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9/135 2013


Academic year: 2023

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The development of primary health care is a key direction of improving the accessibility, quality and effectiveness of health care services. The medical services offered to outpatients at the polyclinic led to an increase in indicators and a decrease in the stimulating component.

  • Масштабы и причины нарушений зрения и со- стояние офтальмологической службы
  • Численность специалистов по глазным болез- ням
  • Коэффициент операций по удалению ката- ракты
  • Масштабы и причины нарушений зрения и состояние офтальмологической службы

По данным официальной статистики (Статистическая сводка «Здоровье населения Республики Казахстан и деятельность организаций здравоохранения в 2011 году»), в динамике численность врачей-офтальмологов, занятых в системе здравоохранения, постепенно снижается с 1293 человек в 2010 году. городских управлений здравоохранения - фактически для обеспечения выделено всего 923,25 должности врачей-офтальмологов, что составляет 74% от расчетной численности врачей-офтальмологов, созданной приказом МЗ РК № 10. 238 от 04.07.10.


Universal access to eye health”, where for each of the tasks of developing implementation indicators. Key words: ophthalmology of Kazakhstan, WHO plan, blindness and visual impairment, implementation indicators, direction of development.

The most important indicators for assessing ophthalmological services at national level are: the prevalence and causes of visual impairment, the number of specialists in ophthalmology and cataract surgery activity. As part of the Global Action Plan in Kazakhstan, the highest priority areas are: personnel, information and eye care, health and social care for the visually impaired.

The calculation of the efficiency coefficient of the operative birth revealed the low efficiency of caesarean section in Almaty and the groundlessness of its growth in incidence. The aim of the study was to determine the incidence of CS in Almaty for both the relationship between this rate and the level of perinatal mortality; to calculate the efficiency coefficient of caesarean section (ECCS) in the dynamics of that period (3).

РепРодуКтивная Медицина

The data on the incidence of CS and perinatal mortality (PNM) were taken from the reference book of the indicators of female population health in the Republic of Kazakhstan (5), ECCS. Key words: the incidence of caesarean section, the perinatal mortality, the efficiency coefficient of caesarean section.

AGE-RELATED DYNAMICS IN THE CHANGES OF RELATIONSHIPS In the Layer V "neuron-glIA-capillary" system in the superior frontal gyri of the human brain. The paper summarizes the data obtained as a result of statistical analysis of the neuronal glial capillary index by sex and age based on its own clinical material.

Ultrasound diagnosis is a highly effective and promising method in the diagnosis of post-traumatic false aneurysms of the arteries of the iliofemoral segment. Treatment of both symptomatic and asymptomatic false aneurysms of the arteries is necessary. The aim of the work was to assess the possibility of the ultrasound method in the diagnosis and treatment of false aneurysms.

The excision of aneurysm of the external iliac and common femoral artery on the right, with selective aortography. Keywords: post-traumatic false aneurysm of the arteries of the iliofemoral segment, extensive ultrasound examination, lower limb ischemia, stenting.


Effects of intensive blood pressure lowering and low-dose aspirin in hypertensive patients: main results of the randomized trial of optimal hypertension treatment (HOT) // Lancet.



Pulmonary artery pressure in patients with COPD II. Systolic blood pressure levels after three months of complex treatment were reduced by 18.13% and diastolic blood pressure by 23.41% in stage patients. II COPD, although the level of systolic blood pressure decreased by 17.69% and diastolic blood pressure decreased by 23.67% in II.

Complex basic and antihypertensive treatment with the ACE inhibitor - ramipril and amlodipine promotes the improvement in the pulmonary artery pressure as well as the normalization of systolic and diastolic blood pressure. The ACE inhibitor – ramipril (ramizes, Pharmac PJSC), with the evidence of its effectiveness and safety, can be widely used in the complex basic antihypertensive treatment in the comorbidity of COPD with hypertension.

ПРИ КАшле нА оСнове дАнных доКАЗАтелЬноЙ МедИЦИны

The statistical processing of the material was carried out with the method of variation statistics using the Student test. REVIEW OF THE EFFECTIVENESS OF COUGH MEDICINE PRODUCTS BASED ON EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE DATA. In a review of the literature, the issues of tactical treatment of cough syndrome were discussed, in particular, the effectiveness and safety of medicines made from plant materials commonly used in respiratory diseases in children and adults.

The research aim was to study the possibilities of reducing postoperative infectious complications of the caesarean section procedure. Results and discussion: According to the results of the ultrasound performed on the 5th day of the postoperative period, in the case of the 150 obstetric patients of the risk group who received intraoperative prophylaxis using ceftriaxone, the postoperative period over the generally without complications and only in 5 cases within the post.


The measurement of nocturia and its impact on sleep quality and quality of life in LUTS/BPH // Eur. A population-based study of the incidence and treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia among residents of Olmsted Country, Minnesota: 1987 to 1997 // J. The effectiveness of drugs in the treatment of LUTS/BPH, a study in 6 European countries // Eur.

