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Academic year: 2023

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Толық мәтін

-President of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan Sydykov Ye.B. Kazakhstan) Responsible Editor (History) Zhanbossinova A.S., Doctor of Historical Sc., Prof.,. Islamic perspective on the social catastrophes in the history of Kazakhstan (on the example of the legacy of the school "Zar zaman").

Кирбеженцы и русские эмигранты в Западном Китае

Ablazhei 1 , E.Nazemceva 2

2RI of Military History, Military Academy of the GS of the RF Armed Forces, Moskva, Rusland. Nazemtseva Elena Nikolaevna ‒ Doctor of Historical Sciences, SR, RI of Military History, Military Academy of the GS of the Russian Armed Forces, Moskva, Rusland.

Қазақ-түрік байланыстары тарихының бастапқы дереккөздері

The main purpose of this article is to determine the historical background of Kazakh-Turkish political and cultural ties. One of the important terms for the scientific reconsideration of the history of Kazakh-Turkish political and cultural relations is the value of complex scientific sources.

Исламға дейінгі «Соғыс» ұғымы және оның қазіргі таңдағы жиһадпен байланысы

  • Әлеуметтік тұрмыстық қажет- тіліктер
  • Аш көздікпен мал басын көбейту
  • Лаңкестік, қарсыластың мысын басыу
  • Кек алу, есесін қайтару
  • Зұлымдық шеккенге жәрдем беру
  • Қонаққа жасалған қорлықты қанмен жуу
  • Ар ұжданды қорғау
  • Мақтану үшін күндерге қол жеткізіп, өзгелердің абройын аяққа басып
  • Өзгелерге күшпен билік жүргізу
  • Надандық дәуіріндегі кейбір соғысқа айдап салатын түсініктер
  • Материалдық табыстарға және тұтқындарды құлдыққа салу мен арзан
  • Ақиқатқа насихаттаушылық немесе бірбеткейлік себепті діндегі алауыздық
  • Билікке талас
  • Стратегиялық маңыздылығы жоға- ры аумақтарға талас
  • Мемлекет ішіндегі және іргелес орналасқан аймақтардағы бой алған
  • Басқа елдердің ішкі саясатына және ісіне араласу
  • Әлемді билеу
  • Өмір сүру салтының әр түрлі болуы 19. Мемлекет және халықтың бірлігін
  • Мемлекеттің мұралығына көз тігу 22. Қарсылас арасындағы тепе-теңдікті
  • Мемлекеттің сыртықы шетелдік мүддені қорғау
  • Мемлекет арасындағы келісімді бұзу 25. Одақтасуға мәжбүрлеу
  • Келсімге отырған мемлекеттерді келісім-шартты бұзуға мәжбүрлеу арқылы
  • Дұшпанның болашықтағы күшінен қауәптеніп, оны күшейместен бұрын жою
  • Ел шетіндегі сепаралистік қозғалыстарды және билікті басып
  • Үйдің ішкі тазалығы: елді бүлік, бұзғыншылық, сыбайластық немесе
  • Өкілетті соғыс

The concept of "war" in the pre-Islamic period and its connection with the modern jihad. The article defines that the main goal of the concept of jihad in Islam is to guide on the right path, and it is a means that leads to this path.

Депортационная повседневность: источники и материалы (на примере Восточного Казахстана)

Based on the studied documentary sources of the Central State Archive and the Archive of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Almaty), regional archives of East Kazakhstan (Ust-Kamenogorsk, Semey, Ajaguz), where a whole layer of documents on the discussed topic is an objective picture of the everyday life of the peoples deported to the territory of East Kazakhstan : Germans, Chechens, Ingush, etc. Entire peoples who were forcibly expelled from their homes formally retained the status of full Soviet citizens, but were deprived of the right of movement and free choice of residence. The documents contained in the archive make it possible to reveal various aspects of the discussed topic, which show the daily life of special settlers: the problems and difficulties they encountered during the resettlement and settlement in the new place.

