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Academic year: 2023

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Abstract of research


A Literature Review

Distance learning in Kazakhstan

Digital marketing channels

It is important to use channels where the target group for the company will be present. The most important thing is to understand the details of the effective promotion of each channel in marketing. The marketing strategy for website promotion includes the use of a combination of the following tools to increase targeted traffic: SEO promotion, contextual search and display advertising, social media advertising.

Search engine optimization is based on the semantic core: a list of the most effective search queries that potential customers use. Developing the content on the site and constantly working with the semantic core, where. The subject of the site corresponds to the subject of the advertisement, for example advertising an educational course in preparation for the IELTS exam (Fig. 1).

The display of advertisements includes segmentation of the target audience according to various parameters: country, gender, age, interests, visited Internet sources, etc.

Online education

Sales channels

Theoretical approaches to creating an effective digital promotion and sales

Market size

Unified State Exam: the procedure for conducting

Unfortunately, in accordance with the curriculum of basic education, only two hours a week are allocated for the study of subjects in the final degree, which does not allow solving a large number of tasks. In addition, the wording of exam questions often differs from the tasks solved in the lesson from traditional problem books. The test activities are designed not only to reproduce the learned information, but also to apply it to new settings and conditions, such as the application of rules, methods, concepts, laws,.

The profile subjects will include 20 questions with a single correct answer from five options, 10 tasks with multiple correct answers from a range of options and 5 context-based questions. At the same time, at least 5 points are required for each subject on the Unified State exam.

Target audience

Each of the schools is actively involved in the promotion of SMM, both the school as a whole and the teachers individually. High school students who will not go abroad and will apply for a state scholarship. Fears: disappointing parents, being worse than peers, not applying for a scholarship and becoming a burden to parents.

Children of this generation are more likely to suffer from insomnia and sleep deprivation, due to the long time they spend online due to high levels of anxiety and stress. As previously mentioned, the online education market is expanding quite rapidly, and the Unified State Exam preparation area is no exception. This form of learning process is very similar to regular lessons with an offline teacher, only digital technologies are used instead of textbooks;

Schools that use a mixed format of education are, as a rule, interested in reducing the burden on the teaching staff in theoretical classes that are of a lecture nature. This approach allows to increase the number of students in online classes without using the use of labor resources, as well as to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus infection. While practical classes should provide an opportunity for students to work out and consolidate specific practical skills, offline schools therefore generally continue to hold such classes in small groups.

In order to emphasize the advantages, it is necessary to compare the analogous products presented on the market - services that combine independent learning and processing of educational materials in group classes with a teacher. Services that offer the services of private tutors, such as Tutor and the like, and services that offer the option of self-study will not be covered in this section. Online schools specializing in group instruction through webinars have proven to be very effective, so there are a large number of such organizations on the market.

They are presented on various platforms, websites and social networks; many of them have constructive reviews.

Promotion strategy

The audience of social networks is very different, therefore with the right search and analysis it is quite easy to find the target group for the product. This is due to many factors, for example, the emergence of new promotional platforms, with a decrease in the effect of using certain tools due to consumers' habituation to them, etc. This study looked at the experience of SMM promotion from the online school MegaMath Online.

The group contains information about paid and free courses in which users of the social network can participate. Thus, a larger number of participants are attracted to the course, who also often become members of the community and potential consumers of future courses. The number of SMM promotion sites is growing rapidly, as the number of social networks, blogs is constantly increasing, and the number of active users consuming content and making online purchases is increasing.

There are other sites that are somewhat less common in Kazakhstan, but can also give excellent results if working with them correctly, should search for sites based on the details of the product, brand or company. To add an entry about the beginning of the course, the "promoter" function is used, which makes it possible to select the necessary characteristics of the audience that will receive an entry in their news feed. In this way, a greater number of participants are attracted to the course, who also often become community members and potential.

It has become less effective, if we compare it with the first, the audience growth was about 10%, but it was the audience of this group that was the most active, so this advertising can be considered effective. High-quality content plays an important role in promotion and influences the audience's loyalty and trust in the project and its creators. A great tool to captivate the audience and attract their attention to paid courses were free course games, the winner of which received real prizes.

Statistics on game registration coverage (targeted advertising was active) and regular registration are shown in figure 7. Consumers had the opportunity to try the school's products for free, to be sure of their quality, the competence of the organizers, and the discount motivated them to continue working on their knowledge in MegaMath Online.

Trust-based marketing

Therefore, mailing lists are another great tool for increasing audience loyalty to products, as well as increasing sales. Therefore, the tools for promoting VKontakte are high quality and regular content, advertising in communities, targeted advertising, mailing lists and free courses that precede prepaid courses. Commentary and expert opinion in specialized journals or media create a positive vision of the company in digital.

As well as media publications increase the reach of the target audience and bring traffic in the long term, and it can be a free promotional channel. However, to appear in the media for free, must have interesting content and well-structured communication with journalists. Useful and unique material greatly increases the awareness and expertise of the company, making content marketing an effective channel to promote goods and services.

Сross-channel marketing

Analysis of students' preferences regarding online educational courses in preparation for

Analysis of students' preferences regarding online educational courses in preparation for the Unified State Exam. As shown in Figure 10, most respondents said it was important to them that the company had accounts on the social network Instagram. Figures 11 and 12 show that it is not that important for students to use the Kaspi marketplace to purchase a course, but it is important that the company has the option to purchase the course in installments.

20% prefer to study 4 to 7 times, and for the rest it doesn't matter. The average amount is 32,125 tenge that respondents are willing to spend on preparation in preparation for the Unified State Exam. In this work, the goal was set: to identify the effective promotional channel and sales channels in online education in the case of preparation for the Unified National Testing, based on the specifics of the Kazakhstani market. The analysis of the current state and prospects for the development of the industry has been carried out, the volume and capacity of the market have been determined;

A segment analysis of the consumer market of online learning of the Unified State Exam was conducted;. The results of the study of various sources and current trends in the development of the market of preparation for the Unified State Exam indicate that there is currently a trend of digitization of education and a change of approaches in training due to the epidemiological situation. And it is online education and its tools that are the means that make it possible to forget about the borders of geography and get quick access to the necessary knowledge.

The main criterion for choosing an online format remains convenience and reduced costs, and the main consumer is in the age category from 16 to 18 years with basic computer and smartphone skills. Based on the results of the analysis of the current state of the online education industry, it can be concluded that this industry is developing rapidly despite the presence of certain problems. The analysis of the target group allowed us to identify segments of the consumer market for online preparation for the Unified State exam, which is necessary for a more effective advertising campaign and the creation of targeted advertising in social networks.

The main criterion of the target audience in favor of choosing an online format remains convenience and reduced cost, and the main consumer is in the age category from 16 to 18 years old, with advanced computer skills and smartphones. Digital Marketing Toolkit: A Literature Review for Identifying Digital Marketing Channels and Platforms.

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