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Academic year: 2023

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Толық мәтін

Prof., Al-Farabi KazNU, Almaty, Kazakhstan Lebedeva Tatiana Doctor of Philology, Prof., European PR Institute, Paris, France. Gumilyov ENU, Astana, Kazakhstan Shesterkina Ludmila Doctor of Philology, Rprof., South Ural State University, Chelyabinsk, Russia Shurentayev Amangeldy RhD, L.N.

Ақпараттық билік парадигмалары

Әл-Жазира» телеарнасы материалдары негізінде)

Zhumatai, G. Uzbekova

The importance of information security in journalism, the outcome of the relationship between the government and the media, and the power of information power can be explored through the broadcast of Al Jazeera in the Arab media. In the development of the world economy and politics, information is considered a priority in comparison with other powers due to the principles of availability, neutrality and efficiency.

Әскери журналист ретінде қалыптасудың психологиялық алғы шарттары

Karekenov, A. Shurentayev

The article is about the importance of the psychological preparedness of students studying at higher education institutions for the future profession of journalist. Keywords: military journalism, preparation for military journalism, self-realization of the individual, self-realization, patriotic education, history, discipline, education.

Шерхан Мұртаза публицистикасында ұлттық мүдде мәселелері

Zhaxylykbayeva, А.Akynbekova, Bakenova Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty, Kazakhstan

No matter how you look at the work of the famous writer, publicist, journalist Sherkhan Murtaza, it is easy to see that the work of Kazakh journalism is aimed at excellence. The scholarly article presents Sherkhan's journalistic works related to the nation, the language, the country and the country in today's view. The characteristic features of journalistic reflections and articles are assessed by the formation of journalistic activity.

In the article, Sherkhan's view on modern trends towards journalistic excellence, the current social problems are based on a scientific conclusion.

Transformative processes of blogosphere and Internet journalism

All the results allow us to improve the public regulation of educational programs in the media and better protect the rights of journalists. The rise of the specialty of local news reporting is also fueling a yearning for news broadcasting to never again become part of a circle controlled solely by writers. These tendencies arise and are created based on the awareness, certainty, awareness and inclination of the individual concerned.

Kazakh writer Daniyar Sabitov argues that "residential or public news outlets of the blogosphere are today converging with its conventional perspectives, representing a new stage in the advancement of the whole friendly news outlet setup. Here large numbers of the most important public media news items are Citizen journalism is disappearing every day, as evidenced by the growing number of projects around the world and the expansion of the blogosphere.

Today we can configure the birth of a new type of media - network media.

Қазақ» және «Ақ жол» басылымдары арасындағы сабақтастық

Zh. Koigeldieva

The beginning of the twentieth century is a period in the history of the Kazakh people with the most complex social and socio-political contradictions. The beginning of the century was marked by the formation of the national intelligent people, a very important innovation in the spiritual life of Kazakh society. The purpose of the study was publications aimed at preserving the country and the integrity of the nation during the difficult period.

In the same period, the policy of the tsarist authorities on the Kazakh land was sharply criticized by the Kazakh intelligentsia. In the article, we focused on the direction of the publications "Kazakh" and "Ak Zhol", which became the basis of the Alash language. A comprehensive study of the topic the newspaper covers in society was carried out, focusing on articles published on different topics separately.

The scientific significance of the article is determined by the comparative study of published articles in the newspapers "Kazakh" and "Ak Zhol".

Ахмет Байтұрсынұлының қазақ журналистикасы мен көсемсөзінің мән-маңызын арттырудағы қызметі

In the early twentieth century, the convergence of Kazakh intellectual forces around the national press was born out of social necessity. It was the injustice and intolerable political and social situation that led them to unite and act together. Akhmet Baitursynuly is a unique and wise person who, in such a difficult time, made an invaluable contribution to the prosperity and development of national thought.

During this period, Akhmet Baitursynuly, who began to realize his own social position, faced a thorny path of selfless service to the Alash movement. At a time when the throne of the White Tsar was really shaking and the era of tsarist rule was coming to an end, Akhmet had to stop teaching for a while and chose journalism. The Alash figure set himself the task of revealing Kazakh literature, providing information and educational materials through the press, and fully analyzing the burning problems in the country.

In his artistic and journalistic articles published in newspapers and magazines in the Kazakh language, published at the beginning of the XX century, Akhmet exposed the tyranny and cruelty of the tsarist colonial system, the chauvinist policy of the Great Power in matters of land, human Rights, land, called the people to free themselves from darkness, strive for education, unite against colonial oppression.

БАҚ-тың мақсатты аудиториямен өзара әрекеттесу формалары мен әдістері

T. Markabaeva

Akhmet Baitursynov Kostanay Regional University, Kostanay, Kazakhstan Forms and methods of media interaction with the target audience. With the emergence of new communication channels, the number of information sources has also increased dramatically. A wide range of information available to a modern person, combined with the rapid and efficient development of new tools, forces us to think more about marketing and means of promoting these media sources.