The systematization of the identified sources made it possible to determine the number and resettlement of the particular settlers, their household and work structure. Analysis of the documents showed that the placement of the special settlers in the new place was difficult, which led to negative social and demographic consequences. The situation of the deported people, despite the measures taken for household and working conditions, was difficult.

The paper provides a thorough and detailed analysis of the sources of the regional archive, which made it possible to solve the tasks set in the work and to draw appropriate conclusions based on the analysis. Poznanie sebia k voprosu o nesostoiavsheisia nemetskoi avtonomii v Kazakhstane [Self-awareness on the question of failed German autonomy in Kazakhstan.] (Al'-Farabi, Almaty, 1998, 122 p.).

Origins of Kazakhstan identity and modernization of public consciousness

And the subjects of research were citizens of many countries of the planet, all five continents. As part of the research, 72 parameters were nominated for the evaluation of non-physical and non-material criteria. Kazakhs are the fabric of society, the core of the country, that is, its supporting structure.

One of the main tasks of society is the formation of a culture of interethnic relations. The destruction of one of them is inevitably accompanied by the loss of the other. In our opinion, as the fourth substance, the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan should be added and counted among the most important component of the derived formula.

Bashmakov Anatoly Afanasyevich - Doctor of Economics, Professor, Chairman of the Department of the People's Assembly of Kazakhstan, Satpayev Street 2, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. Tuleubaev Zhanibek Zeinolla uly - master of history, senior lecturer of the Department of the People's Assembly of Kazakhstan, L.N.

Танымда логикалық және интуитивті білімнің арақатынасы

S. Zhakhina

The article examines the philosophical problems with classical logic and intuition, which is a necessary tool for the cognitive process. The role and importance of logic in the history of philosophy, the relationship between logic and intuition, their role in cognitive activity. The meaning, role and stages of creativity in the aspect of modern cognitive problems and the relationship between creativity and intuition are considered.

The inadequacy of discursive thinking in scientific problems is proven, and intuitive thinking is considered heuristic knowledge that generates new ideas. The analysis of definitions of intuition by philosophers in the history of epistemology is carried out. Logic and intuition are not seen as antipodes, but as forms of thinking that are closely related to and complementary to each other.

Zhakhina Tolkyn Serikovna – Master of Cultural Studies, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Philosophy at L.N.

Трудовая иммиграция казахов во Францию

Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Kazakhstan Kazakh labor emigration to France. This article examines the state of labor immigration of the Kazakh diaspora, as well as studies the possibilities of conditions for economic adaptation of Kazakhs in developed capitalist countries. Based on this goal, the study solves the following tasks aimed at studying the history and current situation of Kazakhs living in France, focusing on the analysis of the policy of the French government regarding workers and emigration workers over the centuries; the reasons for immigration of Kazakhs for reasons of employment in France.

Western Europe has become an attractive center for foreign workers who come here, mainly from the less developed countries of the continent, as well as from Turkey. In the last ten years, interstate migration of workers in Western Europe has grown to unprecedented proportions. Scientists believe that the active replenishment of the French labor market with cheap foreign labor from other countries is due to the convenient location of France.

Kistaubayeva Аigul Kadyrbekovna – Candidate of Historical Sciences, Head of the Department for the Study of the History of Kazakhstan. Islamic perspective on the social disasters in the history of Kazakhstan (on the example of the school's heritage.

Islamic perspective on the social cataclysms in the history of Kazakhstan (on the example of the heritage of the school

-Kazakh National University Farabi, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan 2L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.

Zar zaman”)

To correct this, we are going to focus on the bearers of the traditional mentality as represented in the group of poets of "Zar zaman". These Islamic-oriented Kazakh poets lived in the 19th and at the beginning of the 20th century. The establishment of Soviet power in the region was a decisive point in the course of the research of "Zar zaman" poetry.

