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Academic year: 2023

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The development of the Internet served as the starting point of the information revolution. The purpose of the study is to create an effective digital sales and promotion channel for IT services in the B2B segment. 2 to study the conditions of the formation of the modern digital space and the features of the promotion strategy in the digital environment;

The object of the study is the application of digital communications as a means of promoting the products and services of the B2B segment of the company. Returning to the essence of these phenomena, it is worth noting that St.

Key features of the B2B segment

A product that is a raw material for further processing, but also plays a major role in the positioning of the end product. On the one hand, the consumer in B2B is objectively more aware of the product than in the B2C segment, and can even act as an expert. According to marketers and PR specialists, integrated e-commerce currently plays a special role in the development of the segment.

In integrated e-business, part of the software solutions is installed in the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. This means that the connection between the business logic and the database of the embedded system is configured automatically.

Digital promotion tools and channels

Accordingly, the distinction mainly comes down to the functional features of the components of digital communication. Charlesworth, claims that checking email is one of the most common reasons people go online. The author believes that ease of use is a decisive factor for the development of the Internet economy.

The precise portrait of the digital target group and its behavior shows which channels and tools will be relevant (i.e., will match the requirements) in the context of the campaign, and which will not. The precise portrait of the digital target group and its behavior shows which channels and tools will be relevant (i.e., will match the requirements) in the context of the campaign and which will not.

Figure 1. Features of organizing online sales
Figure 1. Features of organizing online sales

Analysis of organization of digital sales channel and promotion of IT services in

Key features of the B2B segment

Sweden, Luxembourg, the Republic of Korea, Denmark, the Netherlands, Iceland, Switzerland, Japan, Norway and the United Kingdom are among the top 10 in 2021 according to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Access to Information and Communications Technology Index. Above all, the growth of telecommunication services indicates the economic development of each country and is also one of the key aspects of the social life of mankind. The products of telecommunications companies contribute to the improvement of the quality of life, the development of modern business and the effective management of the country, and the strengthening of international economic ties.

Today, the fast transfer of information is very important for every organization, every country and the country as a whole, because it is the key to the success of the globalization of the information space. The informatization of the country's citizens also leads to changes in the socio-political sphere, because now people can study at a distance, pay for various services online, get access to interactive television, as well as negotiate, correspond and hold conferences in different parts of the world. Holy. The telecommunications industry therefore performs an important state function, helping to manage the entire structure of the country and controlling the political and economic life of the country.

Most countries in the world have recognized that the best way to benefit from information and communication technologies is to provide telecommunications services in a competitive market. Liberalization is also driven by future membership in the World Trade Organization, which obliges its members to create a competitive environment in this sector of the economy. In Kazakhstan, liberalization began in 2004, when the new Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Communications" and a number of other legal acts were adopted, which determined the further development of the telecommunications sector.

To implement this priority, the main tasks for the future have been defined, one of which was to ensure the development of the sector through the introduction of new technologies and liberalization of the communications market. Thus, the conditions for the development of a real competitive environment in the telecommunications services market were created legislatively, and the exclusive right of JSC Kazakhtelecom as a “national operator” was excluded. Because the B2B audience is much smaller than the B2C audience and the competition is comparable, it is necessary to turn every website visitor into a user through in-site marketing and to work on loyalty during further communication through personalized offers and work on the quality of products and service provided.

Figure 2 - Stages of development of information and communication technologies of the  Republic of Kazakhstan
Figure 2 - Stages of development of information and communication technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Ismet.kz in the telecommunications market

It should be noted that the company is also engaged in offline promotion using road shows, that is, it organizes events aimed at entrepreneurs in different regions of Kazakhstan. The creators of the company's new innovative product believe that, with its uniqueness and functionality, it has the potential to significantly increase the company's sales. However, it is also important to consider the changing customer perception of the company's product.

A survey among Ismet.kz customers showed that the mandatory features are at an average level compared to other companies in the market in this industry. The company does nothing special to develop these features, but focuses solely on its uniqueness. And then in the long run the complexity of the 'attractive' features will increase.

Therefore, it is clear that Ismet.kz products have a future due to the company's innovative ideas. The financial analysis shows that the company is currently solvent and is not at risk of insolvency. Based on the company's financial analysis, appropriate decisions can be made about possible sales volumes, future investments and the estimated amount of necessary funds.

