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Academic year: 2023

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Candidate of economic science, deputy head of the Department of International Relations and the World Economy. The international pattern is the result of the balance of power between nations over time. A striking feature of the international structure of today's world is the change in the balance of power between the East and the West.

The outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine conflict shows the instability and uncertainty in the changing world. State behavior has become less predictable and the foundations of the international order have shaken. Despite the bad international environment, we should still have faith in the future development of international relations.

The intensity of the territorial reaction varies according to the season (cold and heat), the biological state of the animals (time of birth) and the reduction and increase of food resources. Therefore, political geography refers to the political order of the earth (political organization of space) inside and outside (spatial interaction). Political geography, as a subset of human geography, is a science that determines the political dimensions of geographic space in the form of interaction of.

Because of these issues, a foreign country can easily interfere in the affairs of the country.


The purpose of this research article is to describe, on the one hand, the importance of the Latinization process of the Kazakh alphabet in the context of Kazakhstan. The second section analyzes the various reasons that could have led to the change of the Kazakh alphabet. Before the 19th century, the written system of the Kazakh language was absent, while the oral system.

The introduction of the Cyrillic alphabet in the late 1930s also meant that the Kazakh language faced some challenges in incorporating the new Cyrillic letters and being influenced by its writing system as well as vocabulary (Tanayeva, 2007). As a result of the summit, countries such as Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan or Azerbaijan have adopted the Latin script (Tanayeva, 2007: 80). This can also be considered as one of the reasons why Kazakhstan is trying to switch to the Latin alphabet.

According to the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, the need to. In the context of Kazakhstan, modernization applies to the understanding of the Kazakh language which needs an "evolution". The Kazakh language in Kazakhstan can be considered a building block of the Kazakh national identity.

On the one hand, it is good that the government is trying to negotiate with society about choosing the right alphabet. In any case, the Latinization of the Kazakh script has no purpose, directly or indirectly, to affect the Russian-speaking population of the country. Revision of the alphabet should continue to be discussed on social media in public society.

Such special committees should issue monthly reports on the situation with the Latinization process in all areas of the economy. In addition, there have been several meetings of the National Commission for the Transition of the Alphabet from the Kazakh Language to the Latin Script; conferences and round tables;. URL: https://www.kazpravda.kz/en/news/society/new-version-of-the-state-emblem-introduced-in-kazakhstan.


S. Mukhina

  • theoretical study of psychological, pedagogical and methodological literature on the problem of research;
  • diagnostic: using methods adequate to the purpose and objectives of the study (observation, conversation, questionnaire)
  • experimental (implementation of the research activity organization program)
  • Organization of research activities in classroom classes

Poddyakov [8] a type of child's activity aimed at finding objective information about the structure of the surrounding world through personal practical experimentation with the research object. An analysis of the literature has shown that the process of ensuring the unity of scientific and educational training is being activated in European pedagogical higher education institutions through the extensive involvement of students in research and experimental work. For example, in France, Hungary, Germany, not only state and national educational standards indicate the mandatory involvement of students in research work, but also some university departments define the presence of a completed and defended scientific project as one of the requirements for an applicant (Radionova, S.A., 2009).

Its goal - education of an educated, harmoniously developed, creative personality, identification and support of talented students - is achieved only if planned and extracurricular types of educational and research activities are combined. The purpose of the excursion: to form knowledge about the best varieties of cotton, to consider the varieties of Bukhara 6, Porlok, to develop the creative abilities of students. Venue of the tour: Genomics and Bioinmatics Center of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Determination of the purpose of the excursion (helps to determine the content, ideological and moral orientation of the excursion, contributes to the selection and effective coverage of the material of the future event). Selection of content for the topic of the excursion (a list of books, brochures, articles that the student should read is compiled on the topic of the excursion. Preparation of the tour route (the route should ensure the display of the necessary objects for as much as possible. full disclosure of the theme of the tournament).

The third stage is processing the tour material and summarizing its results. The effectiveness of the conference increases if the teacher addresses the students with 2/3 control questions after each report. The topic and time of the conference are indicated after the presentation of the concept of genetic and chromosomal diseases and their relationship.