In the first 20-30 years of the twentieth century, there was still no outright ban on the works of “Zar zaman”. Jumaliev and others were the ones who studied the works of the “Zar zaman” poets at that time. The rise of the literary movement 'Zar zaman' was an ideological reaction to colonialism.

The relationship of the "Zar zaman" poets to the imperial government and Russian Orthodox civilization. Zhaksylykov, the pessimistic mood in the spiritual culture of the Kazakhs had already deepened by the late Middle Ages.

Изучение научного сообщества методами этнологии

L. Pushkareva

Sorokin and others, who laid the foundation for the study of professional (including scientific) communities. The author describes the conducted studies on the everyday life of the scientific community in the conditions of the laboratory, the fixation of many actions of scientists that require additional microanalysis and explanation, the anthropologization of the study of the scientific community, the gender approach in ethnography of professions. The author considers the main task of the ethnographer of science in the study of the daily practical routine activities of the scientist, in the design of the "laboratory world" - social institutionalization of the scientific community.

The gender aspect is important in the ethnography of science, focusing on the scientist as an active social subject, on gender inequality in scientific communities (academic, university). The production of knowledge: An essay on the constructivist and contextual nature of science (Pergamon Pr, Oxford p.). Antropologiia professii [Anthropology of professions], Zhurnal sotsiologii i sotsial'noi antropologii [Journal of Sociology and Social Anthropology in Russian].

Sotsial'naia i kul'turologicheskaia istoriia nauki: novye opredeleniia, novye ob»ekty, novye prakti [Social and cultural history of science: new definitions, new objects, new practices], Voprosy istorii estestvoznaniia i tekhniki [History, science and technology]. Pushkareva Natalia Lvovna ‒ Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Chief Researcher at the Department of Ethnology and Anthropology at the RAS, Honored Scientist of Russia, Head of the Center for Gender Studies at the IEA RAS, Moscow, Russia.

Оғыз таңбалары

K. Samashev

The article discusses the marked differences and similarities of Oguz tamgs in various written sources, the synchronicity of the existence of tamgs in the Turkic world and how well the problem is studied. This indicates the existence of Turkish unity in the studied territories during the periods of expansion of the Oguz Tamgs. Submission of articles to the Office of Scientific Publications means the consent of the authors to the right of the publisher L.N.

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Ақпарат көздері


Ал Staphylococcus epidermidis керісінше қыз бала- лар арасында көктем мер зімінде басымырақ және E.Coli жаз айында ұлдар мен қыздар арасында басым

Ондағы өсетін өсімдіктер мен тіршілік ететін жануарлар арасында және оларды қоршаған айналадағы орта жағдайларының арасында да өзара тығыз

Комаровтың ой мазмұны мен тіл семантикасының арақатынасы туралы ерекше, атап айтқанда, ой бейнесінің мазмұны мен тілдік семантиканың

- Қазакстан Республикасының Сауда және интеірация министрлігі мен Қырғыз Республикасының Үкіметі жанындағы Экологиялық және техникалық қауіп- сіздік жоніндегі

Комаровтың ой мазмұны мен тіл семантикасының арақатынасы туралы ерекше, атап айтқанда, ой бейнесінің мазмұны мен тілдік семантиканың

Пaйдaлaну қaсиеттерін дамыту мен жaқсaрту және қaбырғaлық, қaптaғыш және жол құрылыс мaтериaлдaры мен бұйымдaрының, оның ішінде ұлутaс-әктaстaн жaсaлғaн

1993 жылы ТМД қатысушы тоғыз мемлекет – Әзірбайжан, Армения, Беларусь, Қазақстан, Қырғызстан, Молдова, Ресей, Тәжікстан және Өзбекстан Мәскеуде Экономикалық

PHILOLOGY Series 88 №2 127/2019 Күлтегін мен Білге қаған жазба ескерткіштерінің авторы - Иоллығ тегін.. Мына жыр жолдарынан Иоллығ тегіннің жырды жиырма күнде жазып шыққаны туралы