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Academic year: 2023

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This is a compilation of the materials from the IV International Scientific-Practical Conference "Quality Management: Search and Solutions", which was held in Casablanca, Morocco, in November. 34;Quality Management: Search and Solutions" (edited by S. Midelski) received the honorary diploma and gold medal of the XXVIII Moscow International Book Fair, held at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNKh, Moscow, Russia) September 2-6 2015. 34;Quality Management: Search and Solutions" (edited by S. Midelski) received the Honorary Diploma and Gold Medal of the XXXVI International Paris Book Fair (March 17-20, 2016, Paris).

The collection of materials from the III international scientific and practical conference "Innovation Management and Technology in the Era of Globalization".


The Impact of Tangible and Intangible Innovation Activities on the New Product Objectives in Three Phases

However, the understanding of innovation remains partial by most of the large Moroccan food companies, which have poor food product evaluation. In this context, we have chosen to evaluate the performance of a new product through the degree of its improvement in three stages of internal development: design, prototype and production. Through the results, we first realized that the most important improvements in these three phases are those of time.

In this article, we propose to discuss two aspects, namely the innovation process and its goals, and the innovation activities that contribute to the achievement of these goals.


It therefore has great development capabilities that refer to agricultural and agro-industrial potential of the country [2]. This low value is usually caused by a gradual or incremental type of innovation with a low level of research and development. Given this, our problem is to ensure the achievement of performance goals of an existing innovative product in the company and search for the factors responsible for its performance.

To study this performance, we choose a "process approach", which we will complement with what we call "innovation activities".

Conceptual Framework and Assumptions

  • Product Innovation in Moroccan Food Companies
  • The Innovation Process
  • Objectives in the Innovation Process
  • Innovation Activities
  • The Input in Human Resources
  • The Input in Research and Development (R&D)
  • The Input in Tangible and Intangible Investments

In our case, we chose the “Process” approach as a reference to internal and external objectives of the new product. The purpose of the survey was mainly to describe the main product development objectives. In a study of the effects of the basic drivers of innovation on the innovative capacity of manufacturing firms in Malaysia, Suradi N.

The amount of the budget for the financing of innovation activities, including internal financing and external financing;.

Figure 1. Stage-Gate: A five-stage, five-gate model along with discovery and post- post-launch (Cooper R
Figure 1. Stage-Gate: A five-stage, five-gate model along with discovery and post- post-launch (Cooper R

Methodology and Measurement Variables

  • The Choice of the Sample
  • Data and Measures
  • The Interview Guide
  • The Construction of the Questionnaire

The stage of the construction of the questionnaire with the answers collected from the interview and told indicators in the theory of measurement of innovation. This last phase included the correction of the questionnaire at the same time of its administration. Verification of the manufacturing process so that it can meet the requirements of the new concept.

Verification of the manufacturing process so that it can meet the requirements of the new prototype;.

Data Analysis and Results

  • The Indicators of the New Product in the Stages of the Innovation Process
  • The Confirmatory Analysis
  • The Correlation Test between Innovation Resources and the Process Input Indicators

The relationship between spending and staffing and improving the new design improvements. The relationship between expenditure and human resources and objectives of the new prototype improvements. We conclude that the improvement of taste in the new prototype is largely influenced by the first factor of research and development and the third factor of information technology.

The relationship between expenditure and human resources and objectives of the new product improvements.

Table  9.  The  results  of  the  confirmatory  analysis  of  the  constructed  inputs  and  performance indicators
Table 9. The results of the confirmatory analysis of the constructed inputs and performance indicators

Discussion and Conclusion

The resources or determinants selected in this study were chosen based on the nature of the stages of the innovation process. However, for the production stage, the performance of the new product was rather influenced by the workforce. However, to supplement the performance measure of the new product, our internal scheme must be linked to an external scheme where other measures are taken during post-launch stages.

In addition, internal performance is not simply a matter of improving the cost or quality objective, but of achieving efficiency in the new product.

Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Morocco

Results: During the study period, there were 456 cases diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis in the HCRC, which constitutes 51.3% of all tuberculosis cases reported during this period. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), each year, about 1% of the world's population is newly infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and nearly 9 million people develop the disease. Africa is the only continent where the incidence of tuberculosis is estimated to be increasing, with 1,500 deaths each day.

The present study aims to describe the epidemiological characteristics of pulmonary tuberculosis in the region of Gharb-Chrarda-Béni-Hssen in Morocco.

