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Academic year: 2023

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  • Background
  • TVET Reforms in Kazakhstan
  • Problem Statement
  • Purpose of the Study
  • Research Questions
  • Significance of the Study
  • Outline of the Study

One of the main reasons for this shortage of instructors could be the salary level (Hemschemeier, 2017). The report “Torino Process Kazakhstan p.5) recognizes turnover as one of the long-term issues affecting the quality of education in TVET. Another importance of the research is that it can make a positive contribution to the limited research previously conducted in Kazakhstan in the field of TVET.

Literature Review

  • Introduction
  • Theoretical Framework
  • Organizational Factors
    • Financial factors
    • Professional factors
    • Worklife satisfaction factors
    • Individual level factors
    • Environmental factors
    • Psychological factor
  • Conclusion

The study conducted by Markowitz (2012) also identified that one of the predictors of faculty intention to stay is salary satisfaction. Several studies indicated that job satisfaction is one of the factors that influence retention (Johnsrud and Heck, 1998; Rosser, satisfaction is one of the factors that influence retention (Johnsrud and Heck, 1998; Rosser, 2004; Rosser , 2005; Amey, 1992). Hagedorn (2000) mentioned that one of the reasons why faculty leave the university may be personal relationships.


  • Introduction
  • Research Design
  • The Central Phenomenon of the Study
  • Data Collection Methods
  • Research Site
  • Participants of the Study
  • Data Collection Instruments
  • Data Collection Procedures
  • Data Analysis Procedures
  • Ethical Issues
  • Limitations and Delimitations

The research is agreed to decompose the central phenomenon into several factors, which will provide a more detailed understanding of the object of the research. After obtaining ethical clearance, I met with the acting director of the study site to obtain permission to conduct the study. In a personal conversation, the acting director was informed about the nature and purpose of the investigation.

All participants were informed about the importance of the study, the interview procedure and about procedures guaranteeing their confidentiality. The participants were again informed about the purpose and importance of the study prior to actual interviews. Notes were used as a backup tool in case the quality of the recording was poor.

Specifically, the form consists of information about the purpose of the study, research questions, research design, sampling processes, risks, and benefits of the study. Before the interviews, participants were informed about the risks and benefits of the study. Therefore, some findings from this study may not reflect the full picture of the problem.

The last limitation is that I might have been biased in interpreting the results of the study since I belong to the same college.



Participants’ Characteristics

SQ1. How do Organizational Factors Influence Instructors’ Decisions to Remain at

  • Salary
  • Opportunities to work with foreign instructors
  • Administrative support
  • Leadership continuity
  • Workload
  • Professional opportunities
  • Autonomy
  • Collegiality
  • Relationship with students

Three respondents highlighted that this factor was a major attraction for them to work in Western KZ in the first place. One of the salient themes I observed in the interviews was that of a lack of administrative support. In fact, it was one of the main reasons why I resigned from my previous workplace.

Effective monitoring of progress was essential for participants as it allows them to be aware of the progress they are making, pinpoints areas that need improvement and improves their productivity. The most interesting aspect of this paperwork is that they are not part of their immediate environment. Although participants indicated that the college provides limited professional development activities, some faculty members admitted that they do have opportunities for personal growth due to two key issues.

They all agreed that they have enough autonomy in the classroom and stated that this is a good opportunity for them to be creative. They seem disheartened by the fact that decisions are made without their input, which makes them feel that they are not part of the team. In these cases, it is crucial that instructors are involved, especially in the decision-making process, so that we can feel that we are part of the college.

It appeared that their colleagues are one of the main elements of the work environment that have a major impact on instructors' decision to stay on.

SQ2. How do Environmental Factors Affect the Retention of Instructors?

  • Job Opportunities
  • Personal factors as triggers to searching for other employment

As the saying goes "Once a wolf always a wolf", a person who has experience in the industry will definitely go back there. Almost all respondents agreed that they would start looking for other opportunities and consider leaving the college if they became dissatisfied with the working conditions. The experienced instructors would seek a better educational institution with more career growth opportunities, whereas the technical instructors prefer to work in a company in the industrial sector that offers a higher salary and a safe environment.