The task is completely completed, the purpose of the question is achieved, the problem is fully revealed; the student has a systematic complete knowledge of the question; the content of the question is connected, it reveals the essence of processes in a short form, it does not allow biological errors and inaccuracies. However, the problem is not fully revealed, as some unimportant elements are missing, minor biological errors are made, the main content of the question is illogical, for a long time. In the answers to the proposed control questions, a lack of understanding of the individual mentioned provisions can be detected.

Active students Average active

Conducting an experiment in an experimental group

Academic performance of the experimental group

In the course of the work, the literature on the organization of research activities of teachers and students in the lessons of genetics was analyzed and studied. The use of research methods in the teaching of biology showed an increase in interest in the subject, activation of independent cognitive activity. Through the organization of educational research activities, the principle of individualization and differentiation is implemented, the development of interests, tendencies and abilities of students, basic skills are formed, stimulate independent cognitive activity, conscious preparation for choosing a future profession, continuing education, takes into account the demand in the labor market.

Занятия, которые я проводил с помощью исследовательской деятельности, вызывали большой эмоциональный подъем и повышали уровень усвоения материала, стимулировали инициативу и творческое мышление. Исследовательская деятельность студентов в контексте личностноразвивающего профессионального образования» / В.А. Михайлова, З.А. «Развитие познавательно-исследовательских умений у старших дошкольников» [Текст] / З.А.

Психологические особенности детей преддошкольного и дошкольного возраста // Возрастная и педагогическая психология [Текст] / В.С. Исследовательская деятельность преподавателя вуза как фактор реформирования высшего образования: взаимосвязь 'учебной и исследовательской деятельности преподавателя вуза'. // Вестник современной науки.


The scientific article analyzed the changes that emerged in Kazakhstan's FMCG sector during the pandemic. The results of the structural transformation of sales are reflected in the form of a statistical interpretation of trade turnover in the pre-COVID and post-COVID periods. In this regard, the relevance and importance of studying changes in the FMCG market in terms of its structure and product sales characteristics is increasing.

Analysis of the retail e-commerce market in the Republic of Kazakhstan» was conducted by PwC Kazakhstan in cooperation with the Digital Kazakhstan Association. The increase in the main categories was calculated based on a comparison with the data from January 2019. In the period before the pandemic, food product sales at regular prices amounted to 77% of the total turnover, respectively sales of promotional goods. up to 23%.

In the process of determining the impact of COVID-19 on the size of the average food basket purchased, it was also calculated that 45% of consumer checks show an increase in the amount of food purchases. In the pre-pandemic period, food product sales at regular prices accounted for 77% of total turnover, promotional goods sales accounted for 23% respectively. As a result of writing a scientific article, the main objectives of the study were implemented as part of a structured sales analysis in the context of various COVID-19 stages.

The results of the study showed that there was generally a positive attitude of consumers towards the use of green products. The attitude of hotel guests about green hotel products is shown in the table below. The results of the calculation show that F < Fcritic (0.046 < 3.238), respectively, there are no differences in the attitude of consumers of different degrees of knowledge about the use of a green hotel product.

In recent years, the amount of generated waste has increased significantly. This research study is based on the theory of planned behavior and value belief norm. According to the findings of the research, there has been a significant reduction in the amount of produced waste per unit of GDP, and the immediate consequence is a reduction in the amount of disposed waste.

Based on the findings of the research, appropriate applications of various tax systems were proposed. The establishment of such a tax system played an important role in the development of responsible waste management.

Figure 1 –Sales structure by categories «Fresh meat, fish, vegetables and fruits», «Beverages» for  the periods before and after COVID-19
Figure 1 –Sales structure by categories «Fresh meat, fish, vegetables and fruits», «Beverages» for the periods before and after COVID-19


Figure 1. The process of organizing research activities
Figure 1. The process of organizing research activities
Figure 1 –Sales structure by categories «Fresh meat, fish, vegetables and fruits», «Beverages» for  the periods before and after COVID-19
Figure 2 – Sales structure for the «Packaged food» category for the periods before and after  COVID-19

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Ahmed-Zaki al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan This article describes a hydrodynamic model of collaborative filtering of oil, water, surfactant and polymer in porous