Decisions about projected sales, production plan, marketing, motivation and hiring depend on the financial position of the firm. An analysis of the characteristics of the product output indicates that the firm's innovative products are competitive. Kano's model suggests that customers will be loyal because of the novelty of the product and the response to customer loyalty expectations.

Figure 3 Attractive qualities in the Kano model
Figure 3 Attractive qualities in the Kano model

Study of the company's current customer acquisition and retention strategy

To meet the ever-changing needs of customers, Ismet.kz has developed a strategic partner program. Depending on the level of participation, Ismet.kz is ready to assist with qualification, testing, integration, cataloging, marketing and solution implementation. Activities in trending niches of the telecommunications industry (5G, virtualization, operating system and enterprise systems support).

Based on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and potential threats listed above, let's design possible development strategies for Ismet.kz. Having examined the internal factors of Ismet.kz, we must now move on to an analysis of the external market environment, which has a strong impact on the firm's position. We will now continue directly with the examination of the firm's position and development strategy.

In Figure 6 we can observe the level of different factors affecting the threat of new entrants to the market for Ismet.kz. In Figure 7, we can observe the strength of the influence of customers' market power factors on Ismet.kz in the area of ​​information security. Raise awareness of the company, follow the offers of customers Source: developed by the author.

The target audience and the price of the new product were determined by the company's marketing specialists. In the sales management department, managers are divided according to the territory and complexity of the order. The sales manager at Ismet.kz is responsible for managing employees as well as for supervising the entire sales process.

Figure 6 Threat of emergence of new players for Ismet.kz
Figure 6 Threat of emergence of new players for Ismet.kz

Survey of consumer preferences

Managers for Almaty should be divided according to the type of customer: regular or new customer. This should be the most experienced member of the department and will have more responsibility than others. 75% correctly interpret the wording: “Portal for SMEs in Kazakhstan”, or only one respondent could name all types of services on the portal.

Respondents have little knowledge of the options for getting advice (24%) and buying an IT solution to run a business (30%). There is a service for each group's request, and it is convenient for users to navigate the services according to the type of their business. One respondent noted an abundance of information and was unable to highlight the most important services for himself on the website.

Based on the above data, it is worth considering the need to separate groups of users at the very beginning of the main page. Beginner entrepreneurs should be directed to one section of the website or the main page, and existing entrepreneurs should be divided by type of activity. Some respondents pointed to the lack of photos, screenshots and video analysis of the platform's work.

One respondent expressed the opinion that it should be possible to choose the method of registration, as a mobile phone will be more suitable for part of the adult audience. For promotion, it is worth showing users the availability of these services on the portal. However, the main page does not leave a holistic perception of the platform, for some respondents the information on the main page is "noisy, they are more used to minimalistic design".

Development of a set of measures to create an effective digital channel for sales

Prospective directions of digital sales channel development in b2b business Ismet.kz

Development of a set of measures to create an effective digital channel for sales and promotion of IT services in the B2B segment: the case of Ismet.kz». Professional execution of sales system functions by the staff in accordance with the details of Ismet.kz products; 2. The purpose of the organizational project is to improve business processes for the promotion of Ismet.kz's IT services based on customer relations.

Formation of a working group 16 1.5 The team at Ismet.kz Consistent introduction to practice 16 12 The team at Ismet.kz. Ismet.kz selective (selective) sales channel involves limiting the number of sales intermediaries and is effective, but it is necessary to develop the effectiveness of customer relations and increase the level of customer focus of the company. Ismet.kz has focused its competitive efforts on providing a full range of services to its customers.

Ismet.kz has focused its competitive efforts on offering a full range of services to its customers and positioning itself in the market as a universal supplier. The ultimate goal of the development of information and marketing interaction in the Ismet.kz sales channel, quantitatively expressed, is to increase income by increasing sales due to the advertising impact on the target audience. Digital Kazakhstan p.24 "Goals, objectives, target indicators and performance indicators of the program" https://digitalkz.kz/o-programme/.

Figure 12    Sales channel formation options
Figure 12 Sales channel formation options


Figure 1. Features of organizing online sales
Figure 2 - Stages of development of information and communication technologies of the  Republic of Kazakhstan
Figure 3 Attractive qualities in the Kano model
Figure 4 Mandatory qualities in the Kano model

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