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Academic year: 2023

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The peculiarities and challenges of machine translation (MT): The role of machine translation in the life of translators. Keywords: machine translation (MT), the specific role, advantages of using machine translation (MT), challenges of using machine translation (MT). The field of machine translation has recently emerged in the translation market as a result of the.

Nevertheless, statistical machine translation (SMT) is not without challenges, including numerous grammatical errors and a lack of sufficient parallel corpus data (Mathias, 2015). The study's findings shed light on the role of machine translation programs in the lives of translators. The study findings indicate that machine translation (MT) has a number of advantages in the translation industry.

As a researcher, I could roughly characterize the role of machine translation in the life of translators. How do you see the role of machine translation in the future of the translation industry? Features and challenges of machine translation (MT): the role of machine translation in the life of translators.

Large selection of languages 3. Low cost and availability


Can you describe your experience using machine translation programs to assist with translation work?

Ramida: Hello! Now I am working as a

I sometimes use machine translation programs in order to translate some text in a short period of time because it is

Translators Mabetex: During my five-year experience as a translator, I use machine translation programs every

Translators Mabetex: Now in my second year of study in America, it's kind of easier for me already without them

But for more difficult content, such as scientific articles, machine translation can result. As a translator for the National Geographic Kazakhstan magazine, I believe that creating high-quality translations requires human experience. MT programs I actually use a wide variety of MT programs, such as Google Translate, Yandex Translator,.

Hi! MT programs Actually, I use a wide range of MT programs such as Google Translate, Yandex Translator,

I supposed that I use MT programs in my everyday routine. Because in my previous work, I use to work with

Because, well, interpreting is a completely different field, and machine translation cannot do it there, of course. I use it most often in those moments when a large volume needs to be translated in a short time, and this is where machine translation helps. In a sense, I still use it as a typing device when I see text, and I know I can translate without a dictionary, but technically typing that text, for example, takes a lot of time.

But always remember to be careful with machine translation, it's like with medicinal plants, an overdose of this medicine can happen. But when it comes to using them online and for free, for example, when I have really long documents, I can't put documents directly into the program and it can't give me the translations. Because there is the limitation of programs for free use where I have to divide this document, divide it.

The next disadvantage of MT programs is the poor quality of the Kazakh language, which I always face at work. Of course we need to understand the author's feelings, but we also need feelings in this situation.

I faced several minuses of machine translation programs in my work. Here, the problems can be divided for like

Definitely. When using machine translation programs to assist in my translation work, I encountered a number

Translators Mabetex: One of the problems of translation programs is the ambiguity of the translation of some

But let it be the most powerful program, they will have problems with the accuracy of the translation of idioms, I guarantee you. Machine translation programs may not be able to accurately translate idiomatic expressions and even some construction terms, which can lead to clumsy or incorrect translations.

Translators Mabetex: As translator, I will tell you that the machine translation program from word does not feel

Machine translation programs are improving every day, but there are still inconveniences when translating. When

The most common problem that I faced is that one word has lots of meanings and applying another meaning and

As I told you before, MT has its own

Иногда нужно за очень маленький срок перевести довольно-таки объёмный документ и не все форматы

Sometimes, there is a need to translate the document in a very short time, and not all document formats are

There are several advantages to using machine translation in my work. Machine translation is a fast and efficient

When I don’t want to waste my time translating a text by myself it is convenient to use machine translation, only after

So these types of programs can show you the translation of terminology, how to translate. The machine can also be useful for quickly translating simple texts, such as emails or social media posts that do not require a high degree of accuracy. For me, one of the main advantages of machine translation is the wide choice of languages ​​available.

If your colleagues are all busy, you cannot refuse to accept translation because you do not know this language. Since he is a foreigner and our working language is English, I always check my speech before speaking to avoid misunderstandings. For me, the most important thing at work is to do a quick translation on a construction site or for a meeting.

In my own experience, washing machine translation for translating my research papers from my native language has been extremely beneficial in terms of time savings. One of the most important advantages of introducing machine translation is the wide selection of languages ​​available. Participant no. 8: Although machine translation has limitations, it can be a useful tool for certain tasks and situations.

