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If the limits for the period are expressed in expression form, then these expressions are calculated first. The price of the period's lower limit is attributed to the change in the period. From here the canal runs through the foothills south of the Kokand district north of Konibodom.

According to the Pearson project, it is possible to irrigate 30,000 hectares of land in the Uchkurgan desert, which lies west of the main canal. The southern branch of the canal was the most important in the development of the central Fergana country. Water in the Naryn River will remain for the development of the Mirzachul and Dalvarzin deserts.

Surveys on the irrigation of the Ferghana region // Yearbook of the land improvement department for 1915. Nilufarkhon Ravshanovna Makhmudova, senior teacher of Andizhan State University, Republic of Uzbekistan ПРАГМАТИЧЕСКИЕ ФУНКЦИ ГРАДАЦИИ. This goal determines the function of the increased influence of gradual indicators on the addressee (in the above context, it is assumed that the speaker's anger will affect the emotional sphere of the addressee, which will result in an increase in the speed of the vehicle).


The body has a complex system of enzymes that inactivate enfekalins, which probably explains their short lifespan in the blood and tissues. Based on these data, it can be assumed that one of the possible ways to influence the effectiveness of the endogenous opioid system may be a specific inhibition of the activity of enzymes that break down enfekalins and endorphins. In the case of immobilized stress, endogenous opioid peptides have a pronounced modulating (normalizing) effect on the function of various organs and systems of the body.

Correction of these changes by introducing a synthetic analogue of leucine-enfekaline nadalargin into the body led to a decrease in the production function of the stomach, pancreas and production of pepsinogen, as well as a decrease in insulin and alpha amylase in the blood. Based on the above, it is assumed that the hormonal part of the digestive transporter plays a major role in the implementation of stress effects. Under these stress effects, the protective effect of antikalins is evident, accompanied by a pronounced violation of the regulatory mechanisms that ensure homeostasis.

The most striking manifestations of neuroendocrine regulation of the body are the activity of the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal system, as well as the endocrine apparatus of the digestive tract. Based on the presented literature data, the creation of dalargin - a synthetic analogue of leucine-enkephalin opens new possibilities for its use in the treatment of various pathological conditions of the body, including acute intestinal obstruction complicated by peritonitis. Elimination of disturbances of hormonal balance and lymph circulation of the abdominal cavity in acute intestinal obstruction complicated by peritonitis with the help of enkephalins.

The main transport media - blood and lymph - provide nutrition to all organs of the person. Over the past two decades, new information has emerged about the importance of the lymphatic system in normal and pathological conditions. As a result of massive lymph production that exceeds their transport capacity, their dynamic insufficiency occurs, characterized by a pronounced expansion of the vascular lumen and insufficiency of the valve apparatus.

Other factors contribute to the stagnation of lymph: insufficient transit of the mouth of the thoracic duct relative to the volume of lymph delivered to it; decreased contractile activity of smooth muscle fibers of the vessel wall, due to the toxic effect on myocytes of toxins present in excess in the stagnant lymph. The content of proteins, lipids and lipoproteins increases significantly in the lymph flowing from the inflammatory focus.


Linguistic cultural competence is one of the basic components of intercultural and communicative competence, the formation of which is the main goal of foreign language teaching at the present stage. Researchers of this problem note that reaching the final level of foreign language education is largely determined by the level of formation of linguistic and cultural competence. Methods of language culture are a set of analytical examples, operations, and procedures used in the analysis of the relationship between language and culture.

In the process of linguistic and cultural analysis, the methods of cultural studies and linguistics are selectively used. A systematic approach to the interpretation of the structure of linguistic and cultural competence assumes two levels of syntagmatics: actually linguistic and non-linguistic, i.e. the properties of cultural reality, its use. The system of signs must reveal the true knowledge of culture, presented in the form of a model, where a purely linguistic picture of the world deepens into a linguistic and cultural picture of the world as competence, systemic knowledge of culture, embodied in a specific national language.

The cultural approach ensures the construction of the process of formation of linguistic and cultural competence for future professionals as a dialogue of cultures, in which the student initially takes an active role and reveals himself as the subject of this process. The formation of linguistic and cultural competence of future professionals is a process of learning the culture of the future professional sphere in which students are its subjects. The competence approach is a set of general provisions that define the logic of the educational process, the goal of which is the development of linguistic and cultural competence of future specialists.

Communicative and socio-cultural development of students is achieved due to the correct implementation of the linguistic and cultural approach in the classroom. Some aspects of the formation of linguistic competence are considered in the works of E. It presupposes the study of the world from the point of view of the national mentality expressed in language.

Makarova, the use of an authentic video film in the classroom is one of the main factors in teaching a foreign language in the framework of the linguo-cultural approach. As a result of the experiment, it is possible to identify differences and similarities of lexical associations of different students (groups of students), which can enable us to draw certain conclusions about the formation of linguistic and cultural competence.




These documents are aimed at the development of public organizations in the country, strengthening their material and technical base, strengthening the role of public organizations in increasing women's socio-political activity, their active participation in the socio-political life of the country, and the wider access to women' and attract them [4, p.65]. The basis of social activity is especially the political and legal culture of the person. One of the key features of civil society is the free functioning of democratic institutions based on high legal and political culture and their fair relationship with government agencies.

34; Let these institutions and organizations have a worthy place in the decision-making system, protecting the interests of the groups and social structures they represent." In this sense, the creation of partnerships with non-governmental non-profit organizations with local authorities are already important in social life -politics of society. Social partnership is the cooperation of state bodies and other institutions of civil society with the implementation of the social-economic development programs of the country, including the implementation of the network, legal programs, as well as other legal acts and other decisions in relation to the rights and legitimate interests of citizens [7]. In recent years, the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On measures to support the development of civil society institutions in Uzbekistan" and other documents have been approved, including laws "On public funds for financing" and the role of an important factor in strengthening the social activity of civil society institutions that do it.

This activity is not a governmental act, but rather a behavioral act aimed at managing the life of society. At the same time, as the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyayev noted in his appeal to the Oliy Majlis on December 29, it is a shame that there are still more than 13,000 women who are in a difficult life in the country and are not employed .” But there is another aspect to the matter: not only political parties should strive for women.

34; Further strengthening of the role of non-state non-profit organizations and other institutions of civil society at the current stage of the country's development is an indispensable factor in achieving the set goals of forming, democratizing and integrating our country into the international community and is unnecessary." Non-governmental organizations and public associations that protect the interests of women are aimed at ensuring the socio-political, economic interests, interests and interests of women, who represent the vast majority. It is important to emphasize that today the role and place of the media in the promotion of non-governmental organizations that protect the interests of women is also important.

Based on the idea that "public institutions should serve the public, not the public", the focus is on improving public administration performance to increase the effectiveness of public services in the country, and administrative reforms are being implemented [10]. The Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated February 7, 2017 numbered PF-4947 called "The Action Strategy for the Further Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan".

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Deicing can be enhanced by modification of the surface wettability, e.g., by the application of superhydrophobic coatings, i.e., water-repellent coatings characterized by low water