The main purpose of the mass media was to attract the attention of the public and users. Master of Social Sciences, a teacher of Journalism and Communication Management Department, Kostanay Regional University, 47 Baitursynov str., Kostanay, Kazakhstan.

Деректі фильм түсірудегі техникалық және шығармашылық мүмкіндіктері

Бір ғасыр бұрын тек қимылсыз суреттер жазылды, ал 30 жыл бұрын камераның жазу уақыты 30 секунд болды. Мақалаға келесі міндеттер қойылады: деректі фильм жасаудың артықшылықтары мен кемшіліктерін анықтау, топ өкілдерінің жұмысын бағалау, техникалық жаңалықтардың шығармашылық мүмкіндіктерін анықтау, ұжым мен технологияның байланысын анықтау, сәйкестікте жаңа технологиялардың маңыздылығын анықтау. кадрлардың композициясымен және музыка үйлесімімен кино түсіруде маңызды рөл атқарады.

For a documentary film, the director and crew must pay attention to the artistic value of the content presented. In addition, the impact of the film on society and possible options must be considered. Teacher of the Department of Television and Public Relations, Faculty of Journalism and Political Sciences, L.N.

Ways of leading society to mass media literacy

After all, the future of the country is undoubtedly young people and a growing new generation. Media education is a direction in pedagogy that promotes the study of the laws of mass communication by schoolchildren. The state has taken measures to form and develop the population's media knowledge.

Within the framework of the state program «Digital Kazakhstan» we saw an increase in the level of digital literacy of the population to 83%. In our country, with the introduction of the concept of "personality", it is necessary to open the way for any person to become a person. Establish program for the opening of mass media communication of the population» with the relevant bodies and approve this program by a government decree;.

In the course of the formation of mass media education of the population, it was necessary to adopt a similar program and deal with the issue of mass training of the above-mentioned categories.

Считаете ли Вы тему достойной внимания?

The Kazakh Famine of 1930–1933 and the Politics of History in the Post-Soviet Space. Famine and genocide of the Ukrainian people" or a common tragedy of the nations of the USSR?). The topic of the famine in Kazakhstan in 1932-1933 is historically important, but it is not actively represented in the global and domestic information field.

Traditional and social media, documentaries are an information platform for identifying and discussing one of the secret phases. It is obvious that the popularity of the history of collectivization of nomads in the foreign media sphere is increasing. On the basis of a sociological survey, conclusions were made about the awareness of Kazakhs about the Holodomor.

Candidate of Philological Sciences, UNESCO Associate Professor, Department of International Journalism and Media in Society, Kazakhstan Al-Farabi National University, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Вопросы информационной безопасности при подготовке медиатекстов

International University of Information Technologies, Almaty, Kazakhstan Issues of information security in the implementation of media texts. The article deals with the issue of information literacy, which is important for the younger generation in light of the existing media risks of the modern communication environment. In the context of the existence of a democratic society, the media must pay attention to the risks that may arise when the concept of information security is implemented in the media space of the country.

Governments and countries are the most important actors involved in determining the level of danger, challenges and threats to information security, in creating a balance of power in the international space, in preserving the identity of nation states, in supporting their values, i.e. , the subjects of most components of information security, including the development of its own unique media system. Without theoretical understanding and proposing conceptual solutions, it is impossible to build a competent information policy in the twenty-first century. Candidate of Philology, Professor at the Department of Media Communications and History of Kazakhstan, International University of Information Technologies, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Political science candidate, assistant professor of the Department of Media Communication and History of Kazakhstan, International University of Information Technologies, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Состояние и перспективы взаимодействия СМИ и власти в Казахстане

Four Theories of the Press: The Authoritarian, Libertarian, Social Responsibility, and Soviet-Communist Concepts of What the Press Should Be and Do. Message from the Head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev to the People of Kazakhstan dated March 16, 2022.]. Available at: https://adilet.zan.kz/rus/docs/. Innovacionnaya zhurnalistikai vlast' v sovremennom medijom prostranstve: avtoreferat dis.

Freedom of speech and safety of journalists as current media problems in Kazakhstan. In this article, the author examines patterns of interaction between government and the media. Analyzing the existing models, the author comes to the conclusion that the Kazakh media sphere does not apply a certain model of interaction, there is a combination of features of different models.

In the following, the author points out the necessary conditions for improving the quality and content of the interaction between the media and the authorities.

Информация в газете: жанровые и языковые особенности

Конкретность и четкость. Изложение событий, происшествий и явлений основано

K. Orazymbetova

The article analyzes the lexical and stylistic features of the information genre based on the material of the Karakalpak press.

Ақпарат көздері