full axiological guidelines in the economic field as a whole, including the aspect of the process of deprivation, and on that basis form a fragment of the world's value picture.

Since redundant semantics basically contains a negative connotation, and the reader who perceives the economic event presented introduces it in a certain social context, it seems necessary to study the readership's perception of statements with redundant semantics. This can help to improve the content and formal means used, as well as methods of presenting economic information in newspapers.




Zhyrau6, acting on behalf of the people in the Khan's headquarters, enters the arena due to a new phase in the development of society. 7 Tolgau – philosophical and didactic genre in folklore and individual creativity among the Kazakhs, Karakalpaks and. It contains the memory of the people and the source of its songs, music and melodies.

Folk song is genetically at the core of the development of poetry as an aesthetic phenomenon. The dotted line of marked key images in the poem "Dala danyshpany" ("Genius of the steppe") can be attributed to sublime poetry: "dala - olen - Abai" ("steppe - poetry - Abai"). This line completes the unnamed but fundamental image of the singer Korkyt, whose metonymic substitute is kobyz.

Become a nightingale inspired by the golden steppe, be the sword in the scabbard of the motherland, keep the word that shines forever. The image of the sword correlates with both the poet and poetry, as a poetic word can sparkle and be as sharp as a sword. It is no coincidence that Makataev's husband (he, a lover) appears in the image of a rainstorm, the archetype of the male principle and vitality.

The origin of the comparison method is in folklore, it is also found in the East (it is not for nothing that the names of Laila and Majnun from Navoi's poem appear in the last stanzas of the poem) and Western European poetry. At the end of the poem, the lyrical hero exclaimed «Senin asem musininde sozben kalai tausamyn?!» («Will I find words to describe how beautiful you have become?!»), once again resorts to the language of nature, and calls her beloved «Appak kusym» («My white bird»). Archetypally, the bird, personifying the feminine principle, was a symbol of the soul and was identified with the highest wisdom.

Another ancestor of the Kazakhs, Alataila Anshibai, also married two beautiful fairy girls who appeared to people in the form of swans» [5, 170]. In the course of the analysis of poems with a mythopoetic component, we had the opportunity to make sure that the image of the steppe is one of the frequent symbols in his poetry. The bow above the child's head was like the dome of the holy sky.

Thanks to the works of the famous Kazakh scientist, we have made another important step in the interpretation of M. The article also scientifically evaluates the influence of the works of Erasmus of Rotterdam on the later medieval literature.


Currently, in the context of the modernization of education in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the problem of developing educational programs for the applied bachelor's degree is becoming very urgent. The article discusses the problem of creating and implementing educational programs for the applied bachelor's degree taking into account the modern requirements of the labor market for the training of specialists, proves the need to develop their theoretical and methodological bases, analyzes the issues of the regulatory framework for the support of the degree applied bachelor in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Based on the analysis of regulatory documents and the study of foreign experience in the implementation of educational programs for the applied bachelor's degree on the example of different countries, the possibilities of their implementation and successful operation in the Republic of Kazakhstan are considered.

According to the authors, one of the ways to implement the investigated problem is the development and implementation of a scientific project carried out within the framework of the competition for grant funding from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The paper highlights the possibilities of implementation by scientists of universities of a scientific project on the topic "Theoretical and methodological basis of design of educational programs for applied bachelor's degree for TVE organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan" on the basis of the Higher Pedagogical College named after B. Akhmetov in order to develop a model of the educational program of applied bachelor's degree, will contribute to the introduction of these programs in the educational process of modern Kazakhstan.

In conclusion, the authors concluded that the results of the research carried out in the framework of the project and the obtained experimental data will significantly contribute to the modernization of teacher education in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Key words: diploma, applied diploma, educational program of applied diploma, modernization of education, reform of education, educational program model. 2 UNESCO 2012: Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET).http://www.unesco.org/new/en/education/themes/education-building-blocks/technical-vocational-education-and-training-tvet/ .

7 Государственный общеобязательный стандарт послесреднего образования //О внесении изменений в приказ Министра образования и науки Республики Казахстан от 31 октября 2018 года № 604 «Об утверждении государственных общеобязательных стандартов образования на всех уровнях образования ". Влияние экономических спадов на ученичество и начальное обучение на рабочем месте: обзор фактических данных//Журнал эмпирических исследований в области профессионального образования и обучения. Теоретическая модель развития информационной грамотности среди студентов, обучающихся по факультативным курсам//Международный журнал Экологическое и научное образование, /Жумашева А., Жумабаева З., Сакенов Ж., Ведилина Е., Жаксылыкова Н., Секенова Б.

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Theoretical model of information competence development of students enrolled in elective courses //International Journal of Environmental & Science Education, 11(18). Methodological recommendations for the development and implementation of educational programs for an applied diploma ]//NAO «Holding.

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Сондықтан теориялық талдаулар негізі педагогикалық жоғары оқу орындарының алдына қазіргі заманғы отбасы мәселесі, ондағы адамгершілік құндылықтар, Қазақстандағы ұлттық білім беру