This can provide faster and more cost-effective translation, ensure consistency and provide access to information in languages ​​that may be difficult to translate. Machine translation tools can quickly produce a rough translation, freeing me up to focus on improving and finalizing the translation for accuracy.

The first advantage is time-saving, and the second advantage is the big vocabulary stock where you can find

А ну как я уже сказала, во-первых сокращается время работы над объёмными документами и

And well, as I have already said, firstly, the time spent on working with large documents is reduced, and when, for

I can't imagine my life without these systems, because machine translation plays a crucial role in the life of every

Despite the existence of MT programs, I can say that developing, improving, we engineers, architects prefer to work face to face with translators. Listen, there are thousands of smart technologies in the world (although that would be a Dyson vacuum cleaner robot). The task of a future translator is not only to master translation skills and learn how to manage artificial intelligence.

I think it's not possible yet. Experienced and

To be honest, I do not think so. Because

Because, yes, the translation machine evolves, and the software evolves too, but if you compare evolve, and the software evolves too, but if you compare what happened, for example, 10 years ago and now, then there is a difference, but in each case. But we continue even 10 years later, we continue to correct this text, and we still continue to check it, otherwise there would be no translators now, that is, they would already be reduced in number have, but at the same time the need for people does not decrease accordingly, I believe that no, it is as always yes, that is, when the typewriter appeared, yes, people still did not stop writing by hand, when television appeared did, the theater did not disappear.

To be honest, when you work as a translator, on my own practice, I get used to use to make my translation easier, to

Yes, of course, we can prepare, but we need resources to have access to some kind of machine tool. For example, let's say that text reads very technical or academic, in this way you need fast translation. But even 50% we need to have the ability to translate basic texts, basic topics of conversation.

I can't imagine my life without these systems, because machine translation plays a crucial role in the life of every

No, I can’t imagine because as any tool in our life, machine translation programs are making our lives more

I have to say that I find it difficult to imagine my life without machine translation technologies. They help me

Now, it is hard to me to imagine my work without MT programs. They help me very well with any

Of course, it is possible to imagine a translation

This would be problematic, especially if I had to work with languages ​​that were not my own. Human translation is more than AI, a soulful, meaningful translation of spoken and written text.

If I imagine our life without MT programs, it would be really hard for people. Because it is easy to use any online

I do not agree with the opinion, but the fact that the machine will soon replace translators. Because there were even moments when, for example, there were interruptions with the Internet and when, for example, there were interruptions with the Internet and accordingly we briefly returned to such a translation option without the Internet. Because when you translate in one specific area, you rarely turn to the dictionary and accordingly, neither the online translator nor similar programs affect the translation itself.

But many of us, if we do not know the language, go abroad, let's say to France, to have a conversation or speak, to make you speak, you need these tools and you can completely trust .

When I entered a site of one clothing brand I needed to translate with machine translation, and it translated really

So, when I worked as a resident's assistant, I was instructed to write congratulations to all employees of the company

Imagine if the words or speeches of presidents were translated accurately in diplomacy, the conflict between countries would have spilled out long ago. But if I want a text with idioms or phraseological words or literary texts, I will not try to use them. For example, yesterday there was an urgent news was published in an example, yesterday there was an urgent news was published in Ukrainian and it had to be quickly translated into English and Kazakh for the audience.

Лично у меня таких ситуаций не было

As a result, a "charming chair" appeared in the list of materials and furniture that was planned to be. But the online translator translated directly and the very first the very first adjective that was believed to have met there through algorithms.

I think the role of MT in the future will only develop and it would become more smarter, many languages will be

It plays crucial role, because we live in the 21 centuries, where all the nations are paying attention to their

How do you see the role of machine translation in the future of the translation industry?

To be honest, I assume that machine translation programs will completely replace translators in the near future

So, I cannot give concrete answer that machine translation will completely replace human translators in the future

A translator's duties extend beyond simple language translation. Since ancient times, translators have had a

As machine learning algorithms continue to improve and become more sophisticated, machine translation is

I think MT already become the part of translation industry. And It would not disappeared because we

Now, it is the era of informational technologies, I think that machine translation will be only improved and

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Accelerator for completing tasks. Because very often in work it happens that the urgency lies precisely in obtaining

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