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Academic year: 2023

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Doctor of Arts, Chief Researcher at the Institute of Art History of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, professor (Uzbekistan). Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Scientific Forum for International Security at the Academy of Management Personnel of the Bundeswehr (Germany).




2 Sir Augustus Wollaston Franks, a famous antiquarian and, at the time, the British Museum's administrator contributed a catalog of the Japanese section. This is why a limited number of the exhibits were closed by the British Museum in 1862.

Figure 1. The Art Journal: Engravings of British  exhibits at the International Exhibition of 1862.
Figure 1. The Art Journal: Engravings of British exhibits at the International Exhibition of 1862.


One of the main problems came to light – the change of generations in the direction of the national theater. A very important aspect was examined - the development of Turkish theater and the preservation of identity in the context of globalization.

Figure 1.  A scene from the play «Zuleikha opens her eyes» of the M. Gafuri Bashkir Drama Theater
Figure 1. A scene from the play «Zuleikha opens her eyes» of the M. Gafuri Bashkir Drama Theater





In the circumstances where the main trends of the Bologna system of teacher training for the contact hour are followed, it is necessary not only to present the material, but also to consolidate it, teaching the student to apply the knowledge [ 1]. The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Education” contains an article that guarantees that “the state creates the conditions for creating the information and communication infrastructure for e-learning using information and communication technologies” [2]. In the conditions of scientific and technological progress, the role of the teacher is changing, namely helping the student navigate the world of diverse information.

Informatization of society is mentioned in the message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N as the main mechanism for the formation of competitiveness of the national economy. The presence of such problems endangers the entire process of ICT implementation and requires the development of uniform conditions for the informatization of the educational process in the country's universities, its characterization. Today this is the main socio-pedagogical task, the solution of which will significantly affect the level of economic development of the state in the future.

After approving the State Program for the Development of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2016-2019.




Р. Флорида и К. Лэндри (начало 2000 г.) формирование творческого слоя в обществе создает возможности для развития городов, в том числе на основе культуры [13, с. Статья посвящена вопросам организации и проведения фестивалей в современной городской среде. В настоящее время в современную культуру внедрены синтетические формы художественной практики, главной из которых является фестиваль.

The introduction of the festival movement into the everyday life of a modern person provides an opportunity to implement this innovative form of general interaction and mass communication with the language of art. In addition, festivals today ensure the formation and promotion of brands in cities and other regions, since the festival is directly related to the general cultural situation and local context of certain places. The purpose of the article is to describe the characteristics of the development and implementation of festivals as a tool for increasing the attractiveness of modern cities.

Arman Tokpan is a 2-year master's student of the specialty "Director of mass shows and performances" at T.K.



Последние два варианта темы становятся завершающей частью формы и исполняются по одному и тому же динамическому принципу: ре минор — р, соль минор — фа, что, на наш взгляд, уместно, поскольку является архитектурным. Комплексный анализ транскрипций и исполнительско-методические рекомендации становятся основой для углубленного понимания мысленно-образного плана, стилистических особенностей и рассмотрения тембральных преобразований и, следовательно, качества самого произведения. С момента зарождения профессионального искусства игры на баяне и по сей день существует большой спрос на транскрипции органных произведений.

As an important factor in transcription is the measure of affinity between the nature of the sound of the "original instrument". Improved design capabilities of the accordion allow you to successfully adjust the multi-layered organ texture. Techniques for swinging on the button accordion fully mimic the principles of tone shaping and reproduce the dynamic gradations of organ sound.

Key words: transcription for button accordion, organ works, invoice, tonal specificity, adaptation, modifications, techniques of sound formation.




The mentality of the people is most clearly manifested in art, culture and tradition. The nomadic artist is an exponent of the Kazakh nomadic mentality. The article presents a view of the poetic language and mentality of the nomadic artist within the framework of an interdisciplinary research paradigm, as the scientific understanding of the concept of "mentality" is at the intersection of sciences such as art history, linguistics, literary studies, cultural studies, history, philosophy and psychology. Studying the artistic and poetic works of representatives of nomadic peoples allows us to present the modern nomadic artist as a carrier of specific and uniquely coded information. Pictorial language, artistic images, symbols, concepts of the nomadic creator, which are reflected in fine and poetic art, are the main creative ways and means by which we get to know the mentality of the nomadic people, their views on the world, the surrounding reality. , society, inner nature. The inner world of the nomad is dominated by his unique connection of artistic images, meanings and symbols.