Material and Methods

It is an airborne infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis that usually affects the lungs. This center is the only one located in the region of Gharb Chrarda Beni Hssen in the northwest of Morocco. The area of ​​the region is 8805 km²; its population was estimated at 1,859,540 inhabitants, according to the last General Census of Population and Housing [7].

The data was collected from medical records that contain the necessary information to identify the features of this disease.


Cases of rural origin tuberculosis accounted for 46.1% of all cases reported in the region studied and the unemployed were the most concerned about 42.4% of cases (Table 1). The total number of reported clinical signs and symptoms exceeds the total number of TB cases, because most cases present a combination of several symptoms. The mean delay in diagnosis of pulmonary TB (duration between onset of symptoms and diagnosis of TB) was 57.20 days (range 1 - 365 days).

According to the results, the mean body weight at diagnosis of tuberculosis was kg for all patients, ranging from 11 to 97 kg.

Table 2. Clinical signs and symptoms of pulmonary tuberculosis.
Table 2. Clinical signs and symptoms of pulmonary tuberculosis.


Smoking increases the risk of tuberculosis infection by four times for smokers who exceed 20 cigarettes per day [21]. In our study, we found that 71% of the patients were smokers, 21% were cannabis addicts and 7% were alcoholics. Working Group of the Conseil Supérieur d'Hygiène Publique of France (2003) Clinical and Bacteriological Diagnosis of Tuberculosis.

Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene from first symptom to diagnosis and from diagnosis to treatment of tuberculosis: still a long delay.

Risk Factors and Diabetes Related Complications Frequency in the Population of the Northeastern Morocco

Abderrahim Ziyyat 1

  • Objectives
  • Methods
    • Study Population
    • Ethical Approval
    • Sample Size
    • Data Collection
    • Diagnostic Criteria of the Variables Studied
    • Statistical Analysis
  • Results
    • Complications in Type 1 Diabetes
    • Complications in Type 2 Diabetes
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Professional Stress Factor of Vulnerability in Which Has Occurred of the Road Traffic Accidents at a Sample of Drivers in Morocco
  • Method
    • Participants
    • Measures
    • Procedures
    • Statistical Analysis
    • Descriptive Statistics
    • Perceived Health and Medical History
    • Disorders Generating a State of Stress
    • Perception of the Working Conditions of the Taxi Drivers The drivers of the small taxis worked 8 to 12 hours per day and 66.7%
    • Scale of Perceived Stress
    • Test Resistance to Stress (TRS)
  • Conclusion and Prospects
  • Cyberterroryzm jako nowe zagrożenie cywilizacyjne Eugeniusz Januła
  • The Role of Motivation in the Field of Production
  • Recognition of merits. Workers are convinced that they are recognized by the organization
  • Purposefulness. The worker understands that he / she contributes to the development of the organization
  • Пути снижения рисков и угроз национальной безопасности в фармацевтической отрасли
  • Испанская модель управления трансплантологией Евгений Александрович Романенко
  • Особенности систематического сотрудничества между государственным и общественным секторами
  • Система совершенствования организационных бизнес- процессов и корпоративных систем управления. Поскольку
  • Экономические инструменты стимулирования природоохранной деятельности
  • Практическое значение изучения блатного языка Василий Борисович Малинин

With the difference in body mass index (BMI) or arterial pressure (AP), which can be measured objectively, the effect of stressful events depends partly on a person's perception of their own well-being [5]. However, the level of education of professional drivers is more homogeneous: 18 (30%) of them have a high school diploma, 30 (50%) completed a shorter course of study (higher/secondary school) and 12 (20%) continued higher studies Table 1. Representation of assets of successful drivers boxes according to the type of sound stimuli.

The population of taxi drivers is more homogeneous but offers less resistance to stress than the non-professional drivers. The figure below shows the score of the test resistance to the load in relation to the occurrence of the accidents. However, there is no significant difference between the accidents on the public road and the other stimulus sounds.

In the forefront of the announced factors as generators of stress, the time constraints appear. Another factor is decisive and is essential for the work of the drivers, that is the rest time. In this regard, 65% of the taxi drivers said that they took a break after 5 to 6 hours of work.

In this work, one could suggest a significant difference between taking a break and the score on the scale for. In recent years, managers believed that labor productivity depended mostly on the objective conditions in the work process. They are basically used to pay the staff employed in the sales area.