In Kazakhstan, also in the KyzylOrda region, breast cancer is the main form of oncological disease among the female population. The aim of the study was to examine the ethnic characteristics of breast cancer incidence among women in the Kyzylorda region. The increase in breast cancer incidence among the Kazakh women in the second period compared to the first reached a statistically significant difference, according to both raw and standardized data.

In the Karmakshynsk district, according to the annual average data, a high incidence was observed. The differences in the incidence of the disease in Kazakh and Slovak women testify to the role of lifestyle factors and the characteristics of their reproductive behavior.

The high incidence in a particular area may be due to adverse environmental factors and requires further investigation. The article describes the prevalence of vulvar cancer in the regions of North and Central Kazakhstan during the last 10 years (from 2003 to 2012). In this descriptive epidemiological study of vulvar cancer, we found a considerable age distribution of the disease.

Conclusion: As a result of our study of the epidemiology of vulvar cancer in the northern and central regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, we found that there were significant age differences in the distribution of the disease - the highest incidence rate was observed in women over 70 years old . Incidence trends varied, but in most regions studied it was decreasing.

Urinary stone disease (USD), one of the most common urological diseases, affects no less than 3% of the population. In USD, the stones can be located in any part of the urinary tract, but ureteral stones are observed most often - 40. The purpose of the study was to investigate the effectiveness of the contact laser lithotripsy for ureteral stones based on our own experience.

Of the 126 attempts, ureteroscopy with contact lithotripsy was performed in 75 (60%) of cases; in doing so, the complete disintegration of concrements succeeded in most cases. The article presents an analysis of the results of the treatment of acute cystitis in women using the cefixime medication.


Классификация РА, предложенная выдающимся кардиохирургом Майклом Эллисом Де Бейки, дает анатомическое описание вариантов диссекции (рис. 1). В статье описано одно из редких внутренних заболеваний соединительной ткани, одним из клинических проявлений которого является расслаивающая аневризма аорты. Расслоение аорты является наиболее частой причиной смерти больных с синдромом Марфана.

The clinical case of sufficiently young age patient with such a dysplasia of connective tissue as Syndrome of Marphan, which is a cause of the development of aortic aneurysm. The patient was performed with the operation of Bental – De Bono with positive course of the disease, which reveals on dynamic echocardiography.

Acute respiratory distress syndrome: Physiology and new management strategies // Annual Review of Medicine: Selected Topics in the Clinical Sciences. The studies of acute parenchymal lung damage, as well as the experience gained in the large hospitals, leave no doubt about the reality of the existence of a particular form of acute respiratory failure due to primary pulmonary capillary endothelial damage, and which occurs in patients secondary to the development of various pathological processes in the respiratory system. Currently, a number of methods for monitoring the course of acute respiratory distress syndrome are proposed.

Key words: "shocked lung", acute respiratory distress syndrome, acute lung injury, acute parenchymal respiratory failure, bronchoscopy, X-ray methods.

Currently, the role of immune disorders in the pathogenesis of severe acne is well known; however, a clear understanding of the most pathogenetically significant disorders in individual parts of the immune system is lacking. Moreover, there is no evidence for their possible role in the formation of steroid hormones and prolactin. The purpose of the study was to clarify the possible correlations between the content of pathogenic significant hormones in serum and the indicators of immune response in patients with severe forms of acne.

Results: The majority of patients with severe forms of acne had low serum free testosterone (fts) in association with hyperprolactinaemia, and impaired immune status of these patients with acne was caused by pathogenetic mechanisms of acute purulent inflammation. Cortisol (C), free testosterone (dTS), prolactin (PRL) and estradiol (E2) do not play an immunoregulatory role in patients with severe acne.


The example of self-monitoring of a slow form of mastoiditis, the principles of diagnosis, treatment is carried out.

In the Republic of Kazakhstan, the incidence of births of children with cleft lip and palate (CLP) is on average 1:889. The aim of the work was to acquire and clinically apply an innovative preoperative method of orthodontic treatment of children with cleft lip and palate. The article presents the results of studies conducted in November 2012 and March 2013, which were carried out in accordance with doctoral programs and practical mastery of methods of emergency orthodontic care of children with cleft lip and palate at the Department of Dentistry of the University of Istanbul (head - Prof. Yelif Yerbay).

During this period the author conducted a comprehensive examination and treatment of 10 infants with cleft lip and palate. The summary of the results of the studies allowed the author to draw the following conclusion: children with cleft lip and palate according to the urgent indications need the palatal plate (obturator) immediately after birth and before the first feeding.


В левом верхнем углу индекс УДК

Сведения об авторе (авторах): инициалы и фамилия автора (прописными буквами); место работы (вуз или организация); город, страна (курсив)

Краткое (информативное) название статьи (прописными буквами)


Текст публикуемой статьи, состоящий из разделов: актуальность, цель исследования, материал и методы, результаты и их обсуждение, выводы

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