The mentality of a nomadic artist contains in a concentrated form the spiritual experience of the Kazakh nomadic people, its cultural and historical ties and potential. We observe the figurative expression of the Kazakh national mentality in the poetic and artistic creativity of our people. Aida Sarsembayeva – candidate of philological sciences, associate professor at the department «Kazakhstan history and social sciences» i.

Ainash Zhubanova – Doctor of Philology, Creative Director of the Center for Human Resource Development «Zhubanov Practice».




This article defines the place of cultural ties in Kazakhstan in the modern theatrical process. In addition, the author told about the history of the Kazakh theater that foreign directors have generally contributed to the cultural life of the country. Based on a scientific article in K. Kuanyshbayev State Academic Kazakh Music and Drama Theater conducted a deep analysis of A. Chekhov's comedy "Cherry", considered the issues of artistic level, director's decisions and acting, scenography.

Ал екі ел арасындағы мәдени көпір болып табылатын ынтымақтастықтың заманауи театр үдерісі үшін маңыздылығы мен маңызы зор екені. Түйін сөздер: Қазақ театры, мәдени байланыстар, режиссура, актерлік шеберлік, Ә.Жүргенов атындағы Қазақстан Ұлттық өнер академиясының «Театр өнерінің тарихы мен теориясы» кафедрасының оқытушысы. Ұлпан Тоқаева – Т.Жүргенов атындағы ҚР Ұлттық өнер академиясы театр өнерінің тарихы және теориясы кафедрасының оқытушысы.


So, in the work of A. 89] the results of research on the basic principles of the director's profession are described, during which a system of training and education of young theater directors was proposed. Today's practice shows that the content of the vocational training of directors-choreographers at universities is directly related to the content of their future professional activities. In turn, the content of the professional activity of the director-choreographer is constantly and dynamically changing and developing.

It should also be noted that in addition to the shortcomings in the creative orientation of the professional training of directors-choreographers, unfortunately, graduates from the faculty of. The concept of 'director' in European linguistic culture at the turn of the 19th - 20th century. Creative principles of choreographers of Soviet choreodrama (on the model of the performances of choreographers of the generations of the 1960s and 1980s).

Nikolaeva - Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of the "Choreography Direction" Department at the Faculty of T.

Figure 1. Structure of the professional readiness of the director-choreographer
Figure 1. Structure of the professional readiness of the director-choreographer





In the dances of the European program, the direction related to the dance line and the direction of the movement is important. An introduction to the methodology of teaching the new concept happened gradually and eliminated the existing problem. The introduction of the term "Standard Connection" made it possible to greatly simplify the process of mastering the program material, learning not only Latin American dances, but also other disciplines.

Testing of the application of the new concept and expression was carried out until 2015 and ended with the publication of a textbook on the methodology of teaching Latin American dances, containing its definition [5, p. Dance class from the choreographer of the show "Strictly Come Dancing" on the BBC" [13], which can be used to study the technique of performing figures, but not for advice on making connections. In conclusion, it can be noted that with the introduction of the term «Standard Connection», which is absent in official sources on the technique of performing competitive ballroom dancing, the problem of mastering the skill of creating connections between dance figures of different degrees of difficulty has been successfully solved .

The principle of connecting figures made it possible to speed up the process of studying the material and improve the quality of the developed practical skill necessary in mastering the basic technique of competitive ballroom dancing.





В 1990-2000 годах исполнил все главные партии балетного репертуара в Государственном академическом театре оперы и балета имени Абая. В данной статье автор рассматривает изложение учебно-методического пособия Дмитрия Сушкова по дуэтно-классическому танцу. Впервые в истории казахской хореографии издано пособие, рассматривающее методы и технику исполнения дуэтного танца.

The author of the book has a great performance (also as a partner of ballerinas) and pedagogical experience, which was reflected in the content of the manual. The article highlights the opinions of choreographers and teachers expressed at the presentation, as well as giving a brief description of the publication. Urazymbetov — Head of the scientific-editorial department, senior teacher at the Department of Choreography Instruction at T. Zhurgenov Kazakh National Academy of Arts, PhD in art history, choreographer at the State Academic Dance Theater of the Republic of Kazakhstan.





Figure 1. The Art Journal: Engravings of British  exhibits at the International Exhibition of 1862.
Figure 2. The building in which London 1862 International Exhibition was held. © Grace's Guide to British  Industrial History.
Figure 3. Sir Rutherford Alcock’s Japanese Court. ©  London Stereoscopic and Photographic Company,  1862.
Figure 5. William Godwin: cabinet ebonized wood with gilt  decoration in Japanese style, 1870s

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NURKATOVA Lyazzat Tolegenovna, Doctor of Social Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Almaty,

NURKATOVA Lyazzat Tolegenovna, Doctor of Social Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Almaty,

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