The work is devoted to the study of the Japanese system of continuous improvement "Kaizen".

Table 1. Descriptive analysis of the total sample according to socio-demographic  and bio-clinical settings
Table 1. Descriptive analysis of the total sample according to socio-demographic and bio-clinical settings


Methods of Monetary Policy in Macroeconomic Sustainability

The monetary policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan aims to implement the package of measures of the National Bank for the introduction of inflation targeting until 2020, with the aim of ensuring price stability and inflation of 3-4% in the medium term. At the same time, the inflation target will be determined annually by the Board of the People's Bank. People's Bank deposits will be available on a regular basis for 1 day and 7 days [4].

According to the monetary policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2020, the introduction of inflation targeting is a transition to the exchange rate. A floating exchange rate increases the impact of National Bank interest rates on short-term money market rates. The National Bank balances the main objective of price stability of monetary policy and contributes to the stability of the financial system due to possible scenarios of economic development.

The Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan are responsible for ensuring price stability in the domestic market, in order to prevent the growth of inflation and keep it in the planned corridor, they will continue to implement a set of measures [ 4]. By 2019, the phased implementation of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision regarding capital adequacy will be completed. In the medium term, the National Bank will introduce new bank liquidity ratios and incentives for the use of more reliable sources of financing in order to stabilize the situation in banks.

The policies in the sector contribute to the further development of Kazakhstan's banking sector, increasing its stability and competitiveness [5]. The monetary policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2020 was approved - the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Effectiveness of Management of Public Service in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Regardless of state structure, political system, ruling regime, it is impossible to do without state administration. According to the letter and spirit of the current legislation, civil servants are a professional layer of people engaged in management work in various areas of state activity. Today, in Kazakhstan, along with the changes taking place in social and economic relations, there is a complex process of transformation of the role of the state itself.

Therefore, a situation arises where the reform of public services is a priority area of ​​reform. The effectiveness of the functioning of the state apparatus depends primarily on the professionalism of civil servants. One of the main factors in improving the quality of public services is the observance of high ethical standards.

In this context, consider two types of corruption - administrative and related to state capture. It is a disease that erodes the social system from the inside, damaging the economy, negatively affecting the image of the state in the country. It is necessary to achieve the real separation of power, the actions of the system of checks and balances, in order to develop local self-government.

To increase the prestige of the civil service in society, it is advisable to strengthen the level of social support for civil servants. Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 21, 2011 "On approval of the concept of a new model of public service" / www.kyzmet.kz.

Изучение церковных расколов в государственном управлении: к постановке проблемы

Сущность и содержание бюджетирования Айгуль Малибековна Атчабарова

Особенности применения системы оценки качества KPI в сфере логистических услуг

Изучив структуру системы KPI и определив, какие показатели используются в классическом понимании логистической отрасли, можно сделать вывод, что четкое понимание смысла и принципов KPI будет важным инструментом для создания новых показателей создания. Сайт экономического журнала // Особенности формирования КПЭ в рамках стратегии - «Ведение сегмента выборного (рейтингового) исследования» // http://www.erce.ru (дата обращения: 05.11.2018) .

Менторство в налоговых органах как фактор обеспечения качества налогового администрирования

Если знание русского языка оценивается в 4,8 балла, то знание казахского языка в 4,5 балла, а знание иностранных языков еще ниже в 3 балла.

Өнім сапасындағы статистикалық әдістерді тексеру Гаухар Кемербулатовна Ахметова

Америкалық мамандардың айтуынша, 100 пайыз сапаға қалай жетуге болатынын ойласақ, 75 пайызы жобалық шешімді табуға, макет жасауға, құю технологиясына, 20 пайызы өндіріс процесін тексеруге, 5 пайызы өнімді қабылдауға кетеді.

Теоретические аспекты организации статистической деятельности

Нан тоқаш өндірісінде сапа жүйесін бақылау Ерболат Аманжолулы Боранбай

О роли информационных систем, применяемых для маркетингового анализа


Кейбір қаржы-экономикалық жүйелерді ықтималды модельдеуде жағдай графтарын қолдану мысалдары


Figure 1. Stage-Gate: A five-stage, five-gate model along with discovery and post- post-launch (Cooper R
Figure 2. Measurement indicators according to the objectives   sought by the company in the 3 phases of development of a new product
Figure 3. The impact of team leaders on the concept   and the prototype development effectiveness
Figure 4. The impact of R&D on the concept   and the prototype development effectiveness

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