Women reported that they wanted to spend more time with their children, but work took up too much of their time. More experienced instructors reported having a heavy workload and insufficient flexibility in their schedule. It was interesting to explore the opinions of technical subject instructors on this issue as they had experience working in industry.

While experienced instructors expect to have more time to spend with their family, instructors without family responsibilities strive to develop professionally, especially if they do not have a heavy workload. They reported that there is always a risk of working in the oil and gas industry because serious accidents can easily happen. If they did not, they could easily be injured by the objects present in the work environment.

I only worked in the industry for a short period of time as I didn't feel safe.



  • Introduction
  • The Influence of Organizational Factors on Instructors’ Decision to Remain at the
    • Salary
    • Opportunities to work with foreign instructors
    • Administrative support
    • Leadership continuity
    • Collegiality
    • Workload
    • Professional opportunities
    • Autonomy
    • Relationship with students
  • The Impact of Environmental Factors on Instructors’ Retention
    • Job opportunities
    • Personal factors as triggers to searching for other employment
  • Summary

One of the unexpected results of this study was that the opportunities to work and collaborate with foreign The results of this study was that the opportunities to work and collaborate with foreign instructors can influence the instructors' decision to stay in college. All participants reported that they were attracted to this college because it provided an excellent. Most of the respondents felt that the administration does not understand their needs due to a lack of understanding of the educational process.

This practice encourages senior faculty to support their junior colleagues and facilitates the adaptation of the latter to the college environment, which has helped offset the challenges posed by the administration. Two of the instructors who have worked the longest at the college spoke of the multiple changes that have taken place in the administration and during their interview shared their dissatisfaction with this. The participants in the study expressed their dissatisfaction with the workload, which can be divided into two components.

In the current study, the analysis of the findings revealed two issues related to promotion. Another unexpected finding of the study was that male technical subject instructors did not indicate the presence of work-life balance as a problem. Another finding not supported by any of the literature reviewed for this study was that technical subject instructors value working at the college because of its healthy and safe environment.

The main findings of the study and the discussion as it relates to the literature review were presented in this chapter.

Conclusions and Recommendations



For older instructors, the heavy workload may be a trigger point for leaving college, while new instructors require more hours of instruction to earn more money. Paperwork issues are a significant concern for technical subject instructors who are not accustomed to copying the same report multiple times as required by the college, which represents a time-consuming intrusion into their core responsibilities. It was found that the college has some promotion opportunities, but the ambiguity and inconsistency of the requirements for this may lead instructors to seek other job opportunities with better conditions and clearer procedures for professional growth.

Other factors, such as work-life balance and health issues, are also trigger points that will encourage them to leave college. Female instructors therefore need more time than they currently have to spend with their families. However, the college responds to the needs of the technical instructors; after working in industry where they would be away from their families for weeks at a time, they are now in careers where they can return home daily and spend more time with their families.

All teachers reported that university work involves some level of stress, which reduces their productivity. However, there is nevertheless an advantage for technical instructors, who come from industry, where the work environment presents numerous hazards, unlike in college.


  • Recommendations for policy makers
  • Recommendations for college administration
  • Recommendations for further research

Considering the limitations that were described in the methodological chapter of the study, the following suggestions were described in the methodological chapter of the study, we can make the following suggestions for conducting future research. As mentioned earlier, the findings of the study cannot be applied to other TVET colleges, as this particular college has received significant government funding and collaborates with other successful colleges in the West. Statistics Committee of the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan). http://stat.gov.kz/official/industry/62/statistic/7.

You will be asked to participate in a face-to-face interview, which will be recorded with your permission. The benefit of the survey is that you will be able to express your feelings about what kinds of factors might influence your decision to stay in college. I will be the only person with access to the recording of your interview, and once I have created a written recording (ie transcript) of the interview, I will delete the audio file.

Вы можете отказаться от участия вообще или отказаться от участия и данных из исследования в течение одного месяца после интервью, отправив электронное письмо одному из исследователей. Мы включили форму согласия, которая отвечает на некоторые вопросы, которые могут у вас возникнуть относительно реальных процедур. Для достижения этой цели я проведу собеседование с несколькими преподавателями Западного Казахстана и надеюсь получить полные и открытые ответы от моих собеседников.

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A brief look at the modernization models of Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kazakhstan and China is given, and it is stated that the modernization process serves the purpose